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What Is Going On Guys It Is

Parker here and in today’s video we’re gonna be looking at the very biggest 12-inch sub woofer that you can get from scar audio, so stay tuned for it guys it is Parker here bringing y’all a another video of course, this is the biggest 12-inch sub that scar makes at the moment. This is the scar Zbx which of course kind of sounds like a tea Sundown Zv5. I’m sure that it’s just a coincidence though I’m sure scar doesn’t plan that at all cuz Scar definitely doesn’t copy sundown than anything that they do but just something that mentioned there so you’ll get it in this pretty big box and it says team lifts all over it because it is fifty-two point seven eight pounds that’s kind of interesting I figured scars biggest 12-inch sub would be. quite a good deal heavier than that considering the other companies have subs that are like 80 pounds or higher, but scars biggest sub happens to only be fifty-two point seven eight pounds, but you get a decal with it. It was packaged pretty good wasn’t damaged or anything and then you get the user manual not much in here at all.

It Just Tells You The Mounting Depth Here

which for this sub is 10.1 inches which is quite large. This is a very deep sub-150 watts UK three-inch voice coil. It has a 315 out motor. The UK is 40 Hertz.

Insensitivity Is 85.

7 of course well. One thing to mention this is the UK x V2 for anyone who was wondering. This is what you’re really going to see now now it’s a little odd here here. It says the Says the motor is three hundred and six ounces and it says the sensitivity is 84 UK and it says the UK is 51 Hertz so nothing like what the user manual says so that’s super weird kinda not good on scars Part X-Max is twenty-nine millimeters.

So It Does Have A Good Deal Of

X Max that’s pretty cool ya guys so the specs on the little user manual comes with say one thing specs on their website say something different and it’s not even just a few points different it’s actually quite different like the UK of this 51 Hertz or is it 40 Hertz. I don’t know apparently scar doesn’t know anyway it doesn’t really matter guys let’s get a closer look up at this and start going over what we got going on here well. The first thing you’re going to notice this is. An extremely impressive looking sub-it’s got a real long bass to it really does seem to kind of remind me of a lot of sundown subs can’t imagine why but anyway yeah Subs used to be shorter and fatter, but we’ve seen a lot of brands start going to longer kind of slimmer subs. A lot of that allows you to get some more excursion to get a little lower maybe something like that but starting over here on the top we have a big old mega roll surround.

This Is A Very Beefy Surround.

It looks really really cool and does allow for some good excursion and then we have this big wide dust cap now This is really one of the big issues I’ve noticed with this sub of course as I have said multiple times. This is scars biggest and most expensive 12-inch sub that. They have and this is the flimsiest fricken Dust cap like ridiculously flimsy Don’t know why they went with that any other you know brand making they’re kind of their flagship sub. If you will for a 12-inch it’s gonna have normally in a really really stiff dust cap just seems super odd they would have that there and the cone itself is pretty stiff so doesn’t hurt really anything but it’s just really really odd moving on from that it is double stitched on.

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There We Do Just Have A

regular plain gaskets. The holes on this gasket are a little small, so if when you put your screws in and try to get them back out they do kind of get caught one thing to notice there and then around here we have this really nice cast aluminum baskets I do like it a lot it’s a pretty. As I’ve said really deep basket allows for some great excursion and then moving along to here. We have really really nice terminals. I do like these a lot.

You Will Have No Problem Fitting

plenty of wire into those things Rad’s as I’ve said with a lot of other subs. They have little teeny terminals that is just super hard to get anything in-and then we do have dual zone intensive leads go into the coils. Now my only complaint with these is they’re not the flat tinted leaves would have loved to have seen the big old flat tinsel leaves on these things. In my opinion they look better. They can be a little more flexible and that may dissipate the heat better again being the flagship 12-inch Scarcella I would have liked to have seen that but we don’t have that here we do have.

At Least Two Spiders And Theyre Decently Stiff.

This is not the. This is not the stiffest sub I’ve ever got out of the box, but it does seem to be overall pretty stiff and then down in here I’ll get a closer up of it. We have a beautiful American-made coil. It’s got the flat aluminum coil with two black glue on it so it should just take a ton of heat.

I Have No Worries About This Coil

failing looks like to be an awesome coil. Of course it is a 3-inch coil, but the coil itself is so thick. It just looks monstrous so we’ll get a closer look up at that here in a minute and then down here we have this 300 and something else motor it might be six might be fifteen not too sure it looks good it definitely could have been bigger. They’re trying to go for the big beefy look but it’s really not any bigger than you would get on a lot of other subs that are cheaper and that have your standards three hundred ounce motor down here we do have plenty of center venting and pull venting. So cooling Shouldn’t be a big issue and again some good cooling.

We Have Good Cooling Through Here

too and we actually have little holes in the cone along here, which I’m assuming helps with cooling as well so cooling Shouldn’t be an issue paired with this beautiful coil. I really don’t see this thing blowing unless you’re really clipping it harm or putting much too much power to it all right guys. Let’s take a look at this coil in here just so y’all can see it. It is a big old beefy coil just a coils themselves are just. Absolutely massive let’s get another look at this thing eyes and let’s be honest if you’re getting a scar sub Generally you’re getting it just because they do look really really impressive and that’s what a lot of people really care about and there’s nothing at all wrong with that and this thing definitely fits the bill.

It Is A Big Old Beef.

You looking sub and does look really really impressive. You pull this out and show this to your buddies and they’re just gonna think you have the biggest baddest sub that there is Ellis of course they are into something like sundown or something bigger and beefier, but your average person is gonna think this thing is just a monster well guys it looks pretty impressive seems to be decent spec wise not what I would expect from the biggest 12-inch sub that scar makes now. I say the biggest 12-inch sub because scar does have the indi our series subs wood You can only get an UK name a be an 18 now They rate. Those are like 5,000 watts UK and that’s their really big boy sub, but you can’t get it in a 12 for whatever reason.

So At The Moment The Zbx

is the biggest 12-inch sub that you can to go out and get from scar. You know guys let’s get this thing in the box and start testing it out. We’ve had this scar in here now for over a week. Wanted to really let it break in because it is a stiffer sub and really wanted to test it out. If you’re gonna pay you know 330 bucks for a sub, you’re definitely gonna want to make sure it can last a little while so ya been.

Testing It Out Breaking It In So

let’s get right into it. We’re gonna play some songs and then we’re going to do a UK test just to see how loud we can get this thing and then we’re going to do a real music Armus test just to see if it can withstand its RMs rated power for a full song guys so yeah let’s get right into it here ain’t violence that’s why bang never called back all right guys. We have the spl-lab mini bass meter hooked up and ready to go and we have the UK UK one hooked up as well. So we can see the max power that we are putting to this thing well. We’re gonna try some 45 Hertz test tones and see how loud we can get now real quick one thing to mention this box is tuned pretty low we’re.

About 32 Hertz, So Were Not Gonna

get as loud as we could, whereas if we had the Box tuned higher, but still hopefully we’ll be in the 140 You know range somewhere in there anyway guys let’s test it out alright guys that was 141 at 2600 watts. We’ve got it turned up let’s give it a another try and see what it does again just a 141. But that time it says we peaked at 4,400 watts. So even though we’re pushing a good deal more power. We’re really not getting that much louder again.

A Lot Of This Has To

do with this box being tuned solo if I tuned this box higher I’m sure we’d get way louder since this box is tuned lower than my other box. We’re gonna try 40 Hertz and see what that does there we go a 143 and that was. Only three thousand and five hundred seventy-six watts Alright guys a one forty-four point three, and there that was five thousand, four hundred and thirty watts all right guys. It is time to do the music alarmist test. Now this stuff is only rated at 1500 watts.

I Know Some Of Their Lower

in subs. I feel like they try to raise a little bit higher just to get people to buy them, but with this big boy sub they realized that the RMs rating isn’t is it really what sells it. So they did something really conservative in my opinion which I think we’re gonna blow through no problem but I guess we’ll find out guys alright full song keeping it above 1500 watts let’s get to it. Alright guys off D by Ji D let’s get to it alright guys. We had that thing absolutely moving.

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And We Were Creeping Up Into The

2,000 watts and even close to 2,500 watts at times. Definitely the hardest I’ve ever pushed a sub-doing this specific test and the cone is actually cool. It is not warm whatsoever I do feel a teeny bit.


This is the biggest 12-inch sub that scar audio makes at the moment, this is the scar Zbx which of course kind of sounds like a tea Sundown Zv5 . This is a very deep sub-150 watts UK three-inch voice coil. The UK is 40 Hertz.& Insensitivity is 85.&7 of course well. What is going on guys? It is Parker here and in today’s video we’re gonna be looking at the very biggest sub woofer that you can get from scar audio. It is fifty-two point seven eight pounds, but you get a decal with it.& It was packaged pretty good wasn’t damaged or anything and then you get the user manual not much in here at all. It just tells you the mounting depth here which for this sub is 10.&1 inches which is quite large. It has a 315 out motor. The mounting depth is ten.& This is just a sub is ten inches ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video