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Welcome Back Folks Today Were Jumping Back

into subwoofers and specifically we’re going to talk about the start sound SW15. This is a 15-inch sealed subwoofer. Now you might have heard of this from some other channels. So Shane did a video on it really good video. You should check that out audioholics did a review of the SW15 and the SW12 it’s got a bunch of measurements.

There You Should Check That One Out

too but I wanted to talk about this one because it’s kind of special in a way right. It kind of changes. The the way that some people can access home theater or even like media rooms and that kind of stuff? It doesn’t have to be you know a big hundred thousand dollar bill It could be. You know maybe a 8 000 media room or twelve thousand, fifteen thousand dollar home theater. But it kind of changes the way that you think about the finances and performance in that kind of room and that’s all due to a sale that they’ve got going on.

Now Well Talk About That And Then Were

going to look at the measurements because if the subwoofer doesn’t subwoofer it sucks then it’s worthless but I’ve looked at it and it’s absolutely not worthless. The response on this thing is pretty good. You can look at the the other pieces of content for more information there but the sub performs really well but what’s really cool. is that it performs really well and it also is that a really great price so to get started let’s go ahead and jump in and I’m going to Rew This thing, I’m going to show you what the in-room response looks like and this is the same way that I measure every subwoofer here. So you can take these measurements for the sub that I’m about to do and compare it to any of my older videos, where I use the same methodology and that’s pretty much everything in the last year or so and you can see how this thing Stacks up Apples to Apples against the other subwoofers.

Its The Same Position The Same Microphone The

same Source the same everything right so you can see exactly what this thing looks like in my room and this is going to give you kind of a real world. So this isn’t like a a flat plain outdoor or anaconda? You know any of these pristine kind of measurements. This is a in a room in a house that might be similar to your house? How does this thing actually work? We get a little bit of room gain in there and you get to see you even get to see the the warts of the room too because there’s dolls and all kinds of stuff like that but it’s something that you can kind of say Oh all right. This is this is what it’s really like in a room that’s about 14 and a half by 14 and a half by eight foot tall. Not a big room so let’s go ahead and jump into that and then after I’m going to talk a little bit about why I think this might be something that you really.

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Want To Pay Attention To Now

It’s time for the fun stuff that’s right Rew so um just to level set A little bit recording is in room. Mike’s at the main listening position. It’s about nine feet away from the subwoofer itself and I always record with exactly the same settings in the same location right so the sub is going to be at zero phase. It’s going to have no crossover injected anywhere so the setting on the sub will be at the maximum setting um and the volume typically will be set right at the middle for the subwoofer and you know that obviously will vary from subwoofer to subwoofer but I put it in the middle um so that we have at least some point of reference and from there I go in and I start recording I set the volume at 21 on my processor. On the Acuras and we grab a measurement and this is what the sweep looks like at the 21 volume setting on the SW15 measured as I described now some things to be aware of this null.

This Null And All This Crazy Stuff

over here. This is all room right so if I went and did a near field recording. You know this would have a nice little little curve to it right. I wouldn’t have all this weird room stuff but for me this is a practical application right. So I’m not trying to figure out um you know empirically what this subwoofer does I want to practically understand what this subwoofer can do in a room.

So You Know Obviously Itll Be Different

in your room. But this is I think indicative of kind of typical rooms. The room’s about 14 and a half by. 16. there’s a steering wheel on one side.

Its Pretty Sealed Um, But You Know

I I think that other folks will have something similar in their basement. So let’s get into what this subwoofer is doing so. You know the first thing to look at is um. You know with the room gain that we get and this is not in a corner. This is in the center of the front wall right under the screen um.

You Know Were Only Seeing At 10

Hertz we’re down. You know 10 decibels ish from the very top of what the subwoofer is doing where it Peaks out you know but in this 30 to 40 range so you know that’s that’s pretty darn decent right um, especially for a subwoofer that costs 500 bucks. I mean this thing is about as inexpensive as you can expect well let’s go ahead. and step through and go up to where things get squirrely because things always get squirrely as you increase the volume on a sub and that’s that’s kind of what we want to find out right okay. We go up three decibels and these are all going to be in three Decibel increments and things look fine here you know it’s moving on up another three Decibel increment everything still looking fine three more decibels and that was this is now at the 30 volume setting on the processor, which is meaningless because I don’t have it calibrated any specific way.

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Another Three Decibels Were At 33.

Another three Decibels we’re at 36. another three Decibels and we’re at 39 and now this is where things get a little interesting for the sub right, so we can see that the amp is starting to say okay we’re going to put. The brakes on stuff and almost every commercial subwoofer you buy is going to have some type of brakes that that are applied. Sometimes they apply it at a certain point, and this one you know is applying it around this 21 20 one and a half Hertz range to kind of Tamp things down this is not compression across the board so this isn’t subwoofer distress.

This Is This Is The Amp Saying

hey let’s let’s slow down some amplifiers will apply this across the entire Spectrum so you’ll keep turning the volume up but the subwoofer doesn’t get louder and that’s just limiting in the sub so this is limiting in the sub as well and let’s let’s just validate this so I’m going to go up another three decibels and what I would expect to see is everything else to get taller at about the same rate. But this to to stay kind of where it’s at and that’s exactly what we see so you know there’s a pretty wide cue here looks like it’s centered at about 21 Hertz and I don’t know what the the Q number would be for this but that’s how wide the UK is applied and it’s you know from 16 Hertz all the way up to 27 Hertz maybe maybe even it’s like 30 so yeah but it’s probably 15 to 30. um is is the the setting in the UK inside of that amp and it’s not adjustable so this isn’t something you can go in and change but that’s exactly what’s going on but um you know if we look here um you know we’re doing 100 decibels at my UK and we’re down 10 so that’s very consistent I would expect that we could probably go. Another three we could probably get this thing even up to 105 Decibels If we wanted to push it, but then you get a really big dip here and you know that’s that’s not what you want to see in your sound So I think you know realistically playing stuff back. This is kind of where the top end of this would be now.

This Is With One Subwoofer And The

great thing about this sub is that it’s so inexpensive on sale that you would never have just one so if you go up to two units that’s going to give you another three decibels so you know this will be up to 103 and then you’d be you know like at 92 or something like that at 10 Hertz and then if you go up to four, then you’re going to get something like six Decibels All things. being equal meaning that they’re all spaced out and they’re the same distance from the UK and that kind of thing or they’re all stacked up on top of each other. Now in my room If I did four I would put two in the front and then probably two near field in the back. So really I’d probably be getting a bump of closer to eight Decibels um so you know we’re going to be up to you know getting close to 110 decibels you know at the whole range of I don’t know 28 to 50 hertz well actually all the way through because this is all rooms so you know you’d be way up here with four of these bad boys and that’s like two thousand dollars, which is super super affordable and then down here at 10 Hertz you know you’re going to be up like. 97 Decibels I mean that’s ridiculous.

I Mean Thats Thats A Lot

of 10 Hertz bass for not a lot of money. I mean if you go look at you know some of the big monster ported 18s and 21s and stuff. You know you’re looking at four thousand dollars a unit to get in um and that’s just one and then you get bad response that most of your seats and just get it one um. This is this is pretty compelling now obviously if you’re going to be looking at spending four thousand dollars on a subwoofer. This is not something you’d ever consider buying anyway so for folks that do want to have some crazy good bass um that are more on the budget side of the house.

This Is This Is Cool And You Know

they’re really small boxes too so pretty Darn affordable and pretty Darn space conscious so yeah everything seems to check out on the measurements here um you know I think they claim like down to 14 Hertz on the on the the specifications and you know if you look it’s peeking out. You know 95 596 decibels and then down around 14. It starts it does start dropping off in my room.


The SW15 is a 15-inch sealed subwoofer . The response on this thing is pretty good. It kind of changes the way that you think about the finances and performance in that kind of room and that’s all due to a sale that they’ve got going on.& Now we’ll talk about that and then we’re going to look at the measurements . We’ll also look at how this thing stacks up Apples to Apples against the other subwoofers. It’s the same position, the same microphone the same Source the same everything right so you can se the same thing right. The sub performs really well and it also is that a really great price so to get started let’s go ahead and jump in and I’m going to show you what the in-room response looks like. We’ll look at that and we’ll go ahead with the measurements. We’ve got a lot of information. We’re looking at the the other pieces of content for more information…. Click here to read more and watch the full video