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Hey Uk Whats Up So In My Previous

video. I said that I was unsatisfied with the amount of bass. I was getting from my audio setup and so I have here the UK bass pro UK and today I’m gonna be installing this underneath my driver’s seat and hopefully that’ll fix the bass problems. So let’s take a look alright so before you begin you have to remove the driver’s seat, which is held in place by four bolts. They’re Torx” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Torx T40 heads and they are on the front and back of these two rails here and once you remove them you’re gonna detach these two connectors underneath the seat and you can just pull the seat right out after that you’ll also need to undo this foot panel over here and you can do that by first removing this engine release lever then you’ll just undo this Phillips.

Head Screw Right Up In Here Its

kind of hard to reach but once you do that. You can just pull out and then pull to release the tabs so on the wiring in front. Looking at the instructions for the subwoofer. We just have the audio cables which I’m using to male-male UK cables and we have this remote turn on wire, which is needed to turn the subwoofer on if we’re using the UK cables and so I’m just using this normal wire. I picked up at the store and we’re just gonna wire it into the harness after they’re attached to the subwoofer.

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Its Time To Bring Them To

the radio. Now You’re gonna have to snake your wires through your dash, and so you can just pull this out here and that makes it easier to fiddle around with the wires as you’ll see in a bit and when you’re running the audio cables, you do not want to interfere with the steering column that is actually sort of dangerous. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna snake it up and on top of the dash, so if you look near the instrument display panel. You’ll see two Torx head bolts that you can remove once this is loose. You can just run the wire sandwich between these two layers right here and the wire should run all the way down through here.

I Use The Flexible Piece Of A

hoop skirt to do that Finally we can go ahead and connect the UK cables to the sub-woofer output. The Remote turn on wire to the appropriate blue wire on the speaker harness We’re using less than 20 feet of wire and we’re carrying max 20 amps so looking up at this chart I found on the internet it says we can get away with 12 gauge wire. On one end, we’re gonna go ahead and strip the end and crimp on Spade connector and later on on the other end we’ll strip it and we’ll crimp on a ring terminal. All right let’s take a look at the final product. Note that in the final version I had to rotate this 90 degrees in order to make the seat fit back on all right so you can see the UK cables are attached above and underneath.

We Have Three Wires.

We got the power ground and the remote turn on in the middle and we’re just gonna follow these. wires as I discussed earlier, We’re just gonna take these wires and we’re gonna route them underneath this mat and it’s gonna resurface over here On the other side of the foot panel and it’s just kind of snake underneath the carpet and go up here and note that I’m grounding the speaker wire right here so you don’t have to take it all the way to the battery, but the power wire goes through the firewall and ends up here and you can see that I just traced the existing wiring on the cascade camper setup and I have a 20 amp fuse as well. Alright let’s go try it out so be sure to turn the engine on otherwise it’s really easy to run the battery low. The subwoofer uses a lot of power trying to something I can work out alright guys so that was my subwoofer.

Setup I Hope You Enjoyed The Video And

now for just some of my thoughts on the whole sub everything, so so it’s not like the subwoofer is just super booming or anything rather it just makes the sound overall more balanced. It doesn’t sound like I’m listening to music through tiny little headphones three feet away from my ears. Also I want to point out that the soundproofing makes a big difference as well. So I use two products for soundproofing. The first is Dynamat extreme, which is is this stuff over here.

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I Just Bought A Whole Box

and I used about half of it so far and as you remember from my previous video. I put that all over the door panels, but I also put them on the roof as well and so that makes a very big difference in terms of noise before it was. pretty unbearable to drive and now it’s it’s a lot quieter. The second product are used as Dinah pad, which I put underneath the seats, but I’m not really sure if that one helps that much I was doing some reading online. It seems like you need to basically not have any air gaps in that type of insulation, and there’s just so much space around where I don’t have Dinah pad that this sounds probably just getting through anyways alright so thanks for watching guys let me know if you have any questions about what it’s like to install the subwoofer.

I Definitely Think Its Worth It.

I think the powered compact subwoofers are a little bit pricey, but if you compare that price to the price of getting your own amplifier and all the extra space you’re gonna need for that set up I think it’s a pretty. decent value so let me know if you have any questions and thanks for watching this video.


The UK bass pro UK is the latest installment of a series of DIY DIY DIY videos . The video was created to fix the bass problems of the car’s audio system . The instructions for the subwoofer and audio cables are below the driver’s seat and the wiring is below the vehicle’s dash . The final step is to snake the wires through the instrument display panel and the audio cables through the steering column to the radio . The videos will be shown at the end of the week on Bass Pro UK . Back to the page you came for all the latest motoring videos from or click here for the latest edition of the motoring video series, the latest episode of the UK Bass Pro Pro UK, the best motoring, the greatest motoring series of motoring . In the U.S. motoring section, the UK bass The U.K….. Click here to read more and watch the full video