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Whats Up Guys Brad Here.

In This video, I’ll be reviewing the UKNK] Pro subwoofer. Is This six hundred dollar subwoofer, one of the best entry level priced subwoofers on the market Let’s find out! SO previously, I did an overview video on the UK Pro where I talked about the tech specs, went over what features it offers and gave my general first impressions on how it sounded. IF you haven’t seen that video, feel free to check it out in the card above. I won’t be really talking about what I covered in that overview video here unless it’s necessary, so you may want to consider watching that video first if you’re interested in stuff like what the subwoofer offers in terms of connections on the back.


I also won’t be covering UK smartphone app in this video as it’s really easy to use, allows you to access every setting on the subwoofer from your smartphone or tablet and works just as you’d expect it to. Now before we dive into the review, if you’re new to the channel, consider clicking that subscribe button and ringing the bell icon so you never miss out when I upload a new video. Also, you’ll find links in the description below to UK subwoofers and speakers including theNK] Pro, along with calibration tools. I’d recommend checking out and my complete home theater setup.

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support the channel at no cost to you. You. And to be completely clear UK UK did let me borrow the UK PRo in order to review it, so huge thanks goes out to them, though this UK UK a sponsored video and they didn’t pay me anything to do the review. My opinions are my own and UK will be seeing this video for the first time when it goes live on UK Now. I want to start things off by talking a bit about the frequency response of the UK PRo and to let you know what kind of response I get in my room.

Uk Lists The Frequency Response As

UK plus or minus three UK depending on placement, room size, et cetera. If we take a quick look at my UK response in my room at my main listening position, we can see I get really great response down to around sixteen point five. Hertz. This particular spot I have the subwoofer placed at is the best subwoofer placement option for my room, and it’s where I place every subwoofer I review. Now, sixteen point five.

Hertz Is Obviously Below The Rated

spec of the subwoofer, but that’s also why they include the “plus or minus three UK after the listed response. I wanted to point this out because typically, a big factor in getting the rated response of any subwoofer comes down to proper placement as well as the room itself. . If you’re interested in how you can use UK to determine the best subwoofer placement in your room, then feel free to check out that video in the card above. SO let’s move on to performance and sound quality with movies.

Now As Much As Id Love To Show

you. these demo clips in full with video of the movie itself, I can’t really do that because of copyright. However, I have edited these audio clips in such a way to isolate mostly the subwoofer frequencies, so you can still hear how the subwoofer sounds. And a quick UK. Since these audio demos were recorded with a microphone, they shouldn’t be viewed as a way to gauge a subwoofer’s sound quality or performance UKNK] Most Mics are extremely limited when recording low frequency effects, so keep that in mind.

When Listening.

The only adjustments I’ve made to the audio here were boosts to the overall level and an UK to cut off some of the high frequencies. . SO first up, I popped in Fantastic Beasts and Where TO Find Them and skipped to chapter 11. .

This Is One Of My Go-To

audio demos as it has tons of range. In the bass department with lots of cool, low frequency sweeps and impacts. TheNK] Pro handled this flawlessly here, energizing the room with what felt like minimal effort. When the time came for those low bass impacts to take center stage, theNK] Pro hit hard with bass that was both tight and palpable with nothing in the way of boominess or distortion. Next up, I checked out the opening of Blade Runner 2049, which has an excellent low bass synth drone that plays throughout most of it.

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When I say low bass, I mean it can rearrange your organs if your system can go low enough. The UK Pro again handled this with minimal effort. . IT filled the room with tactile bass energy that could easily be felt through the couch and I cranked it up even louder and could never get it to distort or bottom.

Or Bottom Out.

I was super impressed. Everyone’s favorite water-bound Superhero was up next with chapter 3’s fight in the submarine and culminating in a grenade launcher being used against the shirtless Aquaman. And yet again, theNK] Pro handled this whole scene with ease. Anyone else noticing a pattern here The bass impacts and low frequency sweeps sounded super clean and tight and had no issues Energizing my 17×20 foot room.

There Were Plenty Of Moments Where

you could feel the bass, and there’s plenty of bass below UK so you could annoy your neighbors or people living with you. Sorry Trish, I love you Sweetheart! Moving onto games, I booted up Doom Eternal which has tons of low frequency effects and a soundtrack that has a decent low end at times. . As As with movies, theNK] Pro handled this without even breaking a sweat, with bass that was super tight, powerful and really hit hard when the action called for it. Next up I started up Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, which has one of the coolest bass heavy rocket launchers.

Ive Heard In A Game.

When it hits enemies or the floor in front of enemies, the explosion has a nice low frequency impact that hits really hard, and theNK] Pro really made it shine with bass that I could feel in my seat. It definitely made the rocket launcher feel like it hit hard, which I think is the point. As far as music listening goes, I was super impressed with just how musical this sub sounds. Everything from metal to classical to 1980’s synth stuff, it sounded almost.


. dare I say like a sealed sub would It. Would IT can be a bit hard to describe, but essentially, The transition between notes was super quick even in ported mode, which can be a problem for some ported subwoofers. IT sounded identical as it did with movies and games, with nothing in the way of distortion.

Even When Really Cranked Up To

uncomfortable listening levels.. UK does offer the ability to plug the ports on the front and switch to sealed mode if that’s what you prefer, and it’s always nice to have that as an option. SO After listening to this subwoofer for the past couple of months, what are my final thoughts on the UK UK PRo-Is. This really one of the best entry level subwoofers you can buy.

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I Think Its Obvious At This Point.

This is hands down, one of the best entry level subwoofers you can buy in my opinion. TO get. This kind of bass clarity, tactile response and tightness out of a six hundred-dollar subwoofer is crazy. UK twelve inch driver in theNK] Pro is definitely pulling its weight in delivering those subsonic frequencies.

Nk] Claims It Reproduces, And It Does So

with enough headroom in most systems that you can crank it up and not worry about damaging anything outside of maybe some stuff that isn’t anchored down in your room. And while I didn’t talk about it. In this review, UK subwoofer app makes adjusting any setting on the subwoofer super easy. Now. Even though this is a convenience feature that doesn’t have an effect on performance, I’d add it to the very long list of things.

This Subwoofer Gets Right.

So gets right. So there aren’t any cons to the UK Pro then, right Well, honestly, there aren’t any huge glaring issues or flaws here and for the asking price, I think it’s an excellent value. I guess if I had to Nitpick something, it would be that I would have liked a bit more power out of the Sledge amplifier. Now don’t get me wrong, it still has plenty of output and volume with the three hundred and twenty-five watts of UK power It has and should be more than enough for the majority of people,.

But If You Really Like To

crank your system and want your bass front and center, then you may run out of juice when a movie calls for a really loud note to hit. In all honesty though, this is definitely a nitpick and not at all a knock against the UK Pro. For the price and performance you get out of it, the amp is more than sufficient and adding a more powerful amP would have definitely driven the price up. Overall, I cannot recommend theNK]NK] Pro enough as it’s one of, if not the best entry level subwoofer I’ve ever heard.


You enjoyed this video and found it helpful and enjoyable, feel free to give it a thumbs up. If you have any questions about the UK Pro, or if you have one yourself and want to let others know about your experience, please post a comment down below. Also, be on the lookout for a video comparing the UK Pro to it’s bigger brother, the UK Pro.

Very Soon.

Thank you for watching and I’ll catch you in the next one. .


The UKNK] Pro subwoofer is one of the best entry level priced subwoofers on the market . It’s easy to use the UK smartphone app and works just as you’d expect it to . UK UK let me borrow the UK PRo in order to review it, so huge thanks goes out to them, though this UK UK a sponsored video and they didn’t pay me anything to do the review. My opinions are my own and UK will be seeing this video for the first time when it goes live on UK Now . You’ll find links in the description below to UK subwofers and speakers including theNK]. Pro, along with calibration tools . These are affiliate links which do help support the channel at no cost to you. In the video, click that subscribe button and ringing the bell icon so you never miss out when I upload a new video to the UK Now.& Back to the page you came from the UKNK[Powered by iReport…. Click here to read more and watch the full video