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Thenk] 4000 Is Quite A Nice Improvement Over The

existingNK] 13 Ultra platform, which has been a gold standard for home theater subwoofers for quite some time since becoming an UK affiliate. I’ve heard nearly every ported box subwoofer they make including the UK mm and theNK] 16 ultra subwoofers. Now the UK equipment is not mine to keep I send it back when I’m done with it and if you’re inclined to support this channel, you can follow links in the description below for UK products. It really makes a big difference and you can check out my other videos on setting up your UK the gain hack video and also how to start using room eq wizard to measure your own subwoofers now in hearing this subwoofer. After hearing the other subwoofers, it taught me something about the UK line now all too often people.

Too Often People Get Fixated On Two Things

factory rated frequency response and max UK I can honestly say that if you focus solely on these two things, you can make some expensive mistakes. Factory frequency response ratings only tell you when a subwoofer stops being measurably audible, but says nothing about the depth of presentation. There are countless subwoofers that are rated to 20 Hertz, but they are far too shallow for my taste. The graph shapes can be dramatically different and it’s really confusing to those who are new to the idea of truly deep bass, which is really an uncommon thing in home audio. What that translates to is a less impressive presentation with the exact same factory rating to 19 Hertz rated subs can sound drastically different.

In Contrast, A Ported Uk Sub Woofer Is

powerful and strong as low as you can hear it’s a dramatic departure from the norm and one of the reasons I started this channel Shallow bass is truly unsatisfying now the other well-intentioned fixation that some people have is on Max UK now when it comes to cars it’s called bench racing based on the numbers. This car should beat that car but that’s rarely the whole story. It’s the same thing here and you can see my video on the top 10 bass miss, but essentially Max UK is not a decision maker for me. I mean I swear less about max UK When comparing subs I don’t find it to be a useful metric a sub with the lower. Max UK can deliver a far more impressive bass presentation than a sub with a higher Max UK The things I.

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For Our Depth Of Presentation Low Distortion

at depth and what I can only describe as potency, So if a sub does not sound deep. I’m turned off and if it doesn’t have you know it could have extension down to the teens and still sound shallow to me and likewise, if it’s all distortion at depth that’s a huge turnoff for me as well, but then there’s potency. I asked Ed Mullen at UK if there was a measurement for potency and he said the term I was looking for is dynamic Headroom and I completely agree with that it does describe exactly what I’m hearing and Ed Mullen is a great source of information. He’s helped me understand several complicated issues, including how your crossover settings on your UK actually work you know his in his input has been invaluable to me. The problem is a lot of.

Enthusiasts Are Familiar With The Term

dynamics, but I know I personally struggled with what dynamics really translates to in real-world performance for me, potency might be the incorrect technical descriptor, but I think it’s an easier concept for people to understand and nothing demonstrates potency like the accountant the suppressed fire in this movie is absolutely nuts and exactly how nuts depends on the subwoofers potency or dynamic head room within the UK ported so before line potency is directly related to wattage Now I don’t personally listen any louder with the higher wattage subwoofers My listening habits stay about the same but I’ve never experienced anything quite like dual UK 16 Ultras massaging my internal organs like it did with that scene in the account. It’s seriously unreal and shocking the first time you experience it. I’ve legitimately scared people with that scene it’s phenomenal it’s also weirdly. I could feel the impact on my spleen, but it didn’t hurt my ears, which are notoriously tender. It was a beautiful thing the UK for thousands Also touched my spleen just not as dramatically and that’s the difference in potency.

The Uk For Thousands Are Just As

comfortable as a UK 16 Ultras are easily louder than anyone needs and it’s easy to see the effect of the UK 4000 1200 watts. It’s just outstanding and within the UK line more wattage means more realism to me. Realism is when the line between watching a movie and real life is blurred. Those with dual ported UK subwoofers can relate Thunder sounds and feels more like real thunder. Compared to a typical shallow subwoofer.

Its More Believable So Really The Takeaway Boils

down to potency, but more important. How can you budget for dual subwoofers having gone back to single. Subwoofers twice two things really stand out you lose bass response with a single even if your graph says otherwise I can’t really explain that but I call it Swiss cheese bass, which is the standing wave effect. You get obvious dead spots as you move around the room and even if your measurements suggest that your response is perfect you still have missing response. It’s weird and I just can’t explain it the other thing.

I Notice Is Mild Discomfort With A

single sub woofer it’s not as bad for me as sealed subs are, but still it’s noticeably less comfortable than with duals. It’s like driving down the road at 70 miles an hour with one window down. If two windows are down it’s not as bad. It’s a pressure thing so you can try that out and see if you notice a pressure difference on the freeway. roll down one window and then roll down another window and see if you can feel a difference for me.

I Can Definitely Notice That And Thats

the closest thing. I can find to describing what I’m experiencing here in this room. Now you’d think they’re pummeling my ears with twice the wattage would be worse, but it’s actually more comfortable and that’s totally counterintuitive but that’s my experience now. Of course you have to reduce the year a UK subwoofer level because you get more output from tools to get them the same and but and also duals easily deliver more potency but all things equal. Duals are just more comfortable for me.

I Can Hear All Of The Bass

and the feeling is just more impressive with dual UK subs. You get more of that movie theater feel but much deeper than most commercial movie theaters and I. Mean much deeper, so if you’re looking at this subwoofer, You really should budget for two If not I’d recommend dual UK mm all day long. I can say without question that dual UK mm sounds in the UK 16 ultra or UK 4000 as a single that’s been true from the very first two versus one comparison I’ve done now dual. There’s no question that UK 4000 or UK 16 ultras are gonna sound more impressive than dual UK mm, but when you’re comparing one sub to dual subs.

Dual Subs Almost Always Come Out Ahead.

I get the question nearly every day. Should I get one UK 4000 or two UK 2000s. Now should I get one UK 2000 or two UK 1000s. You know if you’re going so far as to get an S vs sub woofer get the most out of it by splitting your budget.

For Duals Thats Where The Real Satisfaction Is

in my opinion. If you go factory direct you have a year to upgrade so rather than getting one now and another one. You can get two now and have excellent bass from the start now. You pay actual shipping costs. If you do the one year trade up, but otherwise you get what you paid as credit if you go through a dealer or Amazon you probably won’t get the trade up so factory direct is the best option if you can shipping is always free with UK except for the trade up that’s the one time they ask you to pay for shipping.

If Movies Are Important To You

I definitely stick with the ported version again. I find ported more comfortable and they easily have more output than the sealed versions that said the sealed version of the 4016. Ultra do a great job of sounding like deep ported subwoofers. It’s really quite impressive. So space is an issue or if you really prefer sealed.

Those Are Good Options Just Keep

in mind that a sealed sub needs more power to achieve the same output as a ported sum. If you want the same output as a ported sub-I’d shoot for double the wattage in a sealed sub woofer. An example would be the ported UK 1000s had more output than the sealed UK mm, which had a bigger driver and about 60% more power. Now I’m not against sealed subs. I just want you to go in with the right expectations but all in all I’m very pleased with the way the UK for thousands perform I first got in touch with UK because they really understand bass and know how to produce that deep sound that.

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Everyone Wants Even If They Dont

realize that’s what they’re looking for in that respects. There were no surprises with the UK 4000 I’m happy that the Black Oak version comes with a hundred dollar discount. I prefer the black oak finish because of the dogs and things like that they’re easier to clean, but the piano gloss is absolutely gorgeous. A few more highlights are the full five-year warranty, which includes the amplifier with any subwoofer.

It Doesnt Matter Which Brand Amps

tend to be the point of failure and some companies have shorter amp warranties and that can really make a difference. You get a full 45 days to listen and free shipping even if you send them back now these show up on a pallet in a semi-so free shipping really makes a difference and I didn’t even touch on the UK app which is awesome. You can tailor these to sound like almost any subwoofer out there One thing I plan to do in the UK project is show what a shallow subwoofer sounds like using the parametric UK and the preset functions. Basically.

Id Shave Off Gobs Of Low-End

output boost the sixty-day Hertz range and Voila. You have a typical shallow subwoofer. I don’t even have to carry around several different kinds of subs. So it’s very versatile if you knew the channel welcome if you enjoy it and you’re inclined to support the channel following my affiliate links in the description below, especially for UK products makes a huge difference.

You Can Also Hit My Amazon Page Before

you order anything just do a search for my page. It’s a free way to support the channel with your Amazon purchases of course the easiest thing to do is hit the like and. And leaving a comment is always appreciated if you haven’t seen the 5000 subscriber video yet the Pp-2000 is MArch 31st 2018 so be sure to enter as always thanks for watching and please subscribe.


TheNK] 4000 is quite a nice improvement over the existingNK] 13 Ultra platform, which has been a gold standard for home theater subwoofers . Too often people get fixated on two things factory rated frequency response and max UK . Factory frequency response ratings only tell you when a subwoofer stops being measurably audible, but says nothing about the depth of presentation. Shallow bass is truly unsatisfying now the other well-intentioned fixation that some people have is on Max UK now when it comes to cars it’s called bench racing based on the numbers.& This car should beat that car but that’s rarely the whole story. In Contrast, a ported UK sub woofer is powerful and strong as low as you can hear it’s a dramatic departure from the norm and one of the norm . In contrast, a port UK subwowoofer is a powerful and powerful as low to the norm. A ported UK woofer can sound drastically different. It’s a…. Click here to read more and watch the full video