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Hello, Stupid Bloody Window Man Hello And Welcome

to man Discovers you’ve reached a channel where honesty is truly the best policy. First things first guys why do I have a towel on me well. I can assure you. I haven’t just come back from the gym. It’s more a case of I live in a modern house we’re going through a heat wave at the moment.

Weve Got Insulation In The Walls And Its

above 30 degrees in the house no air conditioning so I brought a towel with me Don’t forget to bring a towel um that’s why tally says Don’t forget to bring a tile okay. I’m going to be reviewing the SvS PC 2000 pro. Now it’s not called PC because it’s politically correct. It’s called PC 2000 Pro because unlike its brother the PB 2000 Pro, which is a ported box design. This is a.

Ported Cylinder Design And Thats What Makes

this a very very unique subwoofer Indeed, and I’m gonna be talking about it today so let’s get started but before we get started, Just gotta tell you guys some future videos coming I had myself some chicken on my new gas grill just to mix things up a little bit. I thought maybe in the future. I’m going to start posting some videos on that because why not just for fun why not if any of you likes grilling barbecuing or anything like that not going to be the main sorry about that wipe the sweat off my brow but not going to be the main focus of this channel, but yeah that’s what I’m gonna be doing so anyway. What makes this sub woofer unique is one the cylindrical shape that’s the first thing and I think SvS is one of those companies because their main focus is subwoofers. They’ve kind of had the balls or the cajones as you say to test out a type of design.

Like This, I Believe Theyve Been Making

these for a while, but as far as I know they are one of the only companies who make cylinder subs and they do make a lot of sense if you think about it in terms of floor space, what they do the cylinder subs rather than building them out like a ported box because to make deep bass. The bass inc. The subwoofer enclosure has to be very big to reach those lower notes, but instead of building out they built up to utilize the Z-axis of your living space. So using the volume of the room rather than just the area, So I think that’s very clever. I welcome other subwoofer manufacturers to to do this.

You Know To Add Cylinder Designs If

you have the cajones that is so yes what else can we say yeah comparing it to the PB2000 pro the box design the ported box design. They are essentially the same thing in terms of I believe the driver and the amplifier the 550 watt sledge class D unit 550 watts Rms and I believe it measures over 1 500 watts peak which I think is pretty special and if you compare it to other subwoofers. For example, my XT-z downstairs that has a 700. apparently as being its RMs, however, its peak dynamics is 1100 watts. So I think it’s 1 100 anyway, but for some reason there that suggests that the the subwoofer won’t have as much headroom, but with these amplifiers that SvS SvS put in the class the discrete Mosfet designs I’ve always noticed that they’re like two at least I think about three times the RMs so um perhaps that indicates that they have a lot more headroom compared to other subs or at least the amplifier is not the limiting factor but anyway so what else can I say just give me a second yeah so from this subwoofer as it’s a cylindrical design.

You Can Expect It To Achieve Thx Ultra

levels. I would say thx ultra levels of performance. If anyone doesn’t know Thx and their standards. You’ve got Thx I would say for most people Thx. Select is going to be for the average living space but Thx ultra is for the large living spaces and that’s where you need a big girthy subwoofer like the PC 2000 Pro and Yes so if you have a large room, then this would be a subwoofer to put on your short list in the Uk it costs 999 pounds.

I Believe In The Gloss Black Finish

and in the ash black finish and when I say finish it’s just the top of this it’s. I believe a hundred pound less in the states. I believe it’s even cheaper just double check this yeah in the States is 949 dollars and that includes also a 45–day home trial. We don’t get that in the United Kingdom and I think that’s where Svs is failing this market. I feel like the U.

S Customer Base Is Getting A Much Better.

Some reason we’re paying higher numbers and our exchange rate compared to when compared to dollars to pounds. You know I think it’s like 1. 3 or something so yeah We I think we’re really losing out here. What else can we say yeah? However, at this price range under a thousand pounds.

I Dont Believe Theres Really Anything

out there that really causes trouble for the PB 2000 and the PC 2000 pro in the Uk because you know there’s nothing really quite as big for the price nothing that can really hit those sub 20 Hertz notes in the Uk we have a company BK which offer a very good value alternative the monolith and the monolith plus and they’re about 600 pounds something like that that’s the only competitor. I can think of in the Uk in the Usa. I believe you guys have loads of competitors because. It’s a very big market over there is a home theater so of course you’re going to have I think there’s a monolith over there a monoprice monolith that you guys have 12-inch 15 inch models from them something like that so yeah you guys are quite lucky. What else can I say so let’s just quickly run through the specifications so 12-inch high excursion driver says Svs but we don’t know exactly how excursion is basically how much the cone can move measured so we don’t really know how much excursion that means so it’d be nice if Svs could provide some clarity on that like I said before 550 watts sledge class D amplifier RMs 1500 watts peak or 1500 plus watts peak is what they say discrete Mosfet design.

Yes Svs They Have A Very Comprehensive

smartphone app which I believe is probably the best. Out there not many subwoofer companies have a smartphone app, yet some of them that do I’ve heard like it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Sometimes you know the app is a bit buggy, but I’ve generally heard very good things about the SvS app and from usage. It seems like very smooth to me Yeah. Frequency response is 17 Hertz 17 Hertz and that’s in sealed mode as well so with the port plug actually put in um, whereas the frequency response so I’m sweating again.

Frequency Response In Standard Mode Is 16

Hertz so another one Hertz lower in standard mode and i’m guessing a lot louder as well as seeing as the port is not being blocked so yes and an added bonus as well with the PC 2000 over the PB 2000 is that you get the feet the sps sound path isolation feet you get that included in the package, whereas the PB 2000 is the same price it’s in the same price range, but you don’t get those feet included and they do make a difference. It’s more important to put them on on a cylindrical down firing design for obvious reasons because you don’t want you want to provide a bit of space between the floor and that comb for the driver but in a normal box design it does make a difference too I’ve heard it before I’ve measured. it before on this channel that these isolation puck things they can make a difference If you want to go have a look at some previous videos. I have a new video coming out soon actually um again on this sort of topic, but they seem to make a difference measurable and but on the microphone and also what you can hear and those feats from SvS usually cost just under 100 pounds. So yeah that’s a welcome addition in my book What else can we say yeah so the design yeah what do I think about the design well design is something I don’t really like to comment on too much on this channel because it’s subjective who cares you know if you like it you like it but personally my thoughts are it’s not beautiful is it it’s not a really nice looking sub um you know I.

Think Its More Of A Functional Design Rather

than nice design. Safe space is its main focus and it’s not there to look pretty and the cloth that goes round the subwoofer. I feel that it’s a bit 90s. If you get what I’m trying to say it’s a bit 90s. You know I think it suits the home theater market, but if you’re trying to put it in a normal living space.

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If You Think About It Youre Trying

to put this up in a normal living space. Hence the cylindrical design, but you wrap it in a cloth and it doesn’t really look that great and if you have pets it’s likely the pet hairs are going to get like attached to um this sort of fabric, so yeah it’s so hot it’s definitely something I think to be you know it’s up to you I would say. And also if you have dust allergies you probably won’t like that in the long run, Maybe it’s just a guess if you’re very sensitive and the gloss black, which is probably yeah. I would say it’s a bit nicer, but it could get scratches. It needs to to be dusted, but it’s only a little surface so that’s very easy to do anyway, but you might see a few scratches over time Yeah I’ve noticed sbs.

They Never Seem To Make A A Natural

wood effect with any of their gear whether it be vinyl wraps or whether it be um you know veneers wood veneers. I never seem to see anything like that out of them. It would be nice um. But I think Svs is considered a high value brand. I wonder if the V in Svs stands for value subwoofers not sure but that’s.

Just A Guess So I Guess Its More

about value than you know trying to make everything look aesthetically pleasing, but anyway let’s move on to the important part of this review and that is sound quality and in movies so as you’d expect. I think that this subwoofer it punches um very hard at this price point because of the sheer size of the cabinet and their specs inside the high excursion driver the 550 watts on board you know the ported cabinet as well. All of that stuff you’re going to get a lot of that sub 30 Hertz base so um yeah and I think that’s that’s what you need. If you want to get that sort of imax experience in your house or something close to that that’s the sort of subwoofer that you’re gonna need really you can’t really get.


Discovers reviews the SvS PC 2000 Pro subwoofer . Unlike its brother the PB 2000 Pro, which is a ported box design, this is a.& ported cylinder design and that’s what makes this a very very unique sub woofer Indeed, and I’m gonna be talking about it today so let’s get started . Discovers will also feature a new video series of grilling videos on barbecques and BBQs in the future because why not just for fun why not if any of you likes grilling barbecuing or anything like that not going to be the main focus of this channel, but yeah that is what I’m doing so anyway. I had myself some chicken on my new gas grill just to mix things up a little bit. I thought maybe in the the future. I’m going to start posting some videos on that because I’m hoping to post some videos of barbecues. It’s not just a video series that will focus on barbeques….. Click here to read more and watch the full video