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Hey Whats Up Uk Back With Another

review No speakers here to review just a subwoofer you might be wondering why are we looking at subwoofers on a channel that mostly reviews bookshelf speakers well if you’ve seen my other videos you know there’s one thing I love and that’s bass and I have said almost every single bookshelf speaker I use actually every single bookshelf speaker I use I use with a subwoofer. I always have I probably always will if you’re an audiophile purist and you think subwoofers are the devil You know you could check out if you want right now, but I encourage you to stay and hear what I have to say maybe it’ll change your mind and can you know open up a whole new world of music. So the subwoofer I use currently and I’ve had tons throughout the years just like speakers. Is a UK UK mm. We have it up on the screen behind me because it’s a little bit different as far as its shape its size.

What Youre Used To Seeing Its Not

a box right. It’s a big tall cylinder as some people make a joke and say it looks like an Amazon Alexa when they come over I’ve one friend that likes to just talk to it like it’s an Alexa. I don’t actually have an Alexa and for those of you who make that joke. I want you to know UK has been making cylinder subwoofers much longer than Amazon has made the Alexa so stop the joke. It’s not funny.

Its A Beautiful Unit And Youre Hurting Its

feelings, so what this is. It’s a 12–inch driver. It’s down firing and it is a ported design and I know some of you might be thinking. Using a ported subwoofer for music, He doesn’t know what he’s talking about sealed is the way to go if you’re a true audiophile. I get it.

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I Hear What Youre Saying I Own

sealed subwoofers too but again I encourage you stay with me hear what I have to say music is very personal and I have my own personal weird tastes. So it is a 500 watt UK amplifier does a 1100 peak and it is Class D. The frequency response is 16 to 260 Hertz plus or minus 3 UK and the dimensions are 34 inches high and 16. 6 inches around it doesn’t come with UK sound path isolation feet pre-installed weighs 50 pounds and has variable volume variable phase 0 to 180 degrees and variable frequency 50 to a hundred and 60 Hertz and when I say variable it means anything in between those two numbers. So before we get into sound too much one I love this subwoofer, but the bass is extremely personal It really really is sealed versus ported.

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Its Almost Like Just As Hotly-Debated, Abated

as like do speaker wires Do anything everyone has an opinion and look I’ve owned a ton of subwoofers. I own sealed units. I own ported units. I got this maybe about nine months ago now and I was looking at sealed units and ported units and just all different kinds of brands and what I had narrowed it down to was rhythmic, which has a lot of sealed subwoofers and s. vs and I went back and forth.

And I Chose This For A Few Reasons.

One the weight being only fifty pounds that might sound heavy to some of you guys that aren’t familiar with subwoofers, but most of the ones with tons of output like. One has weigh about a hundred pounds or more the rhythmic unit that I was strongly considering there like it’s like UK 15 or something like that, which is also a ported unit and I get it. It says that’s a bigger driver being a 15-inch but still like 115 pounds or something like that I live on the third floor of an apartment by the way for those of you that don’t know and I’m not carrying that thing up three flights of stairs, but yeah look bass is really personal and I’m gonna tell you what I like just to give you an idea I like really really really low frequency extension. I don’t use my subwoofer to like enhance something that my speakers can’t do.

I Let My Speakers Play All The

bass you’re supposed to hear I use the boo card s400. You guys know that. Bass response is great and they sound beautiful without a subwoofer. Okay this the music is correct on all the bass that’s supposed to be there is there what I use the subwoofer forced to add pressure to the room to have that feeling of music like as if I’ve got these huge massive towers like like those Bowers and Welkin 805 s or whatever there they’re like you know like $30,000 a pair and you know you definitely don’t need a sub for those that are massive it you know they got 12-inch drivers and stuff like that. But I use a subwoofer to add pressure to the music add some kick to that double bass and and just add some more depth.

Another Layer To The Music Okay So That

means I’m crossing my subwoofer over as low as possible on the UK that’s 50 Hertz if I. To turn off my speaker’s my subwoofer wouldn’t be producing a whole lot of noise just sound pressure okay if you use your subwoofers and cross it over like where your speaker’s cutoff say 65 Hertz 80 Hertz, I don’t know anything over 50 Hertz really I understand why you might think a sealed unit is better. I agree that in many situations a sealed unit will play those higher frequencies and a slightly more musical and tight fashion, whereas some people will say a vented or ported subwoofer will sound a little bit sloppy look. I don’t think ported subwoofers were designed to like replicate you know 80 Hertz and up bass and make a you know. I don’t know like a guitar string sound like deeper my friend my main speakers do that right again my sub it’s for like the UK it’s for the rap music it’s.

For The Ultra Low Frequency Extension

and stuff and if you don’t like that that’s totally alright. If you use your subwoofer a different way, or you like your bass to just be whatever the speakers produce or you think it’s just insane to separate bass from the speaker chain like that’s totally cool you do what you do this is the way I’ve done it for years and I absolutely love it Why didn’t I get a sealed subwoofer The reason I didn’t get a sealed subwoofer is because I would need at least two of them to match the low-frequency extension that this one ported subwoofer has I actually emailed UK because they recently came out with their 3000 series. This is their 2000 series and I told them I really like the look of the sealed unit. It wasn’t too heavy. It was also around 50 pounds.

I Asked Them What I Would

be looking at as far as giving up low-frequency extension and they recommended I get two if I want to have the same low-frequency extension as one of these boarded ones, so yeah that’s that ah trying to think if there’s anything else as far as disclaimers go. This might seem obvious, but I do think it’s important to point out my experience is based on the rest of my associated equipment and my room and the music. I listen to my source material, etc. Your results may vary. Some of you people in the comments seem to think I’m misleading folks with my opinion look.

I Think Its Obvious Its Just An Opinion

and it’s mine based on my experience right or wrong. We’re going to talk about the cons. Real quick. This does not have high-level inputs, meaning you cannot take the output of your speaker of the speakers on the sorry the amplifier speaker outputs and run it to the subs. You can’t do that that’s a high level.

It Only Accepts Uk Line Level Inputs.

Another Con I listed was that the frequency adjustment like for the knob does what did I say here fifty to a hundred and sixty Hertz, while that’s super cool and there’s a lot of adjustment between fifty and a hundred and sixty. I like to cross my subwoofers down very low. I also own a Bowers and Wilkins sub woofer. The aw 608.

Its A Tiny Little Thing And That

lets you go down to 25 Hertz on the adjustment. I Really really wish the UK subwoofer allowed me to turn down that frequency response even lower cats will ruin this thing. I don’t own any cats, but this the cylinder what you’re looking at this finish. It’s like a grill fabric, so if you own a cat and it thinks this thing is a scratching post it will probably destroy it. I really would recommend a more traditional box tub or for young cats and another thing I listed as a con you know the looks might not be for everyone they are for me.

They May Not Be For You And

that’s totally okay pros. The low-end extension is phenomenal. It puts out plenty of bass. It’s got tons of output. You can play it out loud volumes all day long.

500 Watts.

NK] is a ton of power my living space that I listen to music in is. 20 by 23 feet and it has no problem pressurizing the hell out of this room. I do plan to get a second one just because I’m anal like that and I like left and right stuff matching small footprint and what I mean by that is the amount of floor space. It takes up being only 16 inches around and by the way.

The 2000 Series By Uk Has Three Subwoofers,

a sealed unit which we’re not going to talk about here. A ported box unit, which is called theNK] 2004 did sell under unit called theNK] 2000. TheNK] 2000 and UK 2000 are nearly identical in terms of like output specs all that stuff. The only difference is the UK 2000 is a traditional box with ports, whereas the UK 2000 is the cylinder so the UK 2008 Edition Abox it’s much deeper it would. Deeper it would come out so much more than my console that you see behind me and that’s why I didn’t want to get that and it takes up a lot more floor space, whereas this takes up more vertical space that might not be a pro for you for me.

It Was Definitely A Pro-The Sound

path isolation feat being included. I think is super cool. You can buy them separately from UK for about 50 bucks and for those of you that don’t really understand what that is basically. It’s just some vibration control that stops the bass from bleeding out.

Its A Places Where Its Not

supposed to be like my downstairs neighbors a bedroom. For example, Pros I listed the looks as a pro because for me it’s a pro and then the price of value so this is eight hundred and fifty dollars I. Think what you get for eight hundred and fifty dollars is a hell of a deal that does include shipping which I think is awesome. I love it.

One Bennys Ship Of Big Bulky

heavy items for free. I work for a wholesale manufacturing company and I can tell you shipping things. This size is not cheap even within the same country, so Thank You UK hats off for that and then the weight.


UK has been making cylinder subwoofers much longer than Amazon has made the Alexa so stop the joke . The 12-inch driver is a 12–inch driver and it’s down firing and it is a ported design . The frequency response is 16 to 260 Hertz plus or minus 3 UK an amplifier does a 1100 peak and is Class D . The subwoofer is a 500-watt UK amplifier doing a 1100peak and is a Class D.& It is a 500 watt UK amplifier . The device is a cylindrical design with a portable design and a sealed design, but sealed design is the way to go if you’re a true audiophile. It’s a beautiful unit and you’re hurting its feelings. I encourage you to stay with me hear what I have to say music is very personal and I have my own personal weird tastes. Music is very private and I don’t actually have an Alexa. I have no idea what to do with an Alexa ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video