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##Nk] Thenk] 16Nk] 16Nk] 4000S P 4,000.

Those are UK newest generation of subwoofers and they’re all boxes really big and heavy boxes in for review today we have what I feel is the outcast of the UK subwoofer lineup theNK] 4000 before we get into it. I’m Shane and welcome to spare change if you love watching movies and want to learn about the latest in audio video Tech and media content consider hitting the subscribe button if you’re a true UK fan you’ll know their original subwoofer designs were cylinders. I personally have owned a pair of their 2039 passive subwoofer. Since 2001 they’ve always been reliable and always hit hard.

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Theyve Been The Mainstay Of My Many

surround sound set ups throughout the years so that should speak volumes to UK performance and longevity, so when I heard they were producing a powered. were producing a powered cylinder with UK that could be fine-tuned and controlled with an app I figured. It was probably time to retire these guys so let’s go ahead get this beast unboxed and set up UK inside you’ll get three phone plugs manuals in the power cordNK] now this isn’t the typical big black box. Like the other subwoofers its smallish but polish and yes. It looks like a water heater.

It Takes Up Less Space Than

its box counterpart with a diameter measuring around 16 inches. The matching box variant. The UK 4000 is 30 inches in depth that’s just about twice the floor space. You’ll be taking up that could be a great selling point if you or your better half doesn’t want a big boxy eyesore sitting in the middle of the living room for me personally I do for for the looks of. the cylinders over the boxes, but it’s all personal preference as I mentioned.

These Are Sixteen Point Five Inches In

diameter and it’s 47 inches tall. Its cabinet is made from a robust and medium-density fiberboard. It comes wrapped in a light absorbent cloth that feels very smooth and silky to the touch. So if this is placed near a television or projector screen you won’t get any reflected light bouncing back on the bottom front of the sub is an UK display with buttons to the right to change settings around back you’ll find the Class D amplifier rated at 1200 watts UK and 4000 Watts peak you’ll get both UK and UK inputs and outputs. If you’re running longer distances, you may want to use the UK connections for better noise rejection.

Theres A Detachable Power Cable Input And

bonus on the bottom to get UK sound. Path isolation feet pre-installed These will D couple the sub from the floor resulting in tighter cleaner sounding bass while reducing floor and wall vibrations. So if you have some neighbors you may get less complaints on the top of the subwoofer as a removable lock. See black steel drill hiding a trio of three and a half inch ports. Using the included foam plugs.

You Can Change The Frequency Response

of the UK 1000 keeping all ports open, which is the standard mode. You’ll get a frequency response of 17 to 200 Hertz with all ports plug which is the sealed mode. You’ll get a response of 16 Hertz with one port plugged you’ll get extension down 15 Hertz. This is the extended mode. This is probably the most commonly used mode as it’ll give you the best low and Rumble for movie watching now as far as the driver being used I was told.

This Is Basically The Same 13 And

a half-inch driver used in the older people. 13 ultra with some changes to the basket and core material with some other minor tweaks. The driver has a three-inch voice coil a waist forty-nine point six pounds. It’s pretty stiff to the entire subwoofer comes in at ninety-two point four pounds well not extremely light. It does weigh less than 152 pound pv 4000.

Now You May Be Asking Yourself.

Why is this a cylinder and not a box well for one. It does take up less floor space weighs less than a box, and it’s easier to move from an audio standpoint cylinders are very efficient design the walls. cylinder can withstand high levels of pressure without stretching where a box has to be a lot thicker and heavier to overcome. These types of distortions ever wonder why they use cylinders to contain high pressure gases and knock boxes using a cylinders also more cost-effective since it’s easier to design and manufacture saving you some extra spare change as far as performance.

If You Close Your Volume Between

the box and the cylinder is roughly the same the performance should be equal as well. Boxes can however, support multiple driver configurations. One more base build a subwoofer with two or more drivers. You can’t do that with a cylinder so setting this up is pretty simple. I’ll be removing the dual 2039 and putting this in its place.

One Uk Connection From The Preamp Or Receivers

output bit straight to the UK in on the sub you can daisy. These if you’re running multiples using the UK output to the other subwoofer I’ll be running this in the extended mode because they want that lower 15 Hertz extension after you’ve chosen the mode. You want to use you’ll have to go into the UK subwoofer app to change the port tuning and speaking of the app. NK] was the first manufacturer to have an app controlled subwoofer the UK 60 and ultra if you haven’t checked out that review I’ll leave a link for it. At the end of this video.

Using The App You Can Change Settings

like volume low pass filter phase from 0 to 180 degrees polarity parametric room UK and gain compensation. There’s even a few presets you can choose from if you don’t want to bother a cueing it yourself. You can also choose whether you want to keep the UK display illuminated or. Or not I’ve got this hooked up to a Marantz 8855 processor If you guys are interested in that review It’ll be up soon on the audio Holux channel I’m Gonna go ahead and play to my demo soundtracks one from the opening of Power Rangers as it has a great mix of low and Rumble and chest thumping bass but yes I know it’s not the greatest movie and of course the beginning of edit tomorrow. If you’re a home theater buff, you’ll know that this is a torture test.

Its Got Bass Response Down To Ten Hertz

and lower, which is below what the UK 4000 is capable. So we’ll see how it handles that now those were just some quick clips that I loved demoing for people when they come over to my place. They both have a great combination of hard-hitting base, an ultra-low and Rumble. Subs can handle these soundtracks without distortion. Then you’ve got yourself some pretty capable monsters.

One Thing I Did Notice When Playing Back

the edge of Tomorrow. Intro is that unlike the PV 16 ultra which I have in the back of the room. TheNK] 4000 didn’t make any chuffing sound which is port noise. On the other hand, theNK] 16 does reach those lower octaves that just tingled hair on the back your arms. The UK 4000 kind of flirts with it, but just can’t quite get there and does drop off around the rated 15 Hertz mark aside from not quite making it to the lower depths.

The Sub Does Have That Quick Hard-Hitting Tactile

bass that can give your body a nice little massage. TheNK] 4000 was able to provide a convincing sensation that a spaceship was coming from far off in the far. The far distance in the power rangers intro it made the floor gently shake until you get a full-blown barrage of bass. When the ship finally flies overhead. These gentle low-frequency undertones really widened my soundstage and added an extra layer of dimension to the audible experience.

Now One Of The Main Things

about these new UK subs is the ability to fine tune the response to your room by using the app I was able to run a quick measurement of the subwoofer using the room UK Wizard program. If you’ve never used it. I’ll link to it down below and it’s free you’ll need a program and a calibrated microphone. I’ll be using the mini UK you make Gori you mic one connect it to spare laptop. After running a quick sweep from 10 to 300 Hertz.

I Found I Had A Little

dip around the 28 Hertz. Using the parametric UK setting I was able to adjust that 28 Hertz band by boosting it and adjusting the Q factor. After running a few more sweeps I was able to almost correct for the dip obviously a little bit more time and a little bit more patience. You should be able to get it dialed in even better. There are other settings like phase and polarity that I use to get it to blend in well with the UK 16 ultra and together as a combo.

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Its Like Bass Bliss Over Here, But

just as a single subwoofer alone. The UK 4000 was an overachiever now performing easily module 20 39 s 4 years ago. It does the main fundamentals of subwoofer should do by providing an ample amount of low-frequency extension and hard hitting mid bass slam all within a 16-inch footprint. It was never bloated.

Boomy More Like Fine Inarticulate, Having

the ability to correct any audible problems in your room by using an app is also a major selling point that’s just not a feature that many other manufacturers have yet. If there’s one thing I’d like to see in a future iteration is maybe automatic room correction as using room measurement software maybe out of the comfort zone for a lot of people Now I know this subwoofer cost $1,800 and to me personally. I think it’s worth the asking price. There’s obviously a ton of other offerings and solutions like going to do it yourself route that could save you a bunch of cash and even outperform the UK 4000 but then you’d have to build it yourself or you don’t get any room correction etc.

This Here Is All Ready To

go just plug it in and enjoy oh there was. one major flaw with this though UK you only sent me one I really needed to now. If you found this video useful, give it a like leave us a comment, and let us know your thoughts do you prefer cylinders or boxes follow us on social media and if you’re new here hit that subscribe button we’ll see you guys again in the next one.


The UK 4000 is 30 inches in depth that’s just about twice the floor space . It takes up less space than its box counterpart with a diameter measuring around 16 inches . Its cabinet is made from a robust and medium-density fiberboard . It comes wrapped in a light absorbent cloth that feels very smooth and silky to the touch . The subwoofer is a powered cylinder with UK that could be fine-tuned and controlled with an app I figured. It was probably time to retire these guys so let’s go ahead get this beast unboxed and set up UK inside you’ll get three phone plugs manuals in the power cord . The box is a big black boxy eyesore but could be a great selling point if you or your better half doesn’t want a big boxy eyeore sitting in the middle of the living room . It’s 47 inches tall. You’ll be placing near a television or projector scowling with the subwoofers. It’s a…. Click here to read more and watch the full video