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guys Another subwoofer review today we’ve got the SvS Sp 1000 Pro I actually bought this when it first came out and my Q has just been super jam packed recently. Someone left a comment and was like Bro. What happened to the sp 1000 video thank you for that comment. I do read all the comments and that is what you know motivated me to you know get some time with this thing listen to it and review it today so here we are all right we’re going to do this review The same way. We generally do we’re going to talk about some specs and stand out features.

Ill Tell You A Little Bit About What

it sounds like we’ll do some comparisons. Then we’ll wrap it up. I’ll throw some specs on screen right now so you guys can. take a look so what does the pro model introduce over the previous non-pro model well? The plate amp gets 25 watts more bumping it up to 325 watts RMs and we get the cell phone app which to me was a big shocker. I never expected SvS to be able to offer the cell phone app in the 1000 series subwoofers.

I Thought It Just Wasnt Possible

without raising the price when they brought it to the 2000 series. I was already fairly impressed, but kind of expected that this really took me by surprise so for those of you that don’t know the cell phone app essentially what you’re getting is a huge quality of life improvement from the listening position on your cell phone. You can adjust any and all features you’d ever want to adjust in a subwoofer. I’ll leave a list of all the different. You can adjust and as you can see it’s quite extensive.

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One Of My Favorite Things Within That Cell

phone app is going to be most beneficial to mixed system users. Maybe you like to play video games listen to music and watch movies all from the same system. So those of you guys that have systems like that know when your subwoofers set up for music and then you put on a movie. There’s not enough bass you gotta go back there and you gotta turn up that game and then when you switch to a video game. It’s the same thing you either got to turn it up more or turn it down games music and movies all require different subwoofer setup with the user definable profiles within the cell phone app.

You Can Actually Set Up A Profile For

each one of those things, so when you’re. Going to play video games, you just pull out your phone real quick go to the app pick your gaming preset You’re good to go. You do the same with music same with movies. You can change the name of the presets as well or you can just have different presets for different styles of bass. You know maybe ones run really hot.

Maybe Another Profile Set Up To Integrate Really

well it’s really up to you so I thought that was super cool another standout feature in my opinion is actually how small this is for being a sealed 12-inch design. This Is a lot smaller than most people think I’ll throw a picture on screen of it next to the micro and as you can see it’s not that much bigger than the micro. I’ll show another picture on screen next to something like the Rel 1205 and I’ll also show you the rhythmic f12 next to the subwoofer and as you can see. This is a little guy. This I consider a small subwoofer maybe a schmedium so if you need something with a high wife acceptance factor here you go it the it comes with the traditional grille not the metal bowed one that comes on the 3000 and up models, which further helps that wife acceptance factor the finishes are going to be this um kind of like ash wood vinyl as you can see on the screen behind me that’s what I’ve got here or for 100.

Up Charge You Can Get Gloss White Or

gloss black. I have seen both of those finishes and they’re very nice personally. I’m a big fan of SvS’s Gloss black anyhow moving on What does it sound like? So what we have is an spl subwoofer spl subwoofers are going to give you a great amount of bass attack and slam for the money that’s what they do. Sometimes it may draw attention to itself, especially if you don’t have it set up right in this room. I was actually able to get this one to disappear very well was I able to get it to disappear as well as the three times the price rail T9x or the two and a half times the price price rhythmic F12 no.

But I Didnt Expect That Either At

500 bucks the amount that I was able to get it to integrate. and disappear in the room. I found very acceptable, especially for how aggressive the initial attack and slam of the subwoofer is that’s one of the areas where I really that I think that’s the selling point of Svs honestly. I don’t think it’s the cell phone app. I don’t think it’s the marketing.

I Know Some Of You Guys In

the comments you get a little bit jaded you know you say stuff like Oh. Svs is just a marketing company they’re not they’re they happen to be the biggest subwoofer company in the world, and as a result, they have a larger marketing budget than most companies. So you’re gonna see some ads guys get used to it okay. It’s not a big deal plus marketing is a part of every company why are we even getting annoyed by that um what the hell was I talking about. the attack okay.

This Is One Thing.

Svs is really good at when the base note kicks man Svs just does something magical the way it pressurizes the room and just comes on. Initially is so aggressive it’s so violent you just you like you’re like whoa it gives you that woe experience. I found that to be true with the 3000. The 2000 and now the 1000 a great example is the Jeezy song put on.

The First Base Frequency Is Infrasonic Something This

small can’t reproduce bass frequencies that low with too much authority you can it’s there it’s not like missing entirely it’s there the second base frequency is a little bit higher, but the second one has slammed to it and with this subwoofer it slams pretty hard. It was the same with the micro 3000 it was the same with the 2000 pro it was. The same with the Sp 3000 that’s just something that Svs is really good at my opinion is I think that has to do with their plate amplifiers and how much reserve power they have for peaks and things like that so hats off that they were able to kind of give us that Svs flavor even in their cheapest most affordable product at just 500 and then again with like the all the tech the cell phone app the DsP it’s you’re getting a lot for the money if you’re the kind of consumer who when you buy something feature set matters to you you’d probably be very happy with this because there isn’t a subwoofer with a larger feature set at this price point there just isn’t honestly even at double the price you’re not really going to find any subwoofers with more features than this has the. Only other feature like really expensive subwoofers have that this one doesn’t have is going to be like auto calibration, usually though you have to spend quite a few thousand quite a few thousand dollars to find a subwoofer with auto calibration anyhow. I digress the sound overall is very good.

I Have Personally Found All Svs

subwoofers including this one to have very good speed amazing dynamics very strong attack and overall just pressurize the room very quickly and very efficiently. The integration is going to be as good as you’re going to be willing to spend time setting it up right and usually what I have found is. I’ve been able to get SvS subwoofers to integrate what I consider good enough right as I said previously by direct a B comparison. I can’t get them to integrate as good as something two to three times the price. But I don’t expect that either let me see if there’s anything I missed out as far as the sound Overall bass note distinction is very good and no the subwoofer is not boomy.

I Get This Question In The Comments, A

lot of people ask is it boomy guys. I haven’t heard a boomy subwoofer in like 20 years. I don’t think boomy subwoofers exist anymore, maybe if you found like some amazon special 150 dollar ported subwoofer maybe that would be boomy, but I I don’t know what to tell you it’s not boomy at all It’s not like boxy sounding or anything like that the base is fairly clean, fairly articulate. There’s good bass note distinction. The mid-bass region was just okay that’s generally the case for most subwoofers.

Theyre Not Not Mid-Bass Woofers Anyway Theyre

subwoofers so no surprise There the only two subwoofers. I have found that have really really good mid-bass. Information is going to be rel or rhythmic, but those are sq focus designs so no surprise there anyhow the sound from top to bottom. I found to be very good and I was able to get it to play well even with speakers that have lighter weight moving mass like my focal focal aria 906 that you see on the stands. However, I will say I believe the subwoofer will be better suited to some speakers that have a little bit heavier moving mass.

The Integration Is Usually Going To

come down to phase adjustment and slope adjustment primarily because slope effects phase as well. If you can get your slope and phase correct. You’re going You’re going to get this thing to integrate what I would consider good enough for the amount of attack that it has the reason. I say that is so there’s a few things with subwoofers where you can’t have both. The first one, for example, is tightness and deep bass.

The Two Are At Odds With Each Other.

Tightness requires things to be quick. Deep bass requires time which could be slow so if the bass is extremely deep On this hand, it might sound a little slow. If the bass on this hand is extremely tight, it’s not going to sound very deep. The manufacturer has to find a compromise most brands do this one does this place fairly tight and fairly deep.

Its A Good Balance Of The

two. So my point here is moving on to the next two things that are at odds with each other. Are attack and integration? These two things are at odds with each other. You cannot have a subwoofer that has crazy good attack and integrates really well.

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Because If The Attack Is Really Really Powerful,

The subwoofer is naturally going to draw attention to itself. In that moment of powerful aggressive attack you’re going to know your subwoofer is doing its job. When a subwoofer integrates extremely well. On the other hand that very aggressive initial attack simply isn’t.

There Instead The Bass Is More

coming from the background and it’s not something that’s going to draw attention to itself. What we’re getting into. Here is essentially the difference between sq-focused subwoofers and spl focused subwoofers and if you.


The SvS Sp 1000 Pro subwoofers have a cell phone app . The app allows you to adjust any and all features you’d ever want to adjust in a subwoofer . The phone app is a huge quality of life improvement from the listening position on your cell phone.& I’ll tell you a little bit about what it sounds like we’ll do some comparisons.& Then we’ll wrap it up. The plate amp gets 25 watts more bumping it up to 325 watts RMs and we get the cell phone phone app which to me was a big shocker.& The app is going to be most beneficial to mixed system users. Maybe you like to play video games listen to music and watch movies all from the same system. You can adjust and as you can see it’s quite extensive. I’ll leave a list of all the different. The app will be most helpful to users of the system. It’s not enough bass you gotta go back there and you gotta…. Click here to read more and watch the full video