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Hey Guys Welcome Back To The Channel Today

We are going to review the SvS SB 2000 pro subwoofer. I’m going to take you through how it sounds its features things like that and yeah, Let’s just get into it. So some of you guys might have seen my previous video where I reviewed the Svs SB 3000 subwoofer that is the reason we’re here today. A lot of you guys in the comments asked how does the sp 2000 pro sound in comparison. I didn’t know I hadn’t tried it.

I Hadnt Heard Of It And Then One

day. I checked my email and I had an email from Svs saying they were going to be in town visiting a local shop and it was only 30 minutes away from me. It was a super cool event. I drove down There I met the team really great people by. The way the CeO Gary Youkubian very tall gentleman.

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I Had No Idea But At

the end of the day I told them about my channel and I was. I was pretty honest. I was like Hey. It’s a smaller channel um, but some of my subscribers have asked if I could compare the SB2000 pro to the Sp3000 and they were like yeah. We can send you a review unit which I’ll be honest guys blew me away my channel’s super tiny.

In Comparison To Most Other Reviewers, So The

fact that they were just like yeah We can arrange that really meant a lot to me so here. We are and I’m just going to start at the top. So we’ve got a 12-inch woofer 550 watt Rms amplifier 1500 watts of peak power if you’re not good at math that’s three times as much quite a bit. width and depth of 14. 6 by 14.

2 By 14.

6 inches. Adding the grille adds an extra inch to its depth. It weighs 38 pounds. It’s made of MDF.

Its Got A Frequency Response Of 19 Hertz

to 240 Hertz plus or minus three decibels of course, and it does include the awesome cell phone app that lets you adjust literally everything from the listening position just from your cell phone. It’s great we’re going to talk about that in a second the price is going to depend on the finish the black ash is going to be 799 dollars. The gloss black or soon to be released. Gloss White is going to be 899. I emailed them before making this video and they did tell me the gloss white.

We Should Be Anywhere From One Week

to two weeks away from its release, so if you’ve had your eye on. This unit and wished it came in white there you go what else do we have here so it’s got a 45-day in-home trial and a five-year warranty so um the cell phone app Wow so I’ve owned the SB 3000 for a year now, which also has the cell phone app. So I have been really using this thing a lot this software and first of all there’s no glitches there’s no bugs. It just works that’s really important to just know. Secondly it’s one of those things until I had it I had no idea how badly I needed this in my life previously I would get up to adjust subwoofers just like anyone else bend over do the thing go back to the listening position no it’s not just it’s not right go back do it again and I would do this all the time sometimes I.

And I Want To Adjust Stuff Or Maybe

I’d thrown on a movie and I had you know turned up the game and now I’m trying to get it back to where I wanted it for music and what a disaster It really sometimes took the enjoyment out of the hobby for me with the cell phone app. I can make these adjustments so quickly. In fact there’s presets even where I can just have a preset for movies. I can have a preset for music. I can have a preset for video games or like old music that doesn’t have a lot of bass whatever and it’s very OCD friendly because I know exactly what settings I like now.

So Im Going To Type Out All The

things it could do volume or gain as some people may call it low pass filter, which can be adjusted down to. as low as 30 Hertz phase polarity parametric eq room gain compensation, three user definable presets and a slope of 6 12, 18 or 24 decibels. Slope is something I want to talk about real quick. This is also one of those features I didn’t know I needed so in the past When I’ve used subwoofers. The slope is just preset from the factory you get what you get you don’t throw a fit there’s no adjustability.

Theres No Options.

I didn’t even know what slope was honestly until I bought the 3000 model. Later I’d come to learn if you’ve got ported mains. You’re going to want to set your slope at 24 decibels and if your subwoofer doesn’t allow for that adjustment. You’re gonna have some cancellation or some difficulty integrating the subwoofer so at the end of the day.

All These Options Whether Youve Heard Of Them.

or not know about them or not just know what that comes down to is great integration easy setup and if you’re like me and you kind of some days, want more bass or less space or want a different setup for music or movies. It makes it so easy. It’s a huge quality of life improvement. I want to see every single subwoofer company implement something like this um.

Theres Not Many Subwoofers That Do The

only one that comes to mind is like the Bowers and Wilkins D series like the Db 3d and a few others. They’ve started. I think twenty-five hundred dollars which is quite expensive um again. You know this is eight hundred dollars and anyway you get my point. The cell phone app is in a word it’s just great it’s just great okay so next we’re going to talk about versus the.

Competition What Else Can You Get From

other manufacturers at this price point and the reason I want to bring this up is because I believe SvS has always been a company that presents good value for the money. You’re paying what you get in return as far as its features performance output quality is a step up compared to most companies and I’m going to prove that to you. I got four different subwoofers here that I was able to find in and around the same price. I had two really simple criteria. One it had to be a sealed unit only because I’m guessing.

If Youre Looking At This Video.

You only want a sealed subwoofer. You don’t want a ported model. You don’t want one of the passive radiator. You want a sealed only subwoofer so first one rhythmic F12 F400.

Its Got 400 Watts Rms Thats.

a 12-inch model and it’s 829 dollars close, but it’s got 150 watts less no cell phone app Svs better value still now look the rhythmic may sound great Don’t get me wrong. I’m just talking about value here and what you get for your dollar next monitor audio W10 I love monitor audio their stuff sounds great but you want to know what 795 dollars gets you on a subwoofer for monitor audio 220 watts and a 10-inch driver that’s not going to cut it for me sorry I need more than that next Bowers Wilkins AsW 610 I love Bowers and Wilkins subwoofers They sound phenomenal but at 800 you get a 10-inch driver and only 200 watts and that’s peak power by the way next we have the monolith M12. This is going to come the closest. It’s a 12-inch driver 500 watts.

800 But Again No Cell Phone App

so why would you get it there’s literally no reason to get any other subwoofer at this price point as far as I’m concerned now look there might be other ones. I don’t know about perhaps but for what you get in return like it’s kind of a no-brainer for me so far like and if you feel like I’m trying to like sell you this thing or something like doesn’t affect me. I’ve I already own the 3000 model. I don’t use affiliate links. There’s no way for me to get a kickback like this information is just for free and for fun you do what you want with it okay next let’s talk about pros and cons pros the looks the price the performance the value as just discussed all those things are huge in my opinion um it’s just it’s.

Good Cons No High-Level Inputs Um.

I can understand subwoofers over a thousand dollars, not having high level inputs, but I do think subwoofers under the thousand dollar mark should have high level inputs um just to be clear If you don’t know exactly what that means is in a nutshell. If your preamp or integrated amp does not have pre-outs or a subwoofer out you cannot use this if you were planning to use your amplifiers speaker level up speed speaker level outputs to the high-level inputs on a subwoofer. This doesn’t have that option if you want that option and you want an SvS subwoofer. The SB1000 or 1000 have high level inputs get those you should be very happy with those as well next what did I love? What did I Did I hate the difference between pros and Cons and love and hate is pros and Cons is very factual stuff objective, whereas love and hate is kind of just emotional.

What I Think So Love Size

looks on the grill and what I mean by the grill is so the sp 3000 is going to have like a big beefy metal grill. It looks great. I love it but it is going to protrude out into the room a little bit and draw some attention to it it’s from a stylistic standpoint. It makes a statement um and that’s okay but the Sp 2000 pro being a little bit smaller.

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I Think One Of Its Biggest Like

upshots compared to the 3000 is a slightly smaller size. It’s going to draw a little bit less attention to it and god bless. They gave it a regular grill so if. You want that subwoofer that’s going to kind of not draw visual attention to it.

You Just Kind Of Want To Tuck

it away in a corner. You don’t want to really notice it. This will be great for that because it’s just the right size. The grille is very normal looking and it will not draw attention to it.

What Did I Hate About The Unit

Nothing there’s like really nothing to hate honestly um yeah there just isn’t next let’s talk about the sound so I got it broken between output distinction and articulation speed extension and authority. So let’s start with output with 550 watts Rms and 1500 peak. There’s tons of output like there’s just nothing else I could say besides that there’s tons of it um if you’ve got like a really really big room um you know get two right or if you’re gonna. Use


The SvS SB 2000 pro subwoofer is a smaller channel than the Svs SB3000 . The SB2000 pro has a 12-inch woofer 550 watt Rms amplifier 1500 watts of peak power . It weighs 38 pounds and has a frequency response of 19 Hertz to 240 Hertz plus or minus three decibels of course, and it does include the awesome cell phone app that lets you adjust literally everything from the listening position just from your cell phone . The price is going to depend on the finish the black ash will be 799 dollars and the price depends on the quality of the finish . We are going to talk about that in a second the price is to discuss the finish of the subwowoofer with our review of the Black Ash . We will also feature a review of our own custom built-in-built sound system. We are happy to share our own personal experiences with our reviews of this review of this week’s audio equipment. Back to Mail Online home ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video