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Hey Guys Jason With Subsonic Waves.

This is something that I wanted to do this video something I wanted to do. Since I got this sub in um. I wanted to introduce you guys to the platinum line of the resilient sound subwoofers you’ve got You can see the the overview of the whole sub and all the way down here to the very bottom plate. So as you can see it’s got the chrome bottom and top plates and this thing is extremely heavy about 75 roughly 75 pounds per sub.

You Can See Its Got The Nice

pole vent in the bottom. It tells you that it’s a platinum. It tells you that it’s 2 000 watts Rms and it tells you that this is a D1 one ohm. So this is the one Ohm version as you come up underneath this motor boot You have an fea optimized triple stack magnet. You’ve got a three-inch eight-layer flat wound aluminum voice coil.

Its Got Um Its Got The

aluminum short ring and spacers in there for better cooling let’s see we’ve got oversized four gauge push terminals that lead to the dual zone tensile leads attached to nine and a quarter inch um quad stacked Nomex progressive spiders on up to the large roll surround pressed paper cone. It’s got a super solid dust cap on the top of it. I know that if you’re like me you’ve seen some that are they look solid but when you get to them you press them in they dent in and you can just tell they’re not as high a quality as others. All this leads to a conservative. RMS rating of 2 000 watts per sub and I’m here to tell you right now I’m running two of these in my build.

This Is Actually My Third.

It will be going into my my build as well, but right now I’m running two on Atariamp’s MD 12k and they’re taking it as a daily driver. Now granted I have the the gain dial back a little bit. I know that’s not a volume control, but it you know it’s not tuned to its fullest um. It’s not the best idea but until I get to stern went in it’s kind of where I’m at I’ve also got a bass knob and I’ve.

Ive Dialed That Back As Well

a little bit as well and not a not a amplifier issued base knob but an RCa style base knob so that’s just an overall view of the platinum series. subs if you you know if you compare these to some of the other subwoofers in the market that have these same features. You’ll find that they’re almost double the price of these these come in at just under five hundred dollars per sub, and i mean even some of the competition that I’ve seen a sub that rates like this would cost you anywhere from 900 to 1100 you know so for the price you’re getting hell of five bang for the buck. I know I’ve seen a lot of the guys that run resilient sounds. They run 5k 8k as a daily driver to their subs.

Im Sure Theyre Not Clamping The

full five or the full eight but I know that I have seen videos and um posts of those that are clamping every bit of 7 and 8k to them and there he they handle it. All day long these subs are exactly what they say they are They are resilient. They will take a beating and keep pounding so you know. I just wanted you guys to get a look at this. I wanted you guys to to get a chance to see just exactly what you’re getting when you go with the resilient sounds Platinum series and I can tell you from experience Platinum is not the highest level it is just under the top level which is the Onyx aside from the teams of course, but in your standard subs they’ve got the entry level which starts at 500 watts RMs.

Theyve Got The Golds Which Go Up

to a thousand. These platinums that are 2000 in the onyx that are at 2500. . The difference between the onyx and the platinum are the onyx are made more for spL and these are made. For a nice mix between Spl and Sql so they’ve got a good sound to them and I’m not saying that’s exactly what they were made for but just kind of the way it plays out Is they they work well for sound quality.

They Sound Really Good And They Also

they’ll tear some some stuff up so if you guys get the chance to check out the resilient sounds systems. I highly recommend it and if you’re in the market looking for a new system or a new setup. You might as well get the best bang for the buck and get yourself some resilient sounds. If you guys have any questions please. Let me know I’ll be glad to answer any that I can and if I don’t have an answer and if I’ve you know if I’ve missed said something here.

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I Dont Think I Have But.

If I have please let me know and I’ll get it corrected and if I don’t know the answer to something I will definitely find out thanks a lot guys make sure to check out my page. It’s subsonic waves Right now We’re we do have black Friday black Friday specials. We don’t but resilient sounds does um matter of fact. I think you can get two of these or two 12’s and a target smart 3k right now for 614 dollars.

We Can Get That For You And

I think the 15s are like 684 somewhere real close to that and that comes with a smart 3k. They’ve got a few other black Friday Cyber Monday um specials. So if like I said if you’re in the market you just let us know man we’ll we’ll get you taken care of we are an authorized resilient sounds dealer here. And um you just can’t beat it man so remember hit that like Button share the video make sure everybody you know gets to see this thanks again guys and all have a good day.

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Jason is running two of the platinum line of the resilient sound subwoofers in his build . Jason says he’s running two on Atariamp’s MD 12k and they’re taking it as a daily driver . Jason has dialed the gain dial back a little bit to make sure it’s not tuned to its fullest . Jason: “It’s not the best idea but until I get to stern went in it’s kind of where I’m at I’ve also got a bass knob and I’ve dialed that back as well a littl bit.& This is actually my third sub.& It will be going into my my build as well, but right now I’m running two in my build but I’m not sure if it’s going to be tuned to the fullest. It’s not a volume control, but until he gets to stern it’s where he got to stern going in it is kind of what he’s at it’s what he wants to do. I’ve…. Click here to read more and watch the full video