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and over the past two months I’ve been reviewing the JTr captivator UK two subwoofers now I’ve done two videos on them so far. The first one I did was a unboxing as well as an overview video and that kind of went over all the specs and kind of my initial impressions. Then I also had a second video that really covered just kind of some demos. I did some audio demos from things like Edge of Tomorrow and modern warfare. A video game, and so gave you some impressions on those and even a 10 Hertz frequency of it shaking my door and so needless to say.

Ive Got Some Content Out There If You

haven’t seen those videos. At the end, I’ll post links to those in the end screen so you can check those out after this. video so today? In this video I want to give you my overall thoughts on theNK] 2s and at the end of the video I’ll be sharing with you whether or not they will be replacing my dual s vsNK] 16s now One thing I’ve always heard people say like in Facebook groups and forums is that typically for home theater application. You want ported subwoofers and if you’re mostly into music, then sealed subwoofers are a better way to go and for the most part. Over the past several years I’ve reviewed a lot of different subwoofers both sealed as well as ported and even in the same kind of series of subwoofers.

The Sealed Version And The Ported Version

in in my theater room I always have preferred that ported version because it has more output. More output there’s just more tactile bass in that and then the sealed subwoofers I have enjoyed those very well for music in my setup that was until the Jtr rs2 s arrived. Once I hooked up the UK twos I immediately realize these jokers have some ridiculous output with four eighteens having those 418 is just a massive amount of excursion and UK asthma-like overall surface area that is pressurizing This room. Now my room is third tene feet wide by 19 foot deep with ten foot ceilings, so it’s a decent sized room I wouldn’t consider this a large room, but it’s definitely not a small room and these are s twos pressurize this room ridiculously like I’m hearing things in my room shake and rattle that I have never heard with other subwoofers that I’ve reviewed as well as my UK 16s that I have typically behind. screen and as I shared in a previous video I was playing frequencies in my theater room doing some test tones and I was hearing my door shake, and then there was one demo.

I Was Doing.

I can’t remember what movie I was playing but it was actually shaking and vibrating my sliding glass door over here and I’ve never heard that shake either. So there’s a lot of pressurization in this room, and I still have to kind of go around and play different frequencies to find out what is rattling and figure out ways to kind of tame that rattle but overall these things absolutely slam. I mean there’s a lot a lot of power. You’ve got 4,000 watts of amplification with these and then there’s also an upgrade.

If You Feel That You Need More

than 4,000 watts for whatever reason they do have a 6000. watt option as an upgrade so if you feel like you need that more extra power man there’s an option for you as well now Another thing I’ve always heard is you know larger subwoofers aren’t fast you know because they’re so big you know they just move slower and they’re not quick and they’re not responsive that’s not the case with the UK twos and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that they do have such large amplifiers. When you’ve got 4,000 watts of power. These things will start and stop on a dime. I mean we can go from just huge dynamics as far as you know really really quiet scenes to super explosions and it handles that phenomenally there’s no issues there whatsoever now granted.

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I Dont Listen To A Lot

of music in my theater room and so maybe that’s. What they’re referencing but for movies Oh my goodness man These are incredible now just a few nights ago my son myself as well as two of his friends were watching Ford vs. . Ferrari now guys if you haven’t seen this movie. I think it’s phenomenal it’s just got a great story.

Its Got Some Great Great Sound

in it. This room was rocking now when I say that it wasn’t like crazy overbearing bass that’s the good thing. The reality is some people say Michael why in the world would you want to have four 18s in your room. I mean wouldn’t two 15s or maybe even two 12s be enough and the reality is yes. You can get solid bass solid tactile bass from dual fifteens.

Ive Been Able To Do That With

the UK 16s, but by having dual eight teams in each cabinet. So now we’ve. Got four 18s. It gives me tons of Headroom so I don’t have to turn it up as loud now let’s just use an analogy of two cars. Let’s say one person has a Ferrari and the other person has a Honda Accord okay.

Both Of Those Will Reach 100 Miles An

hour well mostly the Honda would but it’s gonna be struggling. I mean if he can hit 100 miles an hour that’s everything that that engines got now the Ferrari. On the other hand, it hits a hundred miles per hour. Maybe in second gear maybe in third gear probably in second gear. It could hit 100 miles an hour and so it’s easy for that to just cruise and just you know fly at that horsepower and that amount of speed without even flexing and I think that’s the kind of combination here that’s the the analogy.

Of The Rs2 S And What They Offer

They offer a ridiculous amount of headroom. They have an incredible amount of power and authority when you need it, but just because you have all that power doesn’t mean that you always have to have it cranked up. You know blowing off your windows and blowing off your doors You tame those beasts man there is a such thing it’s called balancing out your system. I know with my system I’ve always tried to tell people you only want to know your subwoofers when you turn them off and in other words, you want your subwoofers to blend seamlessly with the rest of your setup. You don’t want to say oh well.

I Know Hes Got Some Subwoofers

back there No you want to be able to feel it. You want to be able to experience it, but you don’t want. to be able to localize where the subwoofers are placed in your room now in Ford versus Ferrari. There are a couple of scenes that man they were just really pretty awesome. Of course the race scenes you know as they’re just flying by and they’re cranking through and you know speeding down the track that was sounded awesome because it would the camera would go from outside the car to inside the car and you really felt like you were inside the car at that point because the engine was like room.

But There Was One Scene In Particular.

I remember when they’re flying the plane and the plane comes over the top Holy cow that was in tents fantastic scene so if you haven’t seen that movie definitely go pick that up I’ll link it down below. In the description phenomenal movie just a great great story and it was based on a true story and so that just makes it all the more worthwhile. Now one thing I have not heard yet are the JTr speakers. JTr makes not only just subwoofers and just incredible subwoofers, but they also make tower speakers as well and these can be used in both to channel as well as home theater setups and so next month I’m incredibly excited about going to ax Bona attacks.

Pwnagenk] Has Posted On Their Facebook

page that they are going to have a ridiculous set up at exponent of 2020 they’re going to. to have three No assists 215 arty speakers as their main UK. Then they’re gonna have six no assists 110 UK surround speakers and six no assists 110 UK-UK Atmos overhead speakers and for the low end dude they are going to be cranking out six of the captivator 4000 Ulf subwoofers guys I absolutely cannot wait to hear this last year. I was seeing people comment on that setup and how amazing it sounded so I’m really looking forward to hearing for the first time an entire JTr home theater. It’s gonna be awesome If you guys are able to come out axe pawn A man I would love for you to join us.

I Know Myself See There Shana

the Techno Dad Joe from Joe and tell as well as Ron from New record Day. We’ll have the whole daily hi-fi crew there so if you’re. able to make it out to the event be sure to stop by and say Hi! You can check out all of ax bonus information at exponent com I’d love for you guys to come out and join us. It’s going to be an incredible event now not only with UK our have a dedicated room with this killer set up. They’re also going to be doing some nightly concerts as well and in those systems they’re gonna have to know assists 212 UK as their main speakers and to captivator 215 pro subwoofers.

So I Have A Chance To

hear just a wide variety of their speakers, as well as their subwoofers and so I’ll be sure to make some videos on that for you guys to let you know what I think about an entire JTr setup now in my room. I use mini B UK in combination. with Odyssey and was able to get it pretty flat all the way down to about 11 Hertz and then they start dropping off a little bit and so having speakers that play down to 11 Hertz is incredible I mean we’ve got solid output down to 11 Hertz that’s pretty stinkin impressive. Now there is a section in my room that I’ve got to try to figure out how to kind of tweak that 40 Hertz range and that’s just acoustic issues in my room. But I’m excited to be able to kind of tweak that and I’m learning mini UK that’s a whole new world for me.

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But Im Excited About The Potential

there and being able to kind of tweak the room for my setup as well as for my ears and my liking, but overall looking at the frequency response having solid output down to 11. Hertz is impressive now over the past 2 months. In reviewing theNK] 2s. There’s really only two negative things that I can see about these speakers.

Number One Is The Size I

mean these are absolute kind of monsters. I mean they are going to make a presence in your room and so I realized and even Jeff realizes these aren’t going to end up in a lot of you know family rooms or living rooms. These are typically going to be put in such systems like mine in a dedicated theater room.


JTr captivator UK two subwoofers have some ridiculous output with four eighteens having those 418 . At the end of the video I’ll be sharing with you whether or not they will be replacing my dual s vsNK] 16s now . The sealed version and the ported version in in in my theater room I always have preferred that ported version because it has more output. More output there’s just more tactile bass in that . This room is third tene feet wide by 19 foot deep with ten foot ceilings, so it’s like this room is pressurizing This room. It’s a third . foot wide by . 19 foot . deep with 10 foot ceilings. It’s just a massive amount of excursion and UK asthma-like overall surface area that is . pressurifying This room . The Jtr rs2 s arrived. I have enjoyed those very well for music in my setup that was until the sealed subwoofer arrived. The sealed sub…. Click here to read more and watch the full video