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Whats Up Guys Today Were Going To Be

checking out a pair of Svs Micro 3000s let’s not waste any time and see what’s in the box inside. We get some documentation and the power cord. The subwoofer is called the micro because it’s a tiny little thing measuring 10. 9 inches high by 11. 7 inches wide by 10.

7 Inches Deep And It Weighs Only 22 And

a half pounds so yes. It’s small and lightweight on the left and right sides. You’ll find two eight inch drivers opposite of each other to give the micro a response of 23 to 240 hertz. It’s powered by an 800 watt amp with peaks up to 2 500 watts around back. You have the subwoofer control buttons for volume auto on off low pass and phase here’s the wireless adapter input, the unbalanced lan level ends and the main power switch let’s go.

Ahead And Get These Things Set Up For

setup. These are going to go in my dedicated theater paired with some Bowers and Wilkins CT 7. 4 speakers. One is going to go in the front left corner and the other in the opposite rear corner. This is where they sounded the best I’m going to hook them up to a channel of altitude processor and I’m going to be using a clad escape and as a PD media player to play demos.

Ill Be Turning Off Any Room Correction

in the processor and using the SvS app to eq the subwoofers, which is one of the main features with these SvS subs. You can get the app in the ios or the Android play store. Once you download the app you will be taken to the SvS home screen from here, you can change the volume up and down there. Are presets for movies, music custom and default. You can turn the subwoofer’s display on or off contact SvS support and in the upper top corner.


You can select from the different subwoofers that you have in your house, which connects via bluetooth by the way in the upper right corner tapping the hamburger menu. You’ve got the low pass filter which if you turn on you can control the low pass filter from 200 hertz all the way down to 30 hertz. You can change the slope from 6 db, 12 db, 18 db or 24 db if you turn off the low pass filter. Your Avr or processor will handle a crossovers.

The Next Section Is Phase.

Here you have variable phase from 0 to 180 degrees next section is polarity. You’ve got either positive or negative next section is the parametric eq you’ve got three different. bands here which if you turn on you can adjust frequency from 20 Hertz all the way up to 200. You can give it a negative 11.

5 Db Boost Or You Can Boost

it up 6 db. You can change the q factor from 0. 2. All the way up to 10. .

Next Section Is Room Gain Compensation.

If you turn this off, you can adjust the compensation at either 25 Hertz 31hz or 40Hz. You can select the slope at either 6Db or at the default 12Db and the last section is the system settings Here you can rename the subwoofer. If you want change the standby from auto on or by trigger you can change the display again. You can either have it show the volume the logo or you can turn off the display completely and under timeout.

You Can Either Turn That Off Or

you can specify. up to 60 seconds when you want the subwoofer’s display to shut off and that wraps it up for all the features in the subwoofer app. Seeing as these are some tiny subs. I figured. They must have some very punchy response.

So The First Demo I Threw In Was

fury on the zapiti. This is a very punchy demo with all them tanks shooting at the bad guys just as I had expected these little guys can belt out some nice feels on the body. They don’t slam as hard as Svs’s SB 3000s did but given their size. I was impressed. They filled my space with enough weight to make me feel some pressure Every time a shot went off so they were very snappy and responsive and made me feel that 30 Hertz punch that being said if I push the volume at more generous levels.


felt the subs start to lose their composure and didn’t sound quite as clean as they did at my normal listening levels. I think if I had two more micros in my room. I’d have a very different experience. Next demo.

I Popped In Was The Rise Of

Skywalker on the Clyde escape. If you’ve seen the movie there’s a ton of bass during Kylo and Palpatine’s first meeting Palpatine’s voice has this deep resonance that should fill your space and when the destroyers come out of the ground. There’s a ton of base around 30 hertz that also extends down to 15. so let’s see how these guys do what could you give me everything a new empire. I was happy to hear the micros could give the emperor some weighty gravitas to his vocals.

Palpatines Dialogue Was Very Palpable.

I also liked the way they made Kylo saber. Rumble my theater now where these do come up short is when the destroyers make their appearance. If you’ve heard the scene with some larger subs, then you know your insides are gonna vibrate the micros will give you the sense that something’s big on screen. You just won’t feel how big they are so you might have to step up to some PB16s for that.

I Know These Arent Going To Hit

infrasonic levels, but I always got to end these reviews with the Tom cruise Sci-fi classic as of Tomorrow on the cloud escape in Dolby atmos. I’m not sure if we’re even on the air. This is you know these did pretty good up until the last part. Then they just stopped making noise, which is a good thing because you don’t want them to self–destruct if they can’t handle certain frequencies, but again given their size. Expecting miracles now I did take a few measurements at my main listening position keep in mind that this is the response.

I Got In My Space And Will Likely

be very different than yours. The first one is the front subwoofer alone. You can see I got a nasty dip at 60 Hertz. The second subwoofer. I got a dip at 40 Hertz.

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Both Of Them Together Got Rid

of both dips and using the peq in the app. I was able to get a smoother response. They started dropping off at around 23 Hertz, which is exactly what they’re expected at At the time of this video. A single 3000 micro is 7. 99.

I Think If Youre Buying These For Home

theater you’ve got to keep your expectations in check. These are very small subwoofers and aren’t going to blow you away with spl or a low frequency. Extension, especially if you’ve got a large space. If you were to get multiples, then it might be a different story for me having two I felt these did a wonderful job at my slightly above moderate listening levels. They were fast articulate and really clean everything above 30 Hertz was felt and will give you the sensation that you might have bigger subs in your space until you look over and see this little shoebox.

Id Say Below 30Hz Where You

get a lot of rumble in certain movies you’re just not going to really feel it or hear it much and if you do start to push them hard you will be able to localize them and that’s one thing you don’t want your subwoofer to do you don’t want to know what’s in the room so again. If you’re getting these for home theater you’ve got to. know their limitations obviously the main attraction is how small it is I could see this being used for a killer desktop setup or to give a two–channel setup some extra kick. If you’ve got a significant other who’s opposed to having big black boxes in the living room, The micros should be an easy sell, since you can put them almost anywhere.

You Could Probably Get A Couple

and nobody would even notice and let’s not forget the SvS app It’s a killer feature and makes it super easy to blend with any system. It’s something I wish more subwoofers came with overall, though for the size the micro performs like a much bigger sub I am going to be sad to see it go well. Those are my thoughts on the 3000 micro have you guys heard it and how do you feel it performs leave a comment. And let us know if you do want to grab one of these subs.

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Svs Micro 3000s are two eight inch drivers opposite of each other to give the subwoofers a response of 23 to 240 hertz . The subwoofer is a tiny little thing measuring 10.&9 inches high by 11.&7 inches wide by 10.7 inches deep and weighs only 22 and a half pounds . It’s powered by an 800 watt amp with peaks up to 2 500 watts around back . The SvS app is one of the main features with these SvS subs, which connects via bluetooth by the way in the upper right corner tapping the hamburger menu . The app is available in the ios or the Android play store and users can change the volume up and down there, you can control the low pass filter from 200 hertz to 30 hertz all the way down to 30 Hertz . We’ll be using a clad escape and as a PD media player to play demos to test the sound samples from the subs. This is where they sounded the best…. Click here to read more and watch the full video