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But Youre Racing Abide Our Solar System Yep

Lorig Alex what all right hold on for a bit Sv s UK 13 ultra top of the line let’s the cylinder sup. It’s sort of be like the side of the line 2,000 watts custom thirteen and a half-inch driver so not a fifteen thirteen and a half decision made for that UK controlled amplifier on the back. I’m probably doing a piss-poor job attempting to record it pushed push stop I don’t want to lean on it. What do we got different stuff standard power power switch. Then you’ve got UK inputs and outputs.

Then Youve Got Uk Inputs And Outputs.

Then you’ve got input level switch to decide if you want to use UK UK switch that to normal or high level. Then you have a standard power mode, which is auto or off or on actually dollars. Auto and on the only way to shut it off is with that and then you’ve got that a full digital menu now without the UK reader but-but-but-but reading power mode switch outputs main power switch power cords that’s fear sledge supper for the sta 1000 that’s what this is 1000 D yeah next Okay now basically what it comes down to is. There’s eight sections in here first is volume which you can figure out what volume is right good high-pass now this subwoofer will allow you to send signals into it whether it be from your surround receiver your UK your user interface anything you want to send signal into it with and then these outputs Here you can limit Ah.

If Any Low-End You Want Just

straight pass through or do you want to limit you know the high-pass menu you want to send only a hundred. Doing it let’s say you’re crazy and you’ve got a home recording studio and you’ve got a decent. You know interface something with Excel ours and you want to pass to this and you want this to pass that’s your studio monitors which I just happen to be using studio monitors but forget that and you don’t want the studio monitors to try to produce any lower than I have to so you set the high pass I’m gonna have it set because I don’t have anything outputting next menu low pass so basically replacing those knobs are on every sub so now you decide from these inputs. You don’t want it to do anything above what on the sub so now the low pass I have it disabled since I’m controlling with the output of my Tascam but again if you have speakers that can do down to 50. You want this to do nothing but 50 and below and if you have speakers I could do that are not very good and they going to do down to about 100 or 90, then you could tell this to do everything below that so Lopes good phase degree that’s a timing thing that’s so you could adjust how in other words one of the processor.

There Says Base But How About One That

says base goes the other way. So that’s just depends on room and how you set it up. I can write a book on how to place a subwoofer and I might do an entire other video. I think I did the sub-crawl, but we’re getting real technical now high-pass delay that’s special that is so that if you actually have something come out of this like a studio monitor you could actually have it. the signal back for up to 10 milliseconds before sending it out to the speakers.

So It Sends Signal From Whatever Source Into

sub-The sub says stop and then it lets it go and that means that if your sub is closer than the speakers, the speakers will throw sound faster because they’re higher frequencies. You could actually have it halt the signal, which is usually reserved for only very high-end subwoofer processors which this has built in room gain compensation. Now we’re getting tricky room gain compensation is if you think this is throwing too much base which guess what it’s going to you can go into that and then you could set a compensated frequency and then a compensated room gain compensation you can set the frequency you could set the slope or you could disable it so where’s my book where’s my damn book no oh. I’ve unlocked Hell on earth I’m gonna make it get this hand. Lopes Phil face agree with you Roomie conversation okay allows to come and say no that way well frequency in larger rooms to control it felt there’s too much low frequency energy being generated in the listening environment.

Its A Very Very Isnt.

This is a good nighttime read if by the way read it to the children at night while they’re in bed. I hate this UK reader if the UK menu click, but if the room incoming feature is disabled, it’ll be gone. You have the frequency choice of twenty-five thirty-one forty Hertz so any of those three frequencies because the room is doing weird bleep that no one can predict. Even computer models have a hard time predicting what like oh here’s a measurements my room well It doesn’t know about that corner.

  • uk inputs outputs
  • outputs main power switch power
  • uk reader reading power mode
  • power mode switch
  • uk switch normal high level
  • switch
  • outputs
  • power
  • mode
  • outputting

And That Door In This Outcrop

and it has to sort of figure out where those frequencies are bouncing it. If you have too high a frequency somewhere too loud, you could just crop it down supple for tune that’s the next one room gain compensation. You pretty much going to need a measure. Mic to figure that out but a subwoofer tune is real simple. I have it in 16 Hertz mode, which means one of the three massive ports in the front and these are cat could hide in the massive is plugged, so if they’re all open you get 20 Hertz maximum sound pressure level you plug one 16 Hertz and then you could just disable it right tell me I’m right I sounded awesome did that sound awesome rode microphones.

I Hope It Did The Range

of adjustment is this going to 20 Hertz All ports. open 16 Hertz 1 port block and if you seal all the ports it’s right did come with enough to seal I just didn’t have mount, so there’s more of those you could actually plug all those up and go with a sealed sub and I’ve only played with it with a met one port plugged crazy kill every one 16 Hertz and then you get the parametric equalizer which it’s easier to go through on the UK than to actually sit here Oh no staring at the sub yeah you can reduce you can actually equalize this up the whole range up to 12 decibels down or 3 decibels up. Depending on what you need to do so basically you shouldn’t need anything other than the whole page the whole PEi Q values you could set this is the best sub alright me let me summarize what’s just happening. Now here’s the best sub now The Rhythmic I reviewed was the low-power version and it was a 15 and it was also a UK. One of those ones forgetting I’m blanking my mind point is this thing is silly is sorting gloss-black and it makes me you know avoid it and clean it constantly just guys.

It Is A Monolith In My

living room. No one comes in here and it’s like oh what a beautiful view they’re like what is that the hell is that now you can’t slide it around it comes with six feet six rubber feet which I don’t have on and you’re not supposed to slide it around on the finish which since I’m borrowing this one I really shouldn’t do that but I mounted it on my mounted. I mean I’ve literally placed it on top of the yoga blocks with Furniture sliders. So that I could slide it around I should get the grill if you saw my last UK review. You saw the baby version of this yeah that’s they’re going for a look.

Theyre Going For A Look No I

didn’t do that. You didn’t see that I’m not editing that out at all that was perfect see what just happened that happened while it was playing because I tried to get it on. But I was a facing the other way and I didn’t want to squeeze it and this fell off and scared the hell out of me who wants it on anyway. No children or dogs allowed just roll them out yeah If you push it on really well it’s really on there and it doesn’t shake off like it just did with gravity. This has to be delivered via a 18-wheeler that pulled on my block.

The Pallet For It And I Knew Once

that happened it was like Oh crap, It’s going to ruin me and it’s pretty much ruined me where the rhythmic sort of yo was the best subwoofer. I had heard up to the point I don’t even know if I can consider this a subwoofer because it barely makes a sound. You sit here and you’re listening and you’re not hearing anything but instead the entire couch is moving. I usually have the couch against that wall which this was usually facing that wall. I sat here watching while my guests were over and there was no base.

It Was Just Movement It Was

just what the hell is going on. People who run two of these are absolutely out of their minds and you look at it it’s only a thirteen and a half. I have a picture of it. next to the rhythmic because they both arrived you know with any time of each other and this is just like two and a half inches deeper and an inch and a half actually is probably not as high Rhythmics taller, but for only a third only only a thirteen and a half with this surround and it’s just like you could feel it it’s like it’s like leather reinforced Cohn just I don’t know I let’s put where my mics on there good all right forget interstellar we’ll do music in a bit every every set all right alright alright all right the whole room is breathing love is not good surround sound by the way it just it you see it moving you hear nothing and then everything just goes. I don’t understand it shouldn’t be able it the bigger rhythmic should be should have been able to.

Do This Is The 2000 Watts Really Whats

causing this that insane let’s put it off. In fact, I think I have it down come on you gotta wait for the menu–versed Okay vol There we go zero zero UK I had a negative ten before the review. See what she’s running in here. Lopez two channels around back front none I have the front channels by the way set 255 they’re crossover alright. I have to zero it out let’s see what five minutes gets us so fat it’s so fast.

It Just Move It Thats Why

they went with a smaller driver. It’s so fast if they can’t control it like like the like the rhythmic they have to just move it and that smaller sub does that the smaller driver does that I used to hold a mat up freak out, but I don’t feel. Like doing it to this one, it feels less classy. I would say it fits with every decor, but you better have a lot of shiny black furniture to make that matter another movie Oh how?


Sv s UK 13 ultra top of the line let’s the cylinder sup . It’s sort of be like the side of the . line 2,000 watts custom 13 and a half-inch driver so not a fifteen . thirteen and a . half inch driver . The subwoofer will allow you to send signals into it whether it . be from your surround receiver your UK your user interface anything you want to send signal into it with and then these outputs Here you can limit Ah. But you’re racing abide abide our solar system Yep Lorig Alex what all right hold on for a bit Sv s . Alex says he’s probably doing a piss-poor job attempting to record it pushed push stop I don’t want to lean on it. He says he doesn’t want the push push stop. He’s probably not going to lean and says he wants to use the push stop he’s not trying to lean it. But he’s trying to use it. It’s not a piss poor job….. Click here to read more and watch the full video