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Who Doesnt Love Console Stereos When I Was Growing

up. We had one in my grandparents house and while I never really dove into it and played with it because well. Frankly I was a kid and I wasn’t allowed to touch it. I do have fond memories of it and do remember a lot of really great music being played through it and so when the opportunity came to review and over audios. New model one turntable music system I jumped at it because well it is a console stereo for 2020 and yes.

It Has A Turntable Yes It

has built-in speakers. It even has the option for a subwoofer, but it has all of the modern conveniences. One could also want and need in today’s era before we get into what makes the model one so unique. I kind of feel like we have to address the. In the room, which is its price its $24.

99 Not $24.

99, but two thousand, four hundred and ninety-nine dollars, and that is just for the model one the turntable speaker All-in-one solution as configured in this review, which also includes the upper stand and matching subwoofer. You are looking at over $3,500. But I am going to make an argument that I do not believe that at $3,500. The Andover model one system is overpriced.

I Dont Think That It Is Because It

does something that few components even at that price managed to do and it creates a habit of listening, and therefore at $3,500. For this system or a little bit more than $3,500. For this system. It really becomes becomes a question of what kind of value do you put on the act of listening to music more often, and that is where the model one in my opinion comes good now before I get into all of the nitty gritty about you know the various sound aspects features of the model one. You guys know that we don’t do a lot of deep dives into specifications, but obviously something that is as unique as the model one with such a kind of all-in-one built-in design you’re probably wondering like what is in it what makes it what it is and so I’m just going to share all of the specs from the turntable on down so that you can see all of the various things that go into the model one and then on the other side, we will talk about how it sounds so now that you.

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Goes Into The Model One I

do want to start by talking about its visual style because honestly it’s a big part of what is so attractive about this entire system as a music system and that is it’s mid–century style and starting with the fit and finish the construction of the model. One turntable music system on a hall is fantastic. The wood veneers are of Eames quality. So if you are a fan of that mid–century kind of Eames design era. This is going to fit right in and but it’s just it’s it goes beyond that like there’s such an attention to detail down to the felt lining inside of the pullout drawer in the upper stand.

Like All Of These Little Things Add Up

to a big deal because it is an object. It is a piece of furniture that is then placed in your house. to approach and interact with we have had multiple conversations in this house about what it is about the Andover products. First the spin base which we’ve already reviewed and now the model one that make it so that we want to engage with it and we end up listening more than we do through our other systems, and I think it just comes down to that sort of feeling you get and the ease of use and I know a lot of people a lot of hi-fi enthusiasts hate. This concept of like ease of use or lifestyle.

They Kind Of Shun It Because

they think that quality is being lost to convenience. But the end over model one kind of proves that that’s not really the case if anything the quality is there and what is being increased is the usability and the frequency with which you use. And in our case, I would start every single morning by waking up and coming out into the living room and putting a record on now Prior to the model, one’s appearance in our house that just wasn’t something that I did. I never got out of bed, walked up to our main stereo system and record on it just never happened. I would arguably turn on the UK and then start my day and I have to tell you the way in which you are programmed in the morning the way in which that you start your day the way you feed your soul when you start it off with music versus say the news or television it’s night and day so that’s that’s just one of the traits and attributes that I do feel that the Andover model one bring to one’s life and bring to bear that.

Then Force You As A Potential Customer To

evaluate like what kind of a price do you want to put on that the Andover model one music system is not going to replace a dedicated stereo or two channel system. It’s not going to best it in any way, but it’s also not for that customer. It’s not for the customer that wants to sit there and evaluate all of the little nuances between say Amp a and Aunt B or speaker Y versus speaker Z. It’s not for that person it’s for music lovers. It’s for people that want to listen and not for people that want a demo if that makes sense because the one thing I never did with the end over model one was really worries too much about whether or not it was giving me every little thing instead I just put records on I.

Just Put More And More And

more records on or I streamed from my phone to it more and more and more and that that is who the Andover model one is for and I’m not preface I’m not saying all of this because it sounds bad. So I’m like setting an expectation or something like that where I’m like I’m trading on your fields, so that when I talk about how disappointing it is you’re like ah well. There it is it’s that that’s not it because it actually sounds really really good and the fact that it is expandable with a dedicated subwoofer does make all the difference in the world and something that was missing when we reviewed this spin base that is now present here so let’s so let’s break it down let’s break down what what does the Andover model one turntable music system sound. light well let’s just start with the model one itself. The model one is a all-in-one speaker turntable solution and like we pointed out in the specs.

It Uses A Project Turntable Sitting Atop By

amplified loudspeakers, and it does have some rather nice UK inside that does make this omnidirectional sound that comes from the model one incredibly spacious and fulfilling if you’re just getting the model one on its own. I will argue the base by itself without the sub-woofer. The base is satisfying to a degree. It really does depend on the style of music that you want to listen to. If you are more into mid-range heavy music or classical stuff that doesn’t have too much low-end.

I Think The Model One By Itself

is fine, but if you like popular music or hip-hop or orchestral stuff that does feature say a lot of drums. Like that you’re going to want to opt for the end over sub-woofer and with the sub-woofer in place the scale that is brought to bear to the end over model one sound on a whole improves dramatically and with respect to the mid–range. I do think that this is one of the model ones strengths and it’s very clean very clear a little bit punchy and just a touch forward. So it’s not warm. It’s not overly romantic, but it gives you a really good sense and a really good presence, especially with vocals and small ensemble like records and I really appreciated that about the Andover model ones performance.

I Think The Mid–Range Is Where This Particular

speaker turned table all-in-one combination is at its best now high frequencies. I’m going to throw out a little bit of a disclaimer. I am not the world’s biggest. I’m not I’ve never really cottoned to those particular types of tweeters and yes the Andover model one uses them. They are not bad Here They really aren’t, but if you are a fan of tweeters, they are going to be exactly what you expect them to be, But if you’re like me and there may not be your cup of tea.

Im Going To Ease Your Mind A

little bit they are not as forward or as aggressive as some UK tweeters are in some bookshelf loudspeakers that are on the market right now all that said because there is some UK present inside the model one as well as tone controls which are accessible through the front panel as well as through the remote you can kind of fidget and tailor. The model ones sound to taste which I admittedly did I did. I’m not the biggest proponent. of tone controls, but in this instance, for me personally you know in our living space I ended up taking the tweeters back just one notch.

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You Know Just Negative One And I Felt

that that just blended everything together really really nicely, and when we added the sub like I said the sub is completely optional, but we reviewed it as an entire unit and when I added the sub and I you know blended it in to the top the overall sound scape. If you will the whole presentation from top to bottom became that much fuller that much richer which you know makes sense you’re adding a whole extra set of octaves down there that you didn’t have before, but it does help to ground and make the sound that emanates from the model one all the more rich and larger in scale now In terms of soundstage let’s not mince words the the model one is not going to give you stereo imaging. There is a soundstage. There is there is a soundstage, but it’s not you know right and left there’s a there’s a phantom Center and then there’s you know stuff appointed.

It Is Very Much Almost A 360 Degree

kind of thing and you are either largely sitting among it or depending on how far away you are from the model one itself you are witnessing it in. its totality and so I don’t want to mislead you and make you think that oh you know the dispersion will you know width to depth It’s much more of an orb. It really is and if you have it placed in your room the way that we do and what the way that I think a lot of people will which is kind of up against a wall.


The Andover model one system is overpriced . It has a turntable yes it has built-in speakers. It even has the option for a subwoofer . The system is a console stereo for 2020 and yes.& It has all of the modern conveniences. Who doesn’t love console stereos when I was growing up. We had one in my grandparents house and while I never really dove into it and played with it because well.& Frankly I was a kid and I wasn’t allowed to touch it. I do have fond memories of it and do remember a lot of really great music being played through it and so when the opportunity came to review and over audios. I jumped at it because of the opportunity to review the. New model one music system. The model one has all-in-one is over priced at $3,500. It does something that few components even at that price managed to do and it creates a habit of listening, and therefore at…. Click here to read more and watch the full video