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Hey Guys Ill Only Hear From Party Time Uk

services with yet another active speaker of you or more precisely a new active subwoofer to you this time willing at Yama’sNK] S12 mk2 active sub or subwoofers. I should Should say as many of you know I’ve been using the original UK s 12 subs for a little over five years now usually combined combined with my little UK R8 up top. They’re a great little combination great for mobile UK I always love This combination sounds fantastic is good for party parties wedding type events all the way up to 250 people or so I’ve mentioned I’ve always been enjoying my UK S12, but when I saw that yell on anNK] 2 version or a new-and-improved version while I just had to test and seeing as the holiday season is upon us and at the same time the end of the fiscal year and I was like to have some you know business expenses I can deduct off my taxes. So maybe this year a subwoofer upgrade is in order so I just had to test these. Really compare them the version launch of the version 2 to see all the improvements that the Yamaha has done to the UK S12.

Lets Have A Quick Look At The

specs first of all so as we see a thousand twenty watts of Class D power now that translates into 800 watts continuous, and that’s actually 200 watts higher than the original UK S12, but we also have an increase noticeable increase to 3 decibels for 131 Vivi‘s to 134 decibels. Now this is through combination of different cabinet also porting and increased power so that basically that 3 UK increases as if you take the original UK S12 and basically double the applied power and that gets you an extra 3 decibels so that’s always good. I’ve never had a problem to be honest with the version ones. I’ve never really run out of headroom and I’ve rarely. ever seen the limit light to blink but hey what three extra decibels of headroom is always appreciated So there are Yoson extra 3 D B’s UK protection now as many of you know what the Yamaha speakers most active speakers are designed in collaboration with Nexo, which is a high-end the speaker manufacturer so you got some very clever very advanced UK protection and processing to make sure you can get the most out of these little subs now in these subs is actually a 12-inch woofer, very nice box that’s one thing.

The First Thing I Noticed Is The

design is very very different. You’ll notice that the older versions actually kind of matched perfectly with the the tops, which is a great thing to have aesthetically. But these new by Yamaha subs I’ve I wasn’t sure about look at the beginning Cuz it was just so. different from the original ones, but I’m really really starting to like him and to be honest the material here is just fantastic. It feels you know more durable more unless they’re less susceptible to scratching and damage than the old ones were the I think of the design looks a bit more industrial.

It Looks Tough.

It looks nice and clean too one thing. I really love is this big Yamaha logo because when you when you’re using you know good quality equipment and you want your clients to know that you know you’re not using crap. So most people are simply to see that Yamaha logo whether it be on a snow machine. A four-wheeler or on a loudspeaker system.

They Know That You Didnt Cheat Thought

you didn’t buy you know cheap Chinese crap with no warranty and that you bought on discount so the mo stuff. a little bit more expensive, but you know what as they say in the pro-sound world buy once cry once it’s been a little bit more gay, little bit more quality and it’s usually it’s a better investment for you in the long term and that takes me to my next point is the warranty. When I got these the first thing I noticed on the boxes. There’s a big silver sticker that says seven-year warranty now what that tells me is that if a manufacturer is willing to put a seven-year warranty on their products to me that says that you know what these things are well-built they’re using quality transducers They got excellent protection and if the manufacturers weren’t are ready to back it with seven year warranty. You know these things are built well.

Theyre Built To Take It So Thats Another

big plus for. I think we okay UK protection UK sub down to 42 Hurst now that’s a minus or plus 10 UK spec. The old version ones went down to 47 minus or plus 10 UK s so that’s that’s a decent respectable for a 12-inch sub. You have to remember these aren’t fifteen or eighteen UK or a compact 12-inch subs. So for 12-inch subs.

I Think Youll Be Pretty Surprised At

what they can do. Let’s have a quick look at the control panel in the back here very similar to the originals you have the all UK ins-and-outs limit protection power light. You also have the front UK disabled if you don’t like that see the white light in here is a see right there the bottom there you can see it so you can disable that if you don’t like having lights on your speakers. The polarity right here you also have something brand new this year. Cardioid mode now basically this is useful if you’re using multiples of these speakers or subs at two three four six seven eight.

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What Youll Do Basically Is.

If you say you have three of them. You’ll have two facing towards the normal way and you’ll have one that’s reversed kind of like if you would have two I guess you’d have something like this where you’d have one facing the back and one facing the front. Basically what the cardioid would does is when you’re using multiple subs. It’s trying to get that you know you’re on the stage and your band is trying to get all that low frequency energy away from the stage and more into the crowd and that’s basically what cardioid mode does when you’re using multiple subwoofers not necessarily all that useful.

For A Uk Because Youre If Youre

a UK and your subs are exposed like this you won’t want to have wires visible and all that but for a band situation we’re using multiple subs. You want to get the axial the maximum output and you want to get as much of that sound as possible onto your dance floor and into your crowd that’s what that cardioid is mode is for now let’s look at the the sound settings. Now you have the normal boost and the extended low frequency, not even using the excess twelves For over five years. I’ve always always always used the extended low frequency because let’s face it. These are twelve inch subs.

Youre Not Gonna Get The The Deep

bass. You get from a good quality 15 or 18 but if usually extended low frequency mode it’s process to get you as much. As that lower energy frequency as possible and it just makes the sub sound more musical to me. Bandpass subs have typically been said to sound one node a year to have a like a strong response in a certain range of frequencies, say from 60 to 80 Hertz, but when you click that extend a little frequency button it actually gives you a little bit more extension at the bottom end, which is appreciated especially with playback music. In a band situation.

You Might Want To Use That

booster that normal just because the normal and the boost will probably be highlighting those frequencies between 70 and 90 which is where the kick drum is usually and you’ll want to boost that so different settings different applications. One notable added feature that this year is you see you have it through outs that’s that for your your outputs are. Going to your tops, you can have the same signal going to your tops as the one coming in or let’s say you’re not using Yamaha tops for whatever reason I’ll just give the example I do have some our UK tops which are excellent, but they don’t have a high-pass filter so when using with subs. I was never able to cross them over and get the maximum mids and highs autism now if I wanted to use my UK F I could use the UK F post, which is a high-pass filter that would send a filtered signal up to my top. So you Can filter send everything 80 Hertz and up 100 Hertz number 120 Hertz enough for the smaller tops to your tops and that lets you get the maximum output from them in the mids in the high frequencies and that’s what you want and that’s why you have subs subs were there to design to you know handle low frequencies and get your cops.

Lets Your Tops Get As Loud As Clear

as possible like these little UK R8. There are very good full range, but as soon as you cross them over and you have them just reproduce 100 Hertz enough they will get noticeably louder and clearer, then if you’re running them full range, so that’s just something to keep in mind so that’s one awesome new feature that llamo is added with these UK two versions of the UK s12. Another Q little bonus is these little. Against these snap in UK cables actually locking UK cables that’s locked into place someone trips on your wire at least you’re not gonna get you know who’s your sound take them off you just need to press in pull them out, but they’re basically locking UK cables nice little bonus a lot of these features and things exist because the Yamahas I think is taken a lot from the UK S 18 subwoofer very popular, although a little bit too big for myself, but they’ve used the actual power section of which is one thousand one thousand twenty watts. All three the UK s twelve UK s 15 mk2 s and the UK 18 use that same power section and they just implemented a lot of those features that were in the UK S 18.

Theyve Put Them In The New Mk2

of theNK] S12 so just a more added value for you for the user. Another bonus that’s very interesting is you can actually add casters to the user can add wheels if you don’t feel like carrying the 66-pounder sub and that’s another nice feature as mentioned for me the the old UK twelves were roughly 73 pounds. I mean it’s like 72 point a but let’s say 73 pounds. These new ones at 66 pounds.

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Its Just A 7-Pound Weight Difference,

but when you have to go up and down stairs and like myself 7 pounds of 7 pounds, and you naturally feel it so just that in itself as a nice bonus for me to toward the upgrade that the high past out but you can also get the as mentioned the casters and there are covers available. available for it as well, so all that add the 7-year warranty and like I said I bought these about five and a half years ago. I still have a little bit less than two years, but a nice seven-year warranty might might be good as well so that’s that is a big bonus to me so I sound wise I did.


Yama’sNK] S12 mk2 active sub or subwoofers are Yoson extra 3 D B’s UK protection now as many of you know what the Yamaha speakers most active speakers are . The UK S12 has an increase noticeable increase to 3 decibels for 131 Vivi’s to 134┬ádecibels . The new subwoofer has a thousand twenty watts of Class D power now that translates into 800 watts continuous, and that’s actually 200 . watts higher than the original UK . S12 is good for party parties wedding type events all the way up to 250 people or so I’ve mentioned I’ve always been enjoying my UK S 12, but when I saw that yell on anNK] 2 version or a new-and-improved version while I just had to test these. I’ve never had a problem to be honest with the version ones. So there are extra 3 decIBels of headroom is always always good.& I’ve rarely ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video