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something interesting under compensation is the name of the game with this this little package We got here. It is basically probably the smallest pa subwoofer I would ever use I really don’t know what to even say about it. It weighs 50 pounds. It’s a 12-inch sub from harbinger. They claim a thousand watts.

They Say Its Got Dsp And

all this so we’re going to open it up we’re going to see what it does they claim 130 db from a 12. just a single 12. let’s get to it. I gotta I gotta get a haircut soon Oh my God yep box was in the box quick overview so you have 1000 watts plus Dsp. They’re saying you got time alignment delay adjustment.

It Looks Like Its Just Only A Yes

0-180 degree phase knob so yeah. get some delay? I mean a lot of the subs. We actually review. Don’t have a phase switch at all so um that’s not bad 400 bucks. I mean Hey we also have crossover tuning.

So This One Actually Does Have

a crossover built into it. Unlike the Mackie we just reviewed stereo signal management just allows you to plug into have two outputs. A lot of subwoofers do that a lot of the times. Now you have daisy chaining so you actually don’t even need dual, but it just allows for more versatility. I will actually mention it is meant to work with all the very series by Harbinger as well.

It Claims That It Uses A Custom

12-inch driver so most likely Harbinger outsourced the driver that they used, which is good because from what I remember we actually liked Harbingers amplifiers just not really their drivers so. Or alto is the opposite We like Altos drivers Their amplifiers weren’t so great it’s actually Oh my God this thing’s adorable it’s so tiny let me take this thing out look how tiny that is Oh my God. This has to be like maybe like 14 inches wide like 16 inches tall. This is a very compact sub it’s built really well though Oh my God look at this finish. They actually did a really good job that is impressive very impressive even the handles.

Theyre Not Like Your Typical Like Hardware Plastic

handles that you’ll find on speakers they’re actually like built into the wood so so far I’m actually very impressed. I mean very flush with mounting the top pole, so it will actually take a top pull so you can mount any top speaker. You need knobs feel Ooh Knobs feel good crossover. Oh it’s a notchy crossover frequency look at that it actually like clicks. They’re saying the best combo with.

This Is The 2310 A 2308

and then you have the S12. It does take balance and unbalance XLr as well as quarter inch, which is nice because then again it gives you more versatility with using other branded speakers or you know it doesn’t have to be another harbinger unit. It says 400 watts at four ohms a thousand watts peak okay so at least they’re being pretty honest like the peak figure. I think is a little exaggerated but 400 watts Rms that’s not too unbelievable for 400 remember the general rule of thumb I say. With powered speakers a dollar per watt is what you’re going to pay it’s what you’re going to get class D plus switching power design which is nice so it’s actually it’s kind of what we saw on the Mackie.

Even Though It Is A Classy

amplifier. The way the transistors are like aligned on the circuit board and how the circuit board looks like architecture it kind of looks like a Darlington pair like they’re using some kind of switching amplification, which is nice because you will get a little bit more low end with that um as opposed to just a straight class D 35 to 150 Hertz so it’s actually claiming this little guy will get down to 35. we’ll test it we’ll test it 130 db. It’s a forum impedance driver 12-inch sub it’s a plywood construction which i can definitely feel that’s what makes. This thing so heavy without further more let’s get to testing let’s take it apart.

Lets See If This Things Hiding Any

secrets or if it’s just a whole lot of hoopla all right, so let’s take a peeksies. Oh interesting so you actually have a triple fold surround which is very nice so it definitely will move pretty decently as for the box. It’s kind of hard to tell it looks just kind of like your standard. You know ported box, but it actually goes all the way back with those walls, which is nice so it’s not just like an open design sounds really stiff Oh yeah that’s a stiff driver Jesus you know this actually might not sound half bad, so as you guys can see the driver is actually pretty impressive. We’re going to take it out of the box obviously and just see what the magnet is like what kind of spider It uses what the chassis looks like You know things of that nature but all in all chas and I were just listening to it and we’re fairly impressed like not only that but I realized while we were hooking it up.

This Thing Does Actually Offer A Fully Adjustable

time delay on the back. It does have a type of crossover that crossover dial not only will cross over the subwoofer, but it’ll take your inputs and outputs and cross it over to the top speaker. So if you set this to 80 hertz. It’ll only allow 80 Hertz and above to go to this top speaker for demo purposes. We were just using one of these JBl studio monitors um but to be honest you’re getting.

A Lot For That Is An Insane Amount

of versatility. It has a lot of features. It actually sounds very good for just a 12. um. It almost gives me like a home theater vibe in terms of like its frequency response.

We Were Testing To See How

low it went with some songs and it was actually producing it. We wouldn’t say that you know you can get what they’re claiming 130 db at like 40 50 hertz or below, but it was actually doing it sufficiently enough that I would I would be impressed like as a guest um even like a solo artist, and you were a guest at that performance that would be more than enough for a bass guitar for drum set for you know whatever you really needed it for again weighs 50 pounds, which isn’t the lightest thing, but it’s impressive for what. You’re getting on top of that I mean we’re just going to take it apart and fully see what the guts are we’re going to do frequency sweep real quick and monitor just exactly when the sub-tends to peak without further Ado let’s get to the frequency test so we’re already at 26 Hertz Nothing’s coming out we’re at 40 Hertz now becoming audible 50 Hertz it’s getting pretty loud 60. 70 hertz that did kind of seem like almost its peak again at 90 rolls off a bit 110 120 140 160 200 and now it’s gonna it’s just gonna start to roll off and get quieter and quieter and that’s exactly what it’s doing so It actually was performing half decent up to about 200 Hertz. I mean I could feel that my pants like just standing next to it honestly I I’m trying to find things.

To Hate About The Subwoofer And I

I can’t Harbinger did a good job for 12 inch. You know 12 inches. I mean you get you get a lot so now we’re going to do just a little bit of musical testing show you. The excursion of the subwoofer show the limiter light and how the sub sounds when it limits it does sound like a soft clipping limit, which means that you probably won’t get in danger of overheating or destroying the subwoofer during any performance. If you are occasionally kissing that clipping point so wow Jeez wow solid yeah let’s take it apart yeah we’ll do it for air absolutely we got to free it warning high voltage while on just Oh holy crap all right now that’s worth looking at give me a second yeah freaking big old vent big Oh my God that’s a massive magnet.

Oh My God That Is Crazy Harbinger

you outdid yourself on this one that is an actual heavy magnet too. This driver is not light and only for a 12. . I mean there’s no crazy like tinsely design going on or anything but from the sheer size of the magnet and the coil looks to be about two and a half inches. Maybe maybe two and a quarter it’s not bad Yes this actually has basket venting as well.

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Theyre Just Theres Little Tiny Cutouts

Yeah that’s interesting let’s see what it does free or wise. That is an impressive driver that’s like an inch and a half of excursion Wow that thing is straight up coming out of the freaking basket Here’s the amplifier um it looks like your standard class D amplifier nothing too crazy about it claimed 400 watts RMs is 100 believable after even after a crazy excursion fun that we had with this thing the cone is not even remotely warm, so decent amplifier decent sub very good box design. I’m still impressed with the finish on this box. How like well it’s been laid out so it’s got acoustic fill on the inside, which makes it really nice. The box construction is very nice I mean it’s it does not sound very hollow at all.

Its Very Very Well Built.

I really can’t say anything bad about this On a scale of one to ten. I rate the sub at nine. The price is good performance is good. It does everything it needs to the right way it’s really not trying to lie or you know be anything fake for once it’s amazing.

It Always Seems Like Anything We Test That

is under like 500 bucks just like a lot of gimmicks going on with it the fit and finish is great. The sound quality is great the power delivery is great the simple amount of features on it is fantastic. The whole time alignment thing the whole you have phase adjustment of zero and 180, which again a lot of subwoofers, especially at this price point do not offer especially the time delay. I love that that is fantastic for larger venues which goes to show even though this thing’s so small, You can still play a decent-sized venue.

Two Of These More Than Enough Bass

than your typical crappy Dj that just brings two top speakers that are 15’s. You know two macky thumps and then says Ah yeah it’s enough bass no it’s not you need this this is definitely probably the best entry level sub I’ve personally heard for four hundred dollars. The whole delivery of the product is fantastic. I really can’t give this thing enough praise um well done again.

This Has Been Another Video Of

two dudes audio well. Hopefully we get more products like this because if if the audio you know audio companies keep producing products that are this good for the price, I might start you know stop crapping all over everything but. that’s probably highly unlikely, you know it’s all about the money so all right have a good one.


This is a 12-inch sub from harbinger.& They claim a thousand watts. They say it’s got Dsp and all this so we’re going to open it up. We actually review.& Don’t have a phase switch at all so um that’s not bad 400 bucks.& Unlike the Mackie we just reviewed stereo signal management just allows you to plug into have two outputs.& Now you have daisy chaining so you actually don’t even need dual, but it just allows for more versatility.& I will actually mention it is meant to work with all the very series by Harbinger as well. We like Altos drivers. Their amplifiers weren’t so great it’s actually a really good job that is impressive very impressive very i i’m glad to hear from the subwoofers. It’s a very compact sub it’s built really well though. It doesn’t have any phase switches at all. I mean Hey we also have crossover tuning….. Click here to read more and watch the full video