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channel today? I bring you the much anticipated review of the Arendelle 1961 1s subwoofer, So the reason this got my attention is because of you guys in the comments. A lot of you guys were like Hey I like have you heard of Erindel subwoofer or like what do you think about Erindale subwoofer or like when I would review something else you’d be like how does that compare to arendelle subwoofers so I got curious. I saw spare change review their larger theater models and I noticed the front baffle was kind of narrow and it had this like unique shape and it’s cool attention to detail and I was like you know what let’s start let’s try to get one of these here and talk about it so here we go We’ll do this review the same way we generally. Do I’ll tell you about some specs and standout features. I’ll throw the main ones on screen right now so you can check that out.

Ill Tell You A Little Bit

about what it sounds like We’ll do some comparisons and then We’ll wrap it up so first let’s talk about some standout features. First is going to be the obvious shape and design where you know instead of having a driver on the front as you can see on the screen behind me the driver is side firing. We’ve got a single 12. 2 inch driver on the side that gives you. It gives it a narrower front baffle, so you know for those of you that maybe in the past could only fit like a single eight inch driver or ten inch driver because your front wall wasn’t very wide.

Perhaps You Could Fit A 12-Inch

now anyhow. Yeah! I think the shape is super cool, definitely stand out future second thing as you heard me say it’s a 12. 2 inch driver that’s a little bit bigger than the average 12-inch driver, So you know I know that doesn’t sound like a lot and it’s not a lot, but it is worth mentioning and the reason being is the outer edge of a circle is going to give you more surface area than its inner edge will obviously because it gets bigger simple geometry right and you know if you have like the SD spec. For example of the subwoofer, which tells you it’s surface area of the moving mass. You would see it should be larger than your average torment driver anyhow.

Some Other Standout Features Are Going To

be and this is this is my favorite one no vinyl finish it’s not even an option standard. finish is what you get now Is it like the highest end-painted finish like 10 coats of hand rubbed lacquer like you find on rails like s series subwoofers that are three thousand dollars. No is it worlds better than vinyl absolutely so thank you arendelle so much you guys know I hate vinyl finishes. I hate seeing them especially as a product approaches a thousand dollars and I know every time I talk about this. I say a different price amount but you get my point.

I Just Hate Vinyl.

I hate to see it and it’s not here and you can’t even if you if you wanted a vinyl finish too bad. You can’t have one with arendelle They don’t offer it awesome move. I want to see this more often around back. We’ve also got some really nice chassis mounted rcas.

I Love That Attention To.

detail there’s some small like Allen keys holding the plate in place as well as some torx screws and then we also have a screen and you’re probably like what’s that why do I have a screen? This thing’s not a Tv What’s going on here So that is where you make all your adjustments um and when I say all your adjustments. I mean a lot there’s a lot as much fine grain control as you want it is there I’ll leave a list on the screen of all the things you can adjust for you. Guys I like to just get in there with your fine grain options. I found the knob and Button combination very easy to use and very intuitive, and I thought that was great um let me see oh.

Another Standout Feature Is Going To Be The

kind of attention to detail and this is one of those things that’s like look It doesn’t affect the sound. I understand that but it tells me that someone at the company most likely. The owner just cares a lot about the product and might be a little Ocd which I can appreciate on the the feet. There’s the the arendelle logo, which I think is a nice little touch and then on the surround of the driver. It has the word arendelle stamped onto the surround and I just thought that was super cool, so let’s get into some sound impressions.

Oh Of Course, By The Way

there is a magnetic grill you could use you. know if you want to hide the driver so sound impressions are going to be interesting here guys because what we’ve got going on is a mix of two different camps. There’s some attributes that might make it sound like I’m describing an spl style subwoofer, but then it’s got some other attributes that might make it sound like I’m describing an sq subwoofer and it does a little bit of both in this really interesting way what do I mean I will explain so dynamic attack is very very strong, very powerful, very forceful When I review SvS subwoofers dynamic attack attack is something I talk about and I’ll usually say something like Svs subwoofers are second to none when it comes to terms of attack. Their attack is so aggressive. It’s almost violent the way it comes on until now the Arendelle 1961 1s I found to be.

More Dynamic More Aggressive In Its

initial attack that was very impressive to me the interesting thing. So this is usually a characteristic of SpL-style bass, but the way it presented. This dynamic attack was very clean, so it didn’t feel overly boosted or exaggerated. It didn’t give the sound and like a thickness that it didn’t need to have it almost sounded like it was supposed to have that much bass it almost sounded like like look. I knew it was more bass than usual right because you know I listen to the same tracks like a million times, but it almost sounded like that’s how it’s supposed to be.

It Was A Really Interesting Experience So Because

I get this question a lot a lot of people ask me like I won’t base that kicks like a freight train, but still integrates really well. You want that. blend of Sq and Spl and this for the most part does that so I think it’s worth looking at for a lot of people. Let’s talk about some other sound characteristics. So transient response is pretty good.

I Found The The Driver Starts And

stops when it’s supposed to it’s not overly tight some subwoofers when they start and stop it’s like very aggressive it almost draws attention to itself. This was more like the way it should be um speed and articulation were very good. Note to note distinction was very good like the difference between say 25 Hertz and 35 Hertz was you know clearly a different frequency. For example, the mid-bass is something I want to talk about usually most subwoofers. Don’t have the best mid bass and I try to keep most subwoofers below 50 hertz and there’s nothing wrong with that you know.

Subwoofers Theyre Not Mid-Bass Woofers Theyre Not

really built to produce strong tactful mid-bass that’s really your speaker’s job but a lot of us use bookshelf speakers that Don’t have the strongest mid-bass. So I understand some of you guys might want to cross over higher than I do I generally try to keep it below 50 hertz but the arendelle 1961 one s has a very clean base region. I was able to blend it up as high as 60 even 70 Hertz and all it did is made my speakers sound like. They were a little bit larger and had more mid-bass, usually with other subwoofers. When I try to crank up that mid-bass.

At Some Point It Starts To Get

a little bit muddy and messy that didn’t happen here. Now Don’t get me wrong. There are some subwoofers that have killer mid bass articulation. rhythmic for example, now let me see if there’s any other sound impressions. I want to talk about there was one thing.

I Noticed With The Subwoofer In The

orientation that it’s designed to have you know where the driver is. You know loading the corner of the room um base was you know the lowest octaves it was very strong. It was very authoritative, very forceful and had that strong dynamic attack. I’m talking about for movies that was super cool but for music it definitely did feel a little bit exaggerated at certain frequencies certain parts of certain songs. I was like there’s a little too much there and a little not enough here and I discovered turning the subwoofer so that the driver was facing me gave me a more natural response for music.

So If Youre Planning To Use Something Like

this in a mix. system and you like the sound of that extra authority and rumble for movies when it’s in its normal orientation, but when I listen to music every now and then just you know give a little turn and it’ll give you that more natural response or you could just leave it in its normal orientation and enjoy that kind of like I guess you could say slightly exaggerated frequency response at you know those lower octaves it’s. You know bass is an interesting thing. A lot of it does come down to personal taste and preference. For example, I get a question like this a lot will x y or z subwoofer be enough for my room and I usually do my best to answer and I usually give some kind of answer, but I’m always hoping.

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Theyre Not A Psychopath What Do I Mean

by that so let’s talk. About Shane from spare change again Shane’s a good guy. I love his content. I subscribe to his channel and even on his patreon, but his room is about the same size as Mine, and he has dual 18s that’s pretty intense for a room.

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This Size.

I have another buddy again room similar in size to mine. Dual 18s and dual 15-inch subwoofers at the same time that’s hardcore stuff. I have been happy in this room with subwoofers as little as eight inches, so we are all quite different with respect to how much bass we want it’s almost like food if we’re eating like a bowl of ramen.

How Spicy Do You Want It You Know

I like my ramen just a little bit spicy but I have friends they’ll try mine and they’ll say it’s totally bland where’s the spice where’s the flavor they’re gonna put. A ton of sriracha or chili oil in there? They just like want it to hit so hard that’s not how I am I like the little just baby spice anyhow what other sound impressions do we have to talk about integration very good and this surprised me and I’ll tell you why the reason integration surprised me is because when a when a subwoofer has really strong dynamic attack. I expect it to not integrate very well because strong dynamic attack.


The Arendelle 1961 1s subwoofer is a side-fired subwoofer . It has a 12.2 inch driver that’s a little bit bigger than the average 12-inch driver . The outer edge of a circle is going to give you more surface area than its inner edge will obviously because it gets bigger simple geometry right a simple geometry . We’ll do some comparisons and then We’ll wrap it up so first let’s talk about some standout features. I think the shape is super cool, definitely stand out future future of this type of subwowoofers. We’ve got a single 12.5 inch driver on the side that gives you a narrower front baffle, so you know in the past could only fit like a single eight inch driver or ten inch driver because your front wall wasn’t very wide.& Perhaps you could fit a 12- inch now anyhow. The driver is side firing. It gives it a smaller than the typical 12.&…. Click here to read more and watch the full video