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Hi, This Is Brian From World Wide

Stereo coming from our showroom in Montgomeryville, UK to chat about the long-awaited release fromNK] the Sub Mini. In. This video, I’ll go over the basics of how the Sub Mini is built, We’ll compare the Sub Mini with the Sub UK 3), and we’ll talk about where to put the Sub Mini and which Sonos products It pairs best with so you’ll get the most bass for your buck If you’ve been to this channel before, you’ve probably noticed my other reviews of Sonos products and know that I’m a long-time fan. IF you’re new here, welcome and thanks for stopping by. A.

Few Of My More Recent Sonos Reviews Are

linked in the description below. Take a watch, and if you find these reviews helpful, please give them a thumbs up. And if And if you like our content and what I have to say, please subscribe to World Wide Stereo’s UK channel and hit that notification Bell to stay up to date. I’m happy to finally see Sonos offering an entry level option in their subwoofers. It’s been a long time coming.

I Know Ive Seen A Lot

of systems that could have been enhanced with a dedicated subwoofer, but the price point of the Sub didn’t make it easy to make that jump. Those that did sure were happy. But Even when I was reviewing the Ray, it became hard to justify a $749 subwoofer to match a $279 sound bar (And I can justify just about anything). With an entry level price point, it’s an easy conversation to talk about adding the Sub Mini into one of your systems. At first glance, it’s not a very big box.

But Good.

Things come in small packages. Sonos continues its eco-friendly packaging, as you can see here. It’s easy to see which color you have by the Sub Mini on the front being black or white. .

Theres Also A Little Color Sample

on every side, so you know you’ve picked the right one. Inside is all that you need to get the Sub Mini up and UK the Sub Mini and the six foot power cord. The Sub Mini comes in the traditional Sonos colors of black and white, much like the Sub Gen 3. The Sub Mini is less than half the weight of the Sub and its size makes it very easy to tuck away in your room. But.

Its Slick Design Isnt Something Youll

find you’ll need to hide. The white on the Sub Mini looks a little more of a matte white, matching their speakers as well. Looking. The differences between the Sub Mini and the Sub beyond their size will be the type of subwoofer they are. THe Sub is a ported subwoofer.

If You Dont Know, A Ported Subwoofer

allows for lower base excursion that puts out more volume. A. Common recommendation is that ported subs are good for movies. The Sub Mini is a sealed subwoofer. A sealed subwoofer may not drop as low but is known for more accurate bass response.

Its Commonly Recommended For Musical Applications.

. THe type of system. You want to build out can help make that decision. SO, how does the Sub Mini work.

Sonos Created Dual Custom Woofers To

generate the full toned low frequencies and advanced processing further enhances. The bass response. Both Woofers are powered by UK digital amplifiers and face inward to create a force canceling effect, which combined with its sealed cabinet neutralizes distortion and helps enhance the base response. . How enhanced is that bass response Well, it can drop down to about UK Test this for yourself with some bass test tracks.

In My Super Bass Playlist Thats Linked

in the description below, I included some low end sweeps to see how your system sounds from UK to UK You can also do a full UK to UK test. Either will be good to see the capacity of the Sub Mini. Or, you could do this as an old-fashioned rattle test. That’s a test to find what in your room will rattle when a certain note hits. It’s A little boring just listening to low end sounds,, but if you’re a little analytical like me, it might be fascinating.

A Benefit That Sonos Has Over Other

manufacturers is that Sonos created their own ecosystem.. Sonos can utilize a dual core architecture to enrich its audio, so they can adjust and tune to their speakers. Like the Sub Mini. And because the Sonos architecture is designed to be updated and changed, there’s also room for future enhancements that you won’t get from a traditional subwoofer.

Sonos Will Also Adjust Just The Sub

in these crossover points for you.. It can do that because it adapts and knows the capabilities of the speaker. It’s connecting to and this is fine-tuned by utilizing Trueplay. After years of tweaking and setting up systems, it’s nice that someone else is doing the setup work.

Setup Is A Breeze As Well.

Once the Sub. is powered up and ready to go, open up your Sonos S2 app. IF the pop-up screen doesn’t appear showing you new pieces to add, just go into your settings and add your new devices there. IF your device doesn’t have UK capability or it fails to recognize it, there’s a small pin code on the bottom of the Sub Mini that you’ll have to just type in.

Once Youre Connected, The App Will

ask you which Sonos speaker you want to connect it to and you’re pretty much done. The Sub Mini will play with any S2 compatible speaker, including the Sonos Amp, but it won’t pair with the portable products like the Move or the Roam. You can pair it wirelessly with Ones and Fives, Rays or Beams and you’re ready to go. The Sub Mini specifically uses a 5 gigahertz UK connection for super low latency to connect. SO All you need is a power outlet and you’re ready to go.

The One Spec I Couldnt Find Is How

much weight the Sub Mini can take because someone is going to sit on it. When I asked Sonos for a weight limit, they said “do not encourage it to be used as a stool, footstool, or any other form of seating. ” I tested the Sub Mini out in two UK our showroom in Ardmore and at my home. I like to really put things through their paces. When I get my hands on them so I can help you make an informed decision and I try to figure out if I want to add it to my ever-growing collection of audio gear.

As I Said, I Use My Super Bass

Evaluation playlist that I’ve been curating for my videos since reviewing the UK subwoofers and used it to play around. At. Our Ardmore showroom, we have a Sono setup that has a BEam Gen 2 mounted above an ARc that is paired with a Sub. I connected the Sub Mini to the Beam Gen 2 and compared to how the ARc with a Sub played against the Beam with a Sub Mini. .

I Ran Trueplay On Both Systems

so they would be at their peak of performance and then I sat and listened. I grouped the systems so they could play in unison by muting the BEam and playing the ARc and vice versa. . I found that the Sub Mini took that low end burden from the Beam and let that beat drop further than if it was by itself. Those rolling bass.

Lines In The Clashs Uk Robber” Were Present

in the room rather than taking a back seat to everything else.. The ARc and the Sub showed that they are the premium product in the shoot off with the ARc creating a wider sound stage and the Sub output was just more. Sonos told me that the Sub’s volume and output is actually greater than two. Sub Minis.

You Can Also Toggle The Sub Or The

Sub Mini on and off through the settings page. So you can see how much deeper your system can be in real time. . It’s so easy to demonstrate what you’re missing with the press of a button. Just adding the Sub Mini, it filled out the dynamics you’re missing without it.


In My home, I tried it in two UK My kitchen and my office. also known as the Beat Laboratory. In the kitchen, I. had to know how well it worked with my UK Not an ordinary setup but any chance to add more to a music experience, I’ll try it.

It Worked Out Nicely, But It Was

promptly vetoed before I could set up the Trueplay. I believe I was told “there’s absolutely no need for that. ” I disagree because I spent a lot of time listening to music in my kitchen. So. Then I moved to the beat laboratory to explore what the Sub Mini can do.


There I have two UK Gen 2s set up as a stereo pair for when I don’t want to fire up my two channel system. The UK have a fair amount of bass with their three mid-woofers, so I really wanted to see how much more I could get out of the system by adding just the Sub Mini. After I added the Sub. Mini and I ran the Trueplay, I sat back and listened to a bunch of different tracks from My Super Bass playlist.

I Turned The Sub Mini On And Off

in the app because I really wanted to see how different it sounded. Tracks like Rage Against The Machine‘s UK or Queen’s UK Pressure” showcased how much can be added with a subwoofer. Their bass heavy tracks in the sense that they take the lead in the song and aren’t just thumping away like in UK UK It Is) for when you want to shake your derrière. The Sub Mini took the already impressive bass output of my UK and it filled my room to make it an immersive listening experience. .

I Say Fill The Room Because You Could

feel when it wasn’t there anymore; it just lacked that Oomph. My favorite part is I didn’t have to do much. to make it sound good. You’d be hard-pressed to find an easier to set up, user friendly, and high quality 2. 1 system for the money.

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You can still hook up a turntable to it. Adding. A subwoofer will allow your amplified Sonos speakers to focus on the high frequency and mid–range audio and the low end heavy lifting will be done by the Sub Mini.

I Really Hope That Sonos Allows

to set up two Sub Minis in the future, but currently that’s not in the cards. The more subwoofers you can have in a room, the more you’ll be able to remove low end nulls. But you’re in luck that with Sonos’ Trueplay, you’ll be able to use the tuning technology to optimize the bass for your room’s acoustics and wherever you find a place to put the Sub Mini. Just make sure it stays on its feet.


to be laid down flat like the Sub. We’ve waited a long time to have an affordable alternative to the Sonos Sub. With Sonos, you have the opportunity to go from a $1,100 full surround system all the way to their premium Atmos system for almost $3.

500 Without Having To Run A Single Speaker Wire.

A Beam Gen 2, 2 One UK and a Sub Mini is an awesome, compact Atmos package for a medium-sized room and a display with UK Or for a smaller space or an older UK without ARc, the Ray, 2 One UK and a Sub Mini for just a little less. But you can step up to the best with the ARc, 2 Fives, and 2 Subs.


The Sub Mini comes in the traditional Sonos colors of black and w. w. The subwoofers are priced at $749 . With an entry level price point, it’s an easy conversation to talk about adding the Sub Mini into one of your systems . Sub Mini is an entry-level subwoofer for Sonos, but the price point of the Sub didn’t make it easy to make that jump . It’s easy to see which color you have by the front being black or white, and there’s also a little color sample on every side, so you know you’ve picked the right one . The price is $499, but it’s not a very big box, as you can see here. It’s all that you need to get the sub Mini and the six foot power cord is easy to get it up and up to the subwowoofer and it’s a good thing to use. There’s also an eco-friendly packaging, and it comes with a…. Click here to read more and watch the full video