Arendal Sound 1723 Subwoofer 2V Review Dual 138 Drivers Makes It A True Bruiser


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What Would You Do If I Told You

you could get a subwoofer that has dual 13.8-inch drivers over 1200 watts Rms amplifier. It exceeds our extreme basaholic room size rating and it’s under three thousand dollars shipped that’s what we’re going to be talking about in today’s video Hey folks i’m gene delasallo with audioholics and I am happy to report we have another arundel sound review for you guys. This time it’s their flagship powered subwoofer. It’s a 1723 it’s a hard model number to remember, but the performance is something you’ll never forget 2v.

There You Go The 2V Subwoofer.

It retails for 28. 99 and if you want the premium finish options. It’s an extra 100 and that’s free shipping so that’s quite a deal for what we’re gonna about to show you so I want to show you a couple of pictures here and just. Go over James Larson’s review it’s on the editorial side audioholics.


I’ll put a link in the description below. Here’s what the subwoofer looks like and I basically want to show you both sides of it that it’s got dual opposing drivers and we’ll talk about what the purpose of that is so just to give you some background. It’s the um it’s their flagship subwoofer. It’s got two 13.

8-Inch Woofers And Theyre In Opposing Sides

of the cabinet 1200 watt Rms Class D amplifier slot ported and has an LCD screen controlled and it’s app controlled so it’s got a lot of features We’re going to get into so build quality wise. This thing is a beast it is. It is basically constructed of HDF, which is a more dense version that you’re used to with MDF with most speakers. It’s well braced. It’s built like a tank.

It Weighs Nearly As Much Thats.

According to James Larson, we got to get him working out. James claims it has a luxury class feel it’s a. He had the matte black finish and it’s really nice and satin black as well. Gloss finishes are only a hundred dollar up charge and it’s a these um basically he was talking about the sub has very capable long throw woofers.

Dual Opposing Driver Mounting Reduces The Majority Of

cabinet vibrations, and he basically set his drink on top of it and he cranked it up and it did not fall off or it did not cause any problems. Some amplifier features I want to tell you about it has dual RCa inputs. Dual XLR inputs and dual XLR outputs. The sub can be independently configured based on each input. For example, the sub can run in a totally different configuration based.

On Rca One Versus Xlr2 Thats

pretty cool so if you want to assign it different functions on your AvR. If you have multiple sub-outputs, you could have different presets already stored without having to mess with the DsP now if you do want to get into the nitty-gritty. It has a 7-band parametric equalizer. So you don’t need an outboard equalizer because you could adjust the frequency and q on the fly and it’s through the app which is really incredible. It’s extremely tweakable over every aspect of operation.

The Dsp Operates Can Work Over Sub-Groupings

as well as individual subs. So i guess he means you could daisy chain a bunch of these subs and then do the app control through the one very cool so according to James, they said it’s basically it was bulletproof in his testing you know most subs these days are. Being overdriven, but they can still make ugly noises whether it’s poor chuffing or woofer bottoming or or just high distortion in an amplifier. The 1723 Tv. On the other hand, cannot be pushed into making an ugly sound.

You Could Throw Any Signal You Want At

it keep and it keeps cool solid rock build quality and performance and you know one thing. I wanted to tell you about the arendelle is they offer free shipping on this product. A 10-year warranty 60-day return policy and one thing I really respect out of the brand. They include their own cea 2010 test data on their website frequency response graphs. We actually verified their cea 2010 data and we found our results were within two or three db of the numbers they reported and you know that’s really good because these tests vary a lot it depends on the microphone.

You Know It Depends On A

lot of factors. The the weather conditions of the day can affect the performance so to be within a two or three db window of what they reported is refreshing to me. It means the company stands behind their product. You know they have integrity in the performance of it. In the design um I noticed that all their speakers are thx rated but the subwoofer is not.

I Would Imagine They Probably Would Still Meet

or exceed the thx criteria. They probably didn’t pay the licensing fee on those subs because they wanted to keep the price really competitive with the online marketplace. So I want to show you the inside of this sub here really cool the dual opposing drivers like we were talking about before nice big motor structure. You know it’s a vented pole piece. This thing looks awesome it.

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Looks Like Its It Means Some Serious Business

So I want to share my screen and go over basically just James Larson‘s review because a lot of people they know about audioholics, but they don’t know about our Youtube. I mean they don’t know about our editorial site. So here we are basically um if you go on the audiohawks homepage right now if you scroll down a little bit it’s right here the written review now I’m not going to do elegance to James Larson’s effort here. He put a lot of effort into this review in measurements and just articulating the sound quality of it so I really recommend. It’s a great review for you guys to take a look at here’s the interface that you have with the subwoofer, so it has an on-screen display here here’s where you have your parametric eq and here’s how you.

Frequency Q And Gain Now If

you want to figure out the or calculate the the q of your filter. You basically find a problem in your room that you measure of course use an rew and and a calibrated microphone. Let’s say it’s 25 hertz. You then basically take that as your center frequency and you divide it by the bandwidth of the bump or usually the bump you don’t really want to eq the nulls too much you take the bandwidth of that and let’s say the bandwidth is 10 hertz. It goes from 15 to 35 hertz.

You Divide The Center Frequency By That Bandwidth

that’s your q that’s what you put in that center column there right there and then you adjust the gain of it. Whether you want to cut it 1. Db 3Db 10Db. You have all that flexibility and you can see here on. Their app basically showing you exactly what I just told you so here They had a 50 Hertz bump that they just basically put in here by adjusting the queue and the game and here’s on the on-screen display of how you can configure the subwoofer through your phone and again here’s that picture that I showed you of the dual opposing drivers and there’s just you know awesome quotes here.

The Rental Sub Conveys The On Spectacle As

well as subtlety and serenity, Serenity now serenity now for all you Seinfeld fans and the 1723 Tv added the foundation that doesn’t become apparent until you remove it. You know that speaks volumes that means that the subwoofer doesn’t draw attention to itself basically he’s saying that it’s not noisy it’s very tight. It’s very integrated into the system not boomy last chord here The 1723 Tv moved my sofa. If I had a transducer installed directly into the seat, you know about those butt kickers you could put under your seats. I’m not a huge fan of those I’d much rather have that tactile energy be naturally derived from the subwoofer not an artificial base shaker that you stick under your couch.

So That Means That This Bad Boy Has

a lot of output. Now. You can see James Larson took the subway for outdoors to do his ground plane measurements, and then when we take this data. We put it into charts and we determine we determine the room size rating so here’s the frequency response as you can see this thing is very well. Eq’d very linear, very flat out to 100 Hertz so it’s very easy for you to integrate this with smaller bookshelf speakers or if you want to have stereo subs up front with.

Your Mains Again Heres The Different High Pass

responses and here’s the cea 2010 data as I said before this is within a couple of db of what a rendel has posted on their website. So Kudos to them for being honest and and these numbers basically exceed our or they’re basically within a db or two of the minimum to receive our our certified extreme basalic rating. Here’s the long-term output sweeps very linear response distortion extremely low and this is just good stuff. Now here’s a graph that’s really important you get people that often say a subwoofer is slow or it’s boomy not too sure that’s accurate way of describing that yeah so basically. If a sub has too much overhang in the sound.

Its Usually Attributed To A Poor Group Delay

and you’d want to keep it below a cycle or cycle and a half and. can see here The blue curve is one cycle. The red curve is a cycle and a half usually when you have ported subs. They tend to go up beyond the cycle at below the tuning frequency and you can see here. This thing is well behaved.

Its Well Under One Cycle So

not detectable in terms of any kind of group delay or bad transient response. So the only downside of the subwoofer really is the size. I mean it’s. It’s a big heavy box, but it’s cool because it’s a narrow profile. Since the subwoofer drivers are on the sides of the cabinet.

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Its Not A Big Square.

It’s like a kind of a tall rectangle so a slim tall rectangle. So I think you guys should definitely take a look at the subwoofer It’s got a 60-day return policy which is very generous 10-year warranty is awesome. shipping and we have that all here yeah so that’s it. I hope you guys take a look at this brand.

Weve Been Very Impressed With Their Speakers That

we reviewed the 1723 MTM speaker about a month ago. We’re really impressed with this subwoofer. We think these guys make a really good speaker package very high performance very high value, very honest so I hope you liked this video please subscribe hit the thumbs up don’t forget about our Patreon channel at Patreon. com audioholics and until next time my friends keep listening.


The subwoofer has dual 13.&8-inch drivers over 1200 watts Rms amplifier . It retails for 28.&99 and if you want the premium finish options, it’s an extra 100 and that’s free shipping . The sub has an LCD screen controlled and it’s app controlled so it’s got a lot of features We’re going to get into so build quality wise.& This thing is a beast it is. It is basically constructed of HDF, which is a more dense version of the dense version that you’re used to with MDF with most speakers.& It’s built like a tank. It weighs nearly as much that’s.& According to James Larson, we got to get him working out. James claims it has a luxury class feel it’s a. The sub is very capable of long throw. We got to work out. It’s not just going to go to get it working out, but it’s not going to be easy to get…. Click here to read more and watch the full video