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Ugh Good Morning Guys And Welcome To

the show today We’re going to talk about the new JBl bass pro go What is it? What does it do well stay tuned and you’re going to find out. There is no product like this that I have ever seen what is it well. It is a subwoofer that mounts to a plate again nothing revolutionary there it’s got an amplifier built into it. It’s got a remote base knob which we’re going to show you if you’ll notice here how it’s it’s like floating above it it doesn’t float what it does is. It detaches and this is a portable bluetooth speaker so what’s in your car.

Its A Subwoofer When Its Outside Of

your car. It adds these two extra drivers here and it makes base let’s open it up take a look at it we’re gonna put it in. a car and we’re gonna see how it sounds when you first open it. You will find the metal bracket for it. This is it here.

It Has Handles On It.

You pull this and this is what releases it. This is gonna mount into the back of the car. The unit is going to lock into this and you just pull this and it will pop out The power is not attached into this. This is just the standard mount.

This Is The Unit Here.

We’re going to keep unboxing it and then we’ll come back and look at this inside the bag. We have the basic instruction manual that gives you what’s in the box how to pull the handle how to connect it via installation the base knob. How to read the led outputs on it. So we’ll keep this handy warranty packet two JBl stickers.

These Im Gonna Put Back In

the bag. We will keep the owner’s manual handy. Though it looks like we’re going to need it in the bottom. You’ll find this cardboard box inside of the cardboard box in the top of the box. You find some screws and then this bag here.

This Is Going To Be For

your high level input. This unit will do high level or low level input. Low level side it’ll do anywhere between 400 millivolts to 6 volts and on the high level side. It’ll take anywhere between one volt to 15 volts. The main harness is here it.

Has A Clip On One Side

with the JBl logo on top so you know which is top and which is bottom on the other end, It wires off into two different connections. On this end have a phone jack style connector and a set of RCas. They do have caps to cover them. Both. This is gonna be for your base knob.

This Will Be For Your Signal Input When

doing your high level input. Your speaker wires screw into these two holes and then it plugs in here. Like this on this end you have your remote turn on now. This is capable of doing the 12 volt remote trigger as well as DC offset and signal sense. There is a switch on the unit that will show you.

It Has A 15 Amp Fuse

built into it for power and ground. These are both a 10 gauge. wire comes with an extra fuse in the base knob itself. You have adequate length for the base knob to be mounted in the trunk and ran up front to your dash does come with two screws. Base now has a green power light on it and is a standard you know spinny style base knob We’ll start with the top of the unit.

There Is A Control Panel Thats Made

out of a nice rubber and depending on whether this is being a portable unit or built into the car. This is where all the setup is gonna be done looking closer at it. There is the JBl connect icon right here next is your volume down followed by volume up on the other end play pause power and bluetooth connect as well as these six leds here Crossovers input sensitivity phase bass boost battery life rotating the unit. onto the back, it has a rubber panel mounted over it that can be snapped into place by pressing. This unit is also IPx5 rated in its portable state flipping open the door.

You Have A Usb Here For Charge,

meaning when you have your phone and you’re out about having lots of fun. You can plug into this. It has 8 hours of play time. The battery inside is a nickel metal hydride 10. 8 volt 3 000 milliamp battery and it’s a UsB 2.

0 Charge So Its A 5 Volt At

2.1 amp auto turn on is selected here for when you’re connecting it into the car as 12 volts DC offset or audio. The main harness will plug in here and it does give you a breakout of each one of the colors of the wiring here gain control 2 volt 4 volt or 6 volt as well. As a micro UsB input for service closing that back up and rotating it over to the bottom. The bottom has this rubber mat on it so when it is connected to the mounting bracket.

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You Dont Get Vibration.

It’s a nice solid mount and you’re not going to hear any buzzing or rattling or anything like that pull these out and you’ll be able to lift up the unit. The unit does have a handle here above the back plate to carry it so you can stick your hand inside pretty far and carry it around. On the end you’ll find one passive radiator flip it around and you’ll find another one on the other side how this works it makes sound we can see through the grille. There’s two small high pass speakers that are shut off when it’s in subwoofer mode, while it’s in your car acting.

As A Subwoofer.

This is the only speaker that plays once turned into the portable bluetooth mode. Then they all start to play using the JBl connect. It does have some really cool features for one. You can pair up to three phones to this device for the social mode basically what it is is each one of you can pair and play whatever song you want.

You Can Also Pair Two Of

these together so if you have one and your friend has one and you’re sitting at the beach. You know you could create a cool little scenario where it’s like hey we have a left. We have a right or we have a front. We have a back anyways. You could be the loudest guy in the beach because you got two of these and each one of you can be playing whatever song you want from off your phone power wise.

When Connected Is Subwoofer Mode.

It’s 100 watts RMs with 200 watts max power. It has a frequency response when fully playing from 40 hertz to 20 000 Hertz. The low pass filter is adjustable between 80 100 and 120 and a bass boost between 0 and plus 6 db at 45 Hertz. So this thing can really get down when installing a unit like this in your car, it is very important to mount that bottom plate as firmly into the car as possible attach it to the metal of the car.

If You Can But It Needs To Be

mounted to something rigid that is connected to the car. For this example, we will not be doing that I apologize for two reasons one. You don’t want it to fly around and become a projectile bad idea and two. When it’s attached to the car, you will get a better base response out of it because it is coupling with the car. We’re gonna be putting it in the lab, which is Fernando’s G35.

In The Back Of This We Have

a full test bench with amplifiers, DsPs, power harnesses and all that other fun stuff. This will work wonderful in something in an suv where this will be sitting in the cab of the car, meaning it’s not in the trunk or something like that we will be folding down the seats to replicate an environment like that so we can get the full effect of the driver hop it into the car and let’s do the setup. With those leds on top first thing we want to do is enter sound mode to set up the input level gained low pass crossover phase control and bass boost press and hold the JBl connect button, which is the two triangles and the bluetooth button for five seconds to enter the setting mode. The power button will illuminate in yellow and alert will sound. When setting mode is active press.

The Jbl Connect Button To Toggle Between Settings

that was kind of cool. The first setting input level docked in vehicle only is dark blue gain docked in vehicles Green crossover docked in vehicles red and phase docked in vehicle is teal bass boost is orange so on the top of the unit. Blue light is on you have high level or low level as your option high level the one little illuminated light will be here press volume. up and now it is set for low level if you go one back you’ll notice there’s three lit up. This is for high level speaker outputs if no playback meaning that you needed a little bit more gain press.

The Jbl Connect Button Toggle Through

to green which is gain. According to instructions, you have to know what you just set up for line level or high level. If you set it up for line level. You’re either going to have 0 to 2 volts 0. 8 to 4 volts or 1.

2 To 6 Volts.

If you set it up for a high level. You have 1. 1 volt to 5 volts, 2 volts to 10 volts or 3 volts to 8 volts.

Our Particular Radio Has A 4

volt output so we want the one led illuminated. It does time out frequently to get back press and hold and it’ll. go right back to where it left off that should be set hit the JBl connect button that takes us to red, which is the crossover point one led is 60, three leds is eighty and all the leds is a hundred and twenty. We want eighty We’ll press our volume up that’s set there hit the JBl connect button Phase three leds on right or three leds on left if you tap it it’ll flip between the two zero db is set where the three leds closest to your setting light is on face boost is orange you have one three or five leds lit up right now it’s set up for three, which is the middle point.

You Can Go All The Way Up Or

you can go all the way down. We’ll stick with the middle point if we keep hitting the JBl connect button it’ll just. Keep cycling through but we’re done for now We’ll just leave it alone and it will time out with the unit now set up for car mode. We can hop into the car and listen to the way it sounds and check out the bass response.

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Fernando Give Me Your Honest Opinion

dude that’s impressive like you’re not gonna believe me or you’re not gonna believe what we say because in the end of the day you have to hear it like seriously you have to hear it all right. I want to pray for the first time the first time there you go so the first time when bill bring him I’m like nah. I i’m not I’m not feeling it I’m not feeling it honestly I’m like.


JBl bass pro go is a subwoofer that mounts to a plate . It’s got a remote base knob which we’re going to show you if you’ll notice here how it’s it’s like floating above it it doesn’t float what it does is.& It detaches and this is a portable bluetooth speaker so what’s in your car.& The unit is going to lock into this and you just pull this and it will pop out The power is not attached into this.& This unit will do high level or low level input.& Low level side it’ll do anywhere between 400 millivolts to 6 volts and on the high level side. It’ll take anywhere between one volt to 15 volts.& We’ll keep this handy warranty packet two JBl stickers.& These i’m gonna put back in the bag here. We will keep the owner’s manual handy.& Though it looks like we’re not going to need it in the bottom of the bottom….. Click here to read more and watch the full video