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Oh Right Guys Uk Here Once Again And

today we got the UK boxer subwoofer cable and they call it a low frequency audio interconnect Now This is join me my search for the perfect subwoofer cable so to speak a subwoofer cable should offer a few things high performance and it should still look good so aesthetic qualities you know appearance.-wise it should look nice but you know a lot of people aren’t necessarily having their subwoofer cable out in view so doesn’t have to look nice most of all it just has to perform well but in terms of performance. The subwoofer cable should do a few things one it should definitely transfer the low-frequency signal down to like you know five Hertz let’s say so in case you get a subwoofer that’s capable of doing that at any point in life which you probably won’t you least. able to handle it it should do something else to the subwoofer cable should definitely not pick up interference and buy interference. What I mean is about eight years ago before I ever got married.

I Remember First Meeting My Wife

and moving into her so-called upper-end East Side apartment type deal on the river and well. Unfortunately, it was a very nice apartment, but it was close to a radio station and I didn’t know this at the time and I plugged my good old equipment in a subwoofer. I believe I had like a crappy UK subwoofer at the time right wasn’t the sub. Though the cable I was using a cheap subwoofer cable right now, but I believe in acoustic research cable I can show you it over there I still got it but it’s actually one the most common used subwoofer cables for the past like. It’s available at all the big box stores or at least was years ago, and it’s a blue long cable with like rubber type insulation looks a little something like this acoustic research.

You Know This Almost Looks Like

a digital interconnect like a coaxial digital cable digital coax cable, which believe it or not. Sometimes you can use the same cables to do so, but the problem with the subwoofer cables are they need to be long but anyway plug this guy in back in the day and what do I know I’m hearing not sixth-year hum not hiss not buzzing. I’m hearing a radio station play through my subwoofer and it was extremely annoying. I couldn’t stand it so it set me on the path to look for the perfect subwoofer cable while subwoofer cables can get expensive. I ended up choosing this cable right here from UK.

Its Currently Powering My Validating Subwoofer

right now but yeah! It’s called the sub-1 cable fromNK] now Was the first subwoofer cable I’d ever had or acquired that had a grounding cable on it extremely useful but in situations where I was living near a radio station and there was a radio frequency interference. It stopped the problem no more radio station playing through the subwoofer so everything worked out just fine. I found my perfect subwoofer cable and life can go on as it normally did now. I can tell you one thing. I don’t even need to ground the sky up to get any interference.

But Fortunately, I Dont Live Live Near

a radio station at this time. While the the UK sub-1 subwoofer cable was working out perfectly. It is unfortunately, no longer available when you look at audio quests current line up you’re gonna. See a little bit of something that looks like this It’s gonna start with the black lab that’s your cheapest entry-level UK subwoofer interconnector cable right They all got grounding on them so they’re all pretty nice. I’ve had a chance to see and hear all these next up the line a little bit more expensive is the Irish red so let me start by saying the Irish red is the first one that actually has solid 0.


I know that’s not a lot, but 0. 5 percent silver-plated copper conductors in it. The black lab has solid long-grain copper conductors with a foamed polyethylene insulation. Now the boxer cable which brings us to this one is one line down from the husky the house key being their most expensive offered.

Its Got That 72 Volt Electric By A

system under Burton I died like goodbye a system or something and solid 5 percent so we’re plated copper conductors polyethylene air tube insulation now well that’s a nice cable that’s got an UK balanced connection on it. Then we Don’t need anything like that that’s a little bit too expensive. I ended up landing on the boxer cable solid 1. 25% so were plated copper conductors polyethylene air tube insulation. It has proven to be one of the most effective subwoofer cables I’ve ever owned beyond my sub one cable over there.

Pelling About Powering The Vela Dine And I

would give you a little synopsis ominous. The box would read originated in Germany in the late 19th century and was brought to the UK after World War one Today Boxers are a part of the a Casey’s world working dog group Don’t be fooled. by that worried look on the boxers face, though boxes are known for their fun-loving genial and at times downright clown-like demeanor as well as the remarkable rapport with children. However, boxers are equally known for courage in the face of danger or a threat to family or loved ones. The boxers and Nate intelligence combined with its natural strength of stature make it a breathed beloved by many so we’ve gone through the lines of cables that UK offers for their supper cables black lab Irish red boxer and husky believe it or not.

I Know For A Fact That

this is actually one of the UK workers or employees. Dog that kind of roams around the headquarters at times, but yeah! This is actually a real dog that an owner of an employee ofNK] has and did this image off of so he’s a real doc but the perfect subwoofer. Cable I’d have to say now the price point varies for everyone depending on availability how new this was this. This cable came out about two years ago. They just upgraded the line from their sub one and you know class cables.

But This Has Proved To Be A

pretty effective cable as we talked about before solid one point two five percent silver conductorsNK] air tube insulation. I think that’s the part guys that’s really helping with the interference problems and then double balanced geometry. So you do have a grounding end on each end of the cable. You be able to grounded either to your receiver or. receiver or amplifier and the other end to your subwoofer that’s the one thing that really helps and not picking up interference But another problem can also be Hiss or Hum or sixty rat hum that can be you know an issue of distortion that is hard to fix.

Its The Other Problem Caused By

the amplifier or another issue that you know happens to deal with your UK power and well sometimes picking up an UK line conditioner or power surge protector type deal can fix that it’s not always gonna do the trick a lot of times that 60-yard Hum is caused by preamp feedback. I know particularly for my setup if I plug in my para sound preamp and have it also on the same outlet even with that surge protector as another integrated amplifier with a preamp inside it another power amplifier another receiver with a preamp inside of it mind you we’re gonna pick up distortion or feedback from that preamp. So a lot of preamps in one set up around one outlet type deal or particularly one panel. You know one breaker switch is gonna cause that too so check your setup if you got multiple things plugged into it before that, but I’d have to land on the box or cable as being my perfect number one choice for a symbol for cable now let me just quickly explain before I conclude this video. It is a three meter ten foot cable, so it’s probably the perfect length for my setup.

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However, Its Not Gonna Work And Everybody Said

if they do offer different size is probably down from one meter up to ten. Probably I’d have to check on that but it’s proven to be a pretty effective subwoofer cable in all aspects, so yeah it looks like they offer up to a twenty meters. You can see here down to a point six some a little conversion chart there but it’s proven to be a pretty effective subwoofer cable. No let’s have a look at the actual cable while mind you. My UK subwoofer normally lies itself in its final resting point under that table.

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Ive Got It Out Here Because I Was

doing some testing. The one thing I was testing or comparing things to was an audio I’m sorry Amazonbasics Subwoofer cable very very very cheap. One of the cheapest ones. I’ve ever seen I think I. picked it up for under two bucks right as an add-on item on Amazon, comparing that particularly subwoofer cable mind you and the acoustic research one We just looked at This one also the sub-one cable from question, particularly the boxer outdid them in several different ways.

The Acoustic Research One Had Interference Again

not a radio station necessarily playing here but buzzer hiss or hum just a little bit of distortion in that woofer If you put your hand up to the woofer, you could actually feel some vibrations going on in the voice coil a little bit but this subwoofer cable and here it is up close and personal. The boxer has proven to be with the best one I’ve ever had why well it’s a little bit expensive. It’s not cheap I’m not gonna lie to you. It was under 200 bucks though and I think. The type of deal where it’s peace of mind you buy this subwoofer cable you plug it in and you’re gonna know for years to come that you don’t need to buy another cable.

It Looks Nice.

In fact, I even bought it because I was using all UK chocolate UK cables at the time and there were these brown colors. So I thought everything would look nice and pleasing with the brown color. It’s also grounded a very long grounding cord by the way-but I’ve never even need to utilize the grounding here Now it is best when you buy somewhere for cable that has this to actually do it and I’m gonna do that in my finalized setup. But this has proven to be one of the best subwoofer cables I’ve ever used in life and particularly by its sickening a sonic signatures now each subwoofer.

Subwoofer Cable Is Gonna Pass A Signal

through a low-frequency effect, but it’s how that sound exactly hits your ears and how it exactly well in bass terms feels now this cable compared to the Amazon basics or let’s say the acoustic research one on the case here compared in a few different ways. I had the girlfriend stayin in the room with me and we did a comparison on this UK subwoofer which by the way is lessening year old and has been broken into perfect or been breaking in perfectly a very subtle low frequencies. You know and not a lot of volume and whatnot and after testing and after her sitting here somewhat blindfolded not literally I cycled through the cables one being the amazonbasics Subwoofer cable very long. I believe it was a 25 feet if I’m not mistaken.


A subwoofer cable should transfer the low-frequency signal down to like you know five Hertz let’s say so in case it’s capable of doing that at any point in life which you probably won’t you least . Subwoofer cables should transfer signals down to 5 Hertz and should not pick up interference and buy interference . The UK box-type cable is a low frequency audio interconnect and is a blue long cable with like rubber type insulation looks a little something like this acoustic research cable . It’s available at all the big box stores or at least was years ago, and it’s a blue-long cable . Sometimes you can use the same cables to do so, but the problem wit wit wit the problem is that the problem with the cables is that they don’t have to look nice but you know a lot of people aren’t necessarily having their subwoiner cable out in view so doesn’t have it out in front of the camera. It’s a digital interconnect ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video