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Hey Bartley Munch, Im Random Psy And The

reason we’re in my car today is because we’re going to be installing a 12-inch kicker set. If you guys don’t know anything about subs. It’s basically just an extra speaker. You add your sound system to add more bass the reason I’m going to be going with this brand new kicker sub is because they made it specifically for cars like mine and trucks and stuff like that that have limited trunk space. My car is already a sports car so I barely have a trunk already but then the convertible top takes even more away from it.

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So This Is The Perfect Sub For

my car. I’m also going to be going with a kicker 400 watt amp, but my sub can handle up to 500. now the perk of getting a less powerful amp is that you can never. Your sub which is more likely to blow than an amp. I’m also going to be getting it professionally installed by the guys at creative car audio.

This Is Just Because I Dont

really know how to do it and I I like to have things professionally installed, so there’s no like problems or anything now. The reason I’m getting a sub is frankly just because I want more bass my car already has a decent subnet already I’ll play it for you guys real quick now I’m going to be playing this on volume 20. that’s like the max volume I’ve ever go and that’s like only halfway. This is just a bass test on Youtube not bad and this guy has 81 million views. Dang I might have to make one of those videos so it already comes with a pretty decent speaker.

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I Just Want More For No Reason

All this name brand kicker stuff and being professionally installed Does come with a price so I’m hoping that the price is worth it. I think it will be let me try gatorade. I’m just going to try a couple of other videos kind of rethinking everything right now. I’m kind of getting nervous. I hope it’s I hope I can hear a difference anyway yeah let’s go get this bad boy installed hey so we have them installed it’s actually been a month after I got them installed it didn’t actually take that long.

It Only Took About An Hour

or two. They’re pretty quick about it there at creative car audio so I’m here at a parking garage in Springfield just to get away from everybody so I could really let these subs rip and not have to worry about any. Noise complaints from my neighbors or anything literally as I said that sirens started there might be quite a few sirens because we’re in downtown it’s it’s snowing could be a few accidents Yeah anyway let’s just let her play same as we did before state farm so we’re gonna be running at 20 volume the same volume that we were with the original speakers. It’s kind of going to be hard for you guys at home to tell unless you have a good sound system to listen to this video on or if you listen to like some air pods that actually have you know good bass because if you just listen with your phone it’s gonna sound the same. The real main difference you’ll see is that everything’s like kind of shaking more in my car not maxed out all the way just so yeah huge huge difference.

I Said Before That I Was Nervous

that I wasn’t gonna notice that big of a difference, but it is a complete game changer Now You guys might have noticed there’s a little bit more rattle and I mean that’s just from the trunk in my roof. You’re always going to have trunk rattle just because you know the added vibration makes everything vibrate but yeah it sounds amazing. I definitely definitely recommend you don’t always have to go with the most expensive option like I got I had to go with the most expensive option just because of my trunk space situation. My friend Jackson, who is in this video actually has enough space in his suv to fit two 12-inch subwoofers so I’ll play a clip of his real quick but with my scenario and what I had to deal with. I believe that my setup is the best possible one that you can have so It comes with the kicker 12 inch sub.

I Also Have The Kicker Amplifier And A

kicker wiring system and with that kicker amp. I got this bluetooth knob. The reason it was so expensive was because I had all the name brand things which again you don’t have to get but that’s just what I went with cool thing about this little remote so the main one you’re gonna be on this gain is the volume knob for the bass and then I don’t know what shock or phase means. He just said not to worry about it because they tuned it for me and then the clip light down here so if I’m pushing it too hard and on my max then the clip button will come on and basically what that means it. tells me to turn it down because it may cause harm towards my subwoofer so that’s nice that I have a safety light so I’m not just blowing it so of course after I got them installed.

I Picked Up All My Friends

so they could hear it so yeah here’s their reactions. I think I’m asleep Don’t pretend you’re just be funny our neighbor Just called I got my first noise complaint guys We know hello oh. I’m down here on silence card checking out his new sub that he got. I thought I heard somebody bumping dude that’s way clean bro could you guys hear isn’t that sick all right I’ll see you guys what a guy I know you want to hear the song dude Yeah. This is the song.

It Was Fun Sams Final Thoughts Okay

what would you rate it out of 10. I have. No idea what I’m talking about and my super low expectations going into everything probably nine dude Yeah like I said before I’m definitely happy with my purchase. I recommend getting a sub to anyone who wants to start bumping and sound cool whenever you’re at a stoplight. I also definitely recommend the kicker setup that I have to anyone who has the same problem as me with the trunk space situation just because it’s a little box doesn’t mean it doesn’t bump it’s definitely still hits hard and it is loud okay.

Dont Underestimate It.

It is loud if you want to see any more videos from me make sure you hit the subscribe button if you want to follow me on any other social media. I’m at random sign every platform Tick tock Snapchat instagram twitter literally everything and always remember to stay random UK no broke um.


Bartley Munch is going to install a 12-inch kicker sub in his car . The sub is designed for cars with limited trunk space . Bartley says he’s getting a sub because he wants more bass . He’s also going with a 400-watt amp, but his sub can handle up to 500 watts . He says he hopes it will be let me try gatorade, but it’s been a month since he got the sub installed and he’s not sure if it’s worth the price of the kick-boosted amp he wants to hear a difference anyway. Bartley: “I just want more for no reason. All this name brand kicker stuff and being professionally installed Does come with a price so I’m hoping that the price is worth it. I’m just going to try a couple of other videos kind of rethinking everything right now.& I’m kind of getting nervous. It’s actually been a week after I got them installed. I hope it’s…. Click here to read more and watch the full video