Beats Upgrade Installing a 150 Powered 10 Subwoofer in my 1000hp Scatpack Rockville RW10CA


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so it’s no secret that I’ve always been a little bit disappointed in the sound audio quality of my scat pack here so it is equipped with the dre dre beats audio sound system that comes with that horrible subwoofer In the back. I didn’t realize quite how bad it was until my wife got a challenger that had the Harman Kardon and yeah it just sounded so much better than my car it just it ever since I got her car. I’ve been disappointed in the in the in the audio of mine and it’s mostly in the base. It’s kind of everything but the base would mostly cover it it just doesn’t quite have enough now. Of course the Harman Kardon is now available on some of the newer model scat packs so some of you probably have it out there.

And I Know The You Can Just

put the speaker the subwoofer in the back of these cars, but that speaker subwoofer setup is super expensive and it’s pretty complicated to put in it’s not like a plug and play Since it didn’t come for this car so it’s a pretty expensive option. It’s probably the best option if you want like a factory setup expensive. Nonetheless, so what we’re going to be doing is today is installing this Rockville 800 watt amp and subwoofer combo. So this comes with a 10-inch low profile active subwoofer so for the amp wiring kit and the sub itself. I think it’s about 130 bucks.

Ill Put It Up On The Screen.

I don’t remember exactly but I got it all on amazon and um it should be a pretty easy to install on this car since all the stuff is in. the back the battery and everything that we’re gonna need and there’s a sub for sound, but let’s unbox this and check it out. Okay first thing we got here is looks like mounting feet so this thing let me show you the subwoofer here. It’s very small.

Its Designed To Be To Go Like

behind a seat or under a seat or it can go really anywhere. It’s just very small and compact let’s get it out here and it does have a little external controller to adjust the base which we will be installing as well. So here it is in all its glory, so it is decently heavy. I’ll put it on a scale in a moment here, but it it’s it’s heavy it feels quality. I mean it is like a little like kind of a cheap thing, but it feels better quality than you would.

Expect For The Price Point Not

sure how good it’ll sound, but it will sound better than what I have now. I’m almost certain of and that is the goal So here is the remote for the little adjuster so you can adjust the base from the cockpit. I’m not sure if I’ll install that inside or just put it in the back somewhere where I can adjust it but it’s because I’m going to be using the same output as the subwoofer, so I’ll be able to control this like I do the factory subwoofer assuming everything works right and should so so UK UK okay here we are in the back of my scat pack and I don’t know what this was for the goal is to put it right here um yeah This it’ll obviously be somewhat muffled by this, but it if I get it right. Here and it looks like it’ll fit just fine um you could actually probably even put two of them in here If you wanted to but um it will fit just fine right here. I mean I can tell by the dimensions let me go grab it and before we do that as promised.

I Will Get A Weight On

it because as I said it is pretty hefty. You will be impressed. Maybe so there you go 12 pounds 4. 3 ounces so it’s a it’s it’s hefty it’s not like it’s not like a super light cheap thing it’s feels beefy so the plan is just gonna be to mount it like pretty much like this. I think that looks about right.

Im Not Sure What Orientation Ill

go with, but I think that’ll probably depend on the wiring and then to affix it in here I can use. These little pads, which somehow are used to bolt it against something. I’ll figure that out in a second but this is where it’s going to go so um let me probably start by getting this off. I can figure out how to do all that doesn’t look all that hard there’s some screws here just need just need to get to the back here and get to the wires for this factory subwoofer so I can tap them into this and as far as the power wires. I have this 10 gauge amp amplifier wiring kit that came with it.

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Its Gonna Be Obviously Overkill Given That

I’m going like two feet if that but nonetheless I got it it’ll give me some extra wire um all good so I’m going to take a look at the instructions and start getting this off and for the subwoofer it’s. Like it’s just this one screw here and the whole thing comes out okay so there’s a harness. Four wires disconnect this and here is our beats subwoofer super easy to take out just one screw for comparison. ‘s sake let’s see what this thing weighs so there you have it nine pounds 9. 6 ounces so um This is very light and kind of cheap not very good but I’m leaving this in there I’m not taking this out and the actual speaker in.

There Is Actually If You Look

closely it’s much smaller than the size would even imply you would assume this is like a big 10 or something like that but you can tell the actual speaker in there is is tiny okay now that we got our old subwoofer out which will be coming back in and be fully hooked up. I’m not only running one side. I’m gonna run two This is gonna be a dish. In addition to the other sub. We can check out our high power amp kit.

Its Gonna Come With A Bunch

of stuff. I don’t need but let’s take a look got some wire wrap in here we got the connectors to hook up to the battery. Some rubber grommets isolators zip ties that kind of stuff all the hardware so you’re gonna have to crimp all this stuff yourself obviously and here’s the goods. This is obviously the RCa cables and that’s if you have like a real stereo that has RCa outputs like a sub output. This is what you would use and then here is a little short wire.

This Is Probably Supposed To Be Used For

your amp turn on wire yep that is the remote turn on cable. So this blue one is the remote. turn on! I hope I think it can get its power from the speakers and turn on the amp on and off um if not there’s another I’m sure there’s something back here that I can use as a 12 volt on power source and this is what you really get the kit for this flimsy amp wire. What is this supposed to be 10 gauge yeah 10 gauge, So it’s extremely flexible that’s one thing. I will say about this is this is would be.

This Would Be A A Breeze

to run through your car. It’s small and flexible luckily. I’m not going far but so I got that we will need that little ground wire and ground that somewhere easy back here maybe to the battery and then last but not least the speaker wire so let’s get this going so now crimped this connector and just. pulled the fuse out just in fy the fuse in this thing was so cheap that um it barely pulled out and it kind of bent like this actually came out of the little plastic sleeve, So if it blows. I know it’s probably not going to be rated at 40 amps anymore, because the little resistor wire thing whatever it’s called is what’s back so I’m just going a short distance from here to here.

Ill Get A Little Extra Probably

like that little cutter right about right here so I guess I don’t need a connector on this side. Just just this guy so let’s hook her up that looks good over there get you a close-up look now let’s do our negative or ground and for this ground. I think I’m going to use the um the same factory grounding location that dodge uses get you a. At it here that bolt right there okay. I realized it was easier if I just went to this top portion right here so that’s what I’m gonna do okay so from what I gathered I found a forum post from I think charger forums or something like that.

Ill Put A Shout Out To

the to the guy, but he’s doing basically the same thing I’m doing but with much better stuff. You did much did what I’m doing with much better stuff but anyway it seems like . Those are just two two line outs. The the the beat subwoofer is completely unpowered. So those wires should work.

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I Just Have To Find The Corresponding

wires that go with for the line in output. So this has four wires two positive two negative and a random black wire Yeah I’m gonna have to figure out. What that is? Oh that’s funny okay. The black wire is just the ground that’s what that random black wire is from okay, so I’ve created my connector and let me show you what we got so on this side. This is the part that hooks up to this little rockville thing.

I Used These Posi Tap Connectors And

I I tried to just fold them over and get the blade through for for this end because I don’t have the butt connector style so this will go to the ground right here on this guy and these this harness will plug in so let’s just plug it all in and then then go first. I’m just going to go with the existing ground that’s here because I don’t know why this needs a separate ground, but I’m going to just pop it in with this guy now this will. be able to plug in here all right got all four wires hooked up now I’m gonna turn it on again and see if we get some action UK UK this thing is banging UK hooking up the remote. Oh okay now it’s on the minimum UK I’m pretty sure when you have this thing disconnected it just goes to Max.

Im Pretty And I Think I

can control it since it’s on the sub output. I can control through the stereo so I’m going to try that first before I clutter up with that UK I gotta say it sounds really really good. I hate like I’m not really one to exaggerate too much, but it sounds way better than you would think it does way better okay so now I’m going to work on the mounting portion, which I probably should have done before I hooked up all.


The Rockville 800 watt amp and subwoofer combo is an easy way to install on your scat pack . It’s designed to be to go behind a seat or under a seat, or it can go really anywhere . The Harman Kardon is now available on some of the newer model scat packs so some of you probably have it out there. It’s probably the best option if you want like a factory setup expensive. Nonetheless, so what we’re going to be doing is today is installing this Rockville . It should be a pretty easy to . install on this car since all the stuff is in the . back the battery and everything that we’re gonna need and there’s a sub for sound, but let’s unbox this and check it out. It does have a little external controller to adjust it out here and it’s just very small and compact let’s get it out of the box. We’ll show you how easy to install it here again and it should be…. Click here to read more and watch the full video