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This Is The Only Review Youre Ever Going To

need of the mini-rig speakers, a portable bluetooth and wired speaker that is made by Djs4 Djs and there’s very few of these out there now. I have been using these for the last couple of months as you can tell I’ve gone completely native we’re on the road. I’ve not been in the office for two months, but I have been live streaming. I’ve been Djing. I’ve been doing my stuff out in the open air using these mini-rig speakers.

In Fact, Ive Been Using Three Of Them

for a full 2.1 system now at home. I use Dj monitors and what has surprised me the most about these is how close they get to using real hifi Dj monitors, so I want to talk to you about that in today’s review here on digital Dj tips if. You find this useful please do join digital Dj Tips use the links to become the latest free member of our Dj training community, but if you want to have more videos like this, you can also subscribe hit click subscribe underneath, so let’s talk about the speakers they are a boutique company. They are a Bristol Uk based company who have been making these speakers for quite a number of years.

Now I Had The Very First One Which

didn’t even have bluetooth on it, but they’ve developed and this is actually the mini rig 3 that I’ve got in this case. Here. One of the nice things about these speakers is they come in a case, so it’s actually made of hemp apparently so it’s all kind of all kind of eco-friendly. This is one of the speakers and they have a set of screws You can see. Four little padded feet on the bottom and there’s four of these screws that go all the way through the speaker which end up at the bottom.

There The Speaker Itself Points Upwards So

you can put this down like this, but also you can put it in any other location that you want. I’ve had them kind of jammed into things sideways and so on. They have a solid metal grille on the top and they have three little sockets here. The two up and down are input sockets for the line input which I’ll talk to you about in a bit. The one in the middle is a proprietary socket for the provided charging cable.

This Is The Charging Cable.

It’s actually a piggyback cable. So one end plugs into here to charge the speaker and the other end is where you plug in to your source, but also then you can plug something else in as well. So you can charge your phone directly from the speaker. Using this so it’s a kind of nice dual purpose cable there and that comes with the speaker.

So Youre Going To Get A

line-in cable. I’ll show you that in a minute and you’re going to get a charging cable along with the case. It all comes in a nice a cardboard case which I obviously didn’t bring on the road with me. These are really really well made speakers. They aren’t proof doesn’t you can get water and dust in the top and so on so some speakers nowadays I know you can throw them in your swimming pool.

Theyre Not Like That, But They Are

very very well made They’re definitely splash resistant. They have one button at the top here, which is what you use to turn them on and off and also you double tap treble tap and do all kinds of long hold and short hold on that one button to get the speaker to do what you want it to do. They do need you to read the instruction manual because they’re a technical device. They’re not designed for anyone to just get all the use out of them without understanding how they work as in any piece of professional gear. You got to figure out how it works you’ve got to read the manual, but when you have you’ll realize that everything’s been thought through really well.

So They Are A 2.

1 system. So if you buy the full 2. 1 system there’s the second. One that’s the two your left and right I’ll talk to you about how you configure these in a minute, But this is the 0.

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This is the base speaker. Now the base speaker is interesting because this actually is always wired. You have to wire this into your one of your other two. Now bases is is notoriously um omnidirectional.

You Dont Need Two Base Speakers.

Although you could have two one is fine. So it doesn’t matter which of the other two speakers you plug it into, but you do need to plug it into one of them. So the base speaker is where you’re going to be using one of your wired cables again. It comes with a wired cable and it comes with a charging cable.

Just Like Ive Shown You For The

other speaker, so what you’re going to do to use the base speaker. And I’ll pull it out but you don’t actually have to I’ll pull it out you’ll see it’s the same kind of configuration here It’s got the same single button here No bluetooth on this as I say it has to be wired so you’re going to plug this into here and then you’re going to plug that into one of your other speakers to get the base to work on there um and so it’s a lot simpler than the others basically, but it let’s just talk now about that about about the subwoofer and what it sounds like it sounds absolutely awesome. You plug this in and it just especially if you put it on the floor. I found that setting these up having these ones kind of near to your head and this one on the floor next to you just gives you that thump and that’s. When you start to think these are sounding just like my studio speakers at home but the beauty about it is you don’t have to plug it in so if you just want to use one of these for auditioning music or quickly listening to stuff You don’t have to plug that in at all.

Ill Talk To You A Bit About

modularity a little bit more about modularity in a little while so that’s the base speaker so you can set these up as a you know literally one speaker. You could set this one up with the second one and then have stereo a stereo pair. You could add this and have a 2. 1 pair. You can even then keep adding more of these so in kind of party mode like is that is all the rage with this kind of speaker if you look at other brands.

As Well So Theyve Got That Party Mode

as well with these so lots and lots of ways of setting these up The modular thing is kind of a feature of this. Whether you like that or not depends upon whether you just want one speaker to plug in and forget or whether you like the idea of having a few cables a bit of setting up but then having it exactly how you want it So um let’s talk about how you get these to do what you want them to do because i’ve just shown you you know this is the main speaker. The mini rig mini three it’s got nothing on it so how do you control it well two ways you’ve got the button here now the button it glows to start with to tell you how the battery is doing and there’s a set of. colors it goes through the battery lasts They say up to 100 hours. I’d say like seven to ten hours.

If Youre Using It At Normal

um normal levels. You know 100 hours is very very quiet but the battery is great. They last. They last a long time so no no complaints about the battery so that’s how you know how the battery is doing by the the color if you tap this button Once it goes into what’s called high gain mode you tap it again it goes into low gain mode. Low gain mode keeps all the speakers quiet, but it means you get better audio quality high gain mode makes them loud and they go really really loud but at a certain expense of some audio quality and they it will glow brighter or dimmer depending upon which mode you’ve got set so you know that.

That Is Thats Where Youve Got It Set

without you know we’re having to mess with the volume there’s no volume control on this so the volume is the volume you put into it from your mixer or your controller or indeed your phone. If you’re using it for Bluetooth and this has a number of taps so um from memory. You tap it once to do that high gain low gain thing you hold it if you want to turn it on or off if you’re using it just for Bluetooth if you tap it twice it will then help you to pair as a left-hand speaker with the other one in bluetooth tap the other one three times. It pairs with the right hand speaker with the left hand one and you tap it four times. I think and it starts to get into pairing other ones or.

Not Maybe Thats Just Another Three Taps

thing but you’ve got to learn that stuff you’ve got to figure that stuff out because the other way of controlling it is the app and that means you’ve got to get the app out on your phone. We’ll talk about the app in a minute, but it’s definitely worth figuring out how all those button presses work to get everything working so look they sound great they’re really configurable. I’ve covered that the build quality is good. They’re very very practical. They come with the cases and stuff so you can keep them all in a big bag.

I Keep Them In Our Live Streaming

bag and we’ve got a video with me talking you through our whole Dj live streaming set up using these so that’s practical you know they they They’ve been designed to be easily carried around on the road. These cases last forever, which is nice um they um are expensive. You know this is a boutique speaker. If you want what I’ve got here.

Youre Looking At 500 Plus, Which Is

not a small amount of money that’s part of the consideration. When you’re buying a boutique product the app. We need to talk about the app so the app is a to me. It’s a work in progress it always has been it’s a little bit clunky.

I Find That The Communication Between The

app and the speakers certainly when you’re doing things like changing the name of the speaker doesn’t seem. to work very well now sometimes it won’t even recognize the speakers even though you’ve got them bluetoothed into your phone. For instance, when you’re just auditioning music I find the app a little bit frustrating it’s usable, but it’s not the best feature of these again read the manual learn all the button presses and so on you probably won’t really need the app very much it has got some features like eqs.

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This is the only review you’re ever going to need of the mini-rig speakers, a portable bluetooth and wired speaker that is made by Djs4 Djs and there’s very few of these out there now . I have been using three of them for a full 2.&1 system now at home . I use Dj monitors and what has surprised me the most about these is how close they get to using real hifi Dj monitors, so I want to talk to you about that in today’s review here on digital Dj tips if you find this useful please do join digital Dj Tips use the links to become the latest free member of our Dj training community, but if you want to have more videos like this, you can also subscribe hit click click subscribe to our Dj Training Channel . Back to the page you came from the bottom of the page. You can read our latest video from our blog. Back to The Daily Mail Online News Check out our Facebook page for more videos ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video