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Proper English Alert When Is More Based

better base, even though you have less Bass let’s find out so although I love you know crisp highs that are not fatiguing lifelike fleshed out mids. I must admit there’s a part of me that’s a base head. I love a rich full lower base that’s there maybe even overemphasized a bit to me that is the underpinnings of Great Sound I don’t like bloated bass I don’t like overly heavily heavy or too artificial, but I like to know it’s there. I’ve had battles in my room with subwoofers and the amount of bass and things of that I will tell you that oh speaker system we’re running Klipsch La Scala speakers which are full horn loaded speakers full horn loaded woofer mids and Tweeter and we’ve also got an UK sub. I believe it’s the 3000 UK we’ve had that.

For A Couple Of Years And This Kind

of got me in a search because when I switched from the Cornwall speakers, which are also horned, but have got a front radiating 15-inch woofer. I had difficulty integrating my sub with the horn loaded woofers on the lascalas on the Cornwalls. It was easy just dial it in you could do it by ear. You could do it by a little bit with a UK meter and things of that nature, but with the horn loaded. I could never get it matched up so how do you blend it how do you get better Bass also a lot of us fight the yeah.

Your Subwoofer Is Never Going To

be in an ideal spot, especially if it’s in a family room and you’ve got a a spouse or kids. You kind of have to put it in the corner. So I started searching for the solution how do I get more better Bass while still dealing within the limitations that I had and that led me to this the anti–mode 8033 S2 foreign now. I am not a big proponent of UK Frankly. I think it gets in the way of the signal oftentimes and you do lose something.

I Know People Say Technically You Dont My

experience has been that you do. However, in the instance of the sub and the sub bass I felt as though it was worth a try to see even if there was a slight diminishing in it. It would be much less noticeable than on something like a high resolution LA Scala speakers. So I went about it and I ordered one great fast shipping awesome I’m going to link to their website Below guys I’m not making any money off of. Bought this bought this with my own money okay and the reason why I don’t have the unit to show you is because it’s actually in the system right now and I’m just going to cut to the chase.

It Was Really Surprising First Of

all super easy to use you follow the instructions you plug it in what I did is. I actually ran into it with the UK from the preamp outs and then out of the actual UK unit itself. I put it right on top of the sub into the back of the sub with the UK now I did make a mistake in the beginning. I actually ran because I have stereo UK plugs coming out of my preamp. I I or rather integrated.

I Had That Running Into The Sub

directly turns out on this unit. Even though you can hook up multiple Subs. You’re only to use one for one sub so I figured that out took care of that and then you literally press the top two buttons Let us do its things It comes with a microphone. You plug in the microphone. You put it in your sitting position make sure it’s not too loud the sub and it’s going to do a bunch of sweeps and things of that nature.

You Do Want To Turn Off Any

type of crossovers or low frequency boost or anything like that I am not running an audio video receiver. I’m running a luxman integrated amp. So I didn’t have any of that to worry about and then my UK runs sub runs off of their UK app, which is awesome turned off the all of the the things in that just let the sub run by itself and it’s going to do a. Series of sweeps probably about 15 minutes worth 20 minutes worth anywhere from five to seven and that’s it. I mean you sit there you wait for the two lights they’re blinking while it’s going on when they stop blinking.

Its Done And Whats Great About

this is that they actually want you to put the sub in what is traditionally a less than ideal position. So For instance, I push the sub up against my front wall, which was great because I got it out of the room you can put it in the corner. They want you to put it into areas where you’re going to increase the base output and that is traditionally not what you want to do with the sub. What you want to do is you want to make it more even or even though it’s never really even sound output so you want. to pull it away you really want to try and make sure that you don’t have those extra Peaks.

Its Easier For The Uk System

to shave off the top of Peaks. It’s not going to add to the to the nulls so by really loading it up getting as many of the Peaks as possible and then letting it trim off of there you’re going to get the base best base performance possible. So I push it up against the wall ran the test and I was actually astonished because whereas before when I adjust my sub I would have to run it at negative two UK to get any type of appreciable base. Now I was running the app I actually lowered the sub to negative 11. and I got just this even smooth bass response integrated with the horn woofers on the clips much much easier and I noticed a lot more information that before had been covered up and masked by all the Peaks and valleys of the sub-output because it was smoother.

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It Sounded Better It Sounded Quicker

and I was able to just notice a lot of information on on the large woofers at the lower end of the large woofers on the the clips that I hadn’t noticed before so by all accounts. It was a huge success. Having said that I was frankly kind of astonished at the difference in the sound it’s so much smoother. It’s Less boomy it’s less um overwhelming, but all the bass is still there you can feel it better. It just seems more rhythmic, so I really could not be more pleased with it.

The The Retail On This Guys.

I I in Euros, I think was 332 Euros plus shipping cheap money. You’re going to spend thousands of dollars on a decent sub who knows how much you’ve got tied up in speakers and cables and and the rest of your equipment. This is a no-brainer and you really need this now. I’m just touching the basics on this.

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It Has The Ability When You

read the manual to add bass, boost and different frequencies and to add multiple subs and it’s really quite Advanced. I keep looking at the box that’s why if I’m looking away, but I didn’t touch on any of that I just stuck with the. use I think a lot of you are going to do that try it and it really is going to be a huge benefit. I can’t imagine any person in any scenario where you won’t be pleased on this and think why didn’t I do this sooner. It’s great and again, especially if you’ve got a sub in a corner or a less than ideal position.

This Is Really Going To Go A

long way to smoothing out that response and making everything sound better so guys couldn’t give this a higher recommendation than I do especially for the price. It’s it’s silly easy to do just make sure you follow the instructions do it in the order. They talk about wrap up the microphone when you’re done just put it back in the Box put it in a closet somewhere and you got everything you need. But it’s a no-brainer The other great thing I will leave you with real quick is it’s okay if you move your sub or move your speakers or do anything like that it is literally so easy you just press the top two buttons again let it do it do its own thing and it’s done it doesn’t get any easier than that so guys check them out below you definitely need this I’ll see you in the next one.


Anti-mode 8033 S2 S2 is a new anti-mode anti-modifier . Anti-moder mode is designed to blend the sound of a subwoofer with a bass bass . The new speaker system is based on Klipsch La Scala speakers full horn loaded speakers with horn loaded woofer mids and Tweeter and an UK sub . Pro-audio engineer says he’s not a big proponent of UK Frankly. He says subwoofers get in the way of the signal oftentimes and you do lose something in the signal. But in the instance of the sub and the sub bass I felt as though it was worth a try to try to see even even if it’s worth a give it a try. proper English alert when is more based better base, even though you have less Bass let’s find out what you need to listen to. I don’t like overly heavily heavy or too artificial, but I like to know it’s there. I love you know crisp highs…. Click here to read more and watch the full video