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What Is Going On Guys We Finally

have a new budget sub from one of my favorites more budget companies American base. This looks to be a budget monster. Let’s get into this and see what we got what is going on. Guys thank you so much for checking in to this video now here lately really in the last two years I’ve seen a crazy crazy price increase all across the board of subs. You just can’t get good stuff for what you used to get it for and a lot of stuff.

Ive Been Doing Has Been More Expensive Stuff

because of that here so when I saw that American base had a new sub that is under the 300 mark. I had to jump on it guys and check it out so yes. This is the new HD 12 V 2. looks pretty cool let’s get this. Thing out of here see what it looks like and see how it compares to the older V1.

I Bought This From Big Jeff Audio

and he had it shipped out really pretty quick. So thank you so much. This thing was 278. 95 and then after tax. It was 297 dollars and 78 cents, but still y’all after tax still under 300 for a big old sub.

Like This Thats Actually A Really Really Good

deal in today’s market first off we got our American base white decal and then here is the specs sheet. Of course this is the V2. We have the 12 D2 so the force voice coil diameter is 3. 3 inches that’s interesting impedance. Of course 2 ohms.

The Fs Is 37 Hertz.

The x max is 21 millimeters. The sensitivity or spl is 86. 5 and of course good old American base with their max powers. 4 000 watts so I’m gonna guess this is a probably 2 000 watt Rms sub first off it was packaged.

Its Really Nice.

They always have three individual boxes when they ship their bigger subs, so that’s Nice let’s get a look up at this guy real quick for y’all. Of course, obviously, the blue basket really stands out it has the blue like you would see on the Xmaxx monster that they make speaking of the Xbox monster I ordered one back in like April. I believe and it still is not here yet now they’re saying February of 2022 before it’s gonna show up but guys I have ordered one we’ll get on the channel here as soon as we can here is the V1 Hd over here now. Technically this is not really the V1 and V2.

They Had Several Hds Before They Had

this one. And they were actually really really different, but I guess this is just the V2 of this kind of style of HD, but this was an absolutely awesome sub really incredible sub so I’m hoping this guy should be as well starting from the top. We’ve got the same gray hyrule surround that we saw on the older one here got the same dust cap pretty stiff same going for the cone pretty stiff, but you can dimple it a little bit moving down. We’ve got the exact same basket. Of course it’s just painted different.

This Has Got More Of A

gloss finish, whereas this had more of a matte textured finish and here’s where you really see some of the differences in this new guy. We’ve got this really cool red spider over here, whereas we had a black spider in the previous one, but it looks to. be really the same spider It’s got the same material and weave at least from what I can see We still have the same dual round potential leads going into the spider the motor at least looks identical, but I can’t promise that in here we’ve got our screws and they do have glue on them so that’s good and here’s another one of the main differences on the old one over here we had this kind of matte black coil and over here it’s a little bit different still has the black glue on it, but not the same glue that’s on this guy over here now I’ve absolutely loved these coils. This guy had the same coil that was in the XFL and the elite and they were just absolutely wonderful coils so not sure why they changed it up but hopefully it’s still just as good still. gets the job done over here they look pretty identical.

They Both Have 300 Ounce Motors One Really

cool thing that we’re seeing here. This guy says 4000 watts max. Whereas this guy says 2200 watts RMs. So kind of nice American base is catching on putting the armist power on these that’s what people want to see now. This is not the early 2000s.

Nobody Wants To See The Max

rating on a sub. This guy had a 2 000 watt RMs rating. Whereas this guy has an extra 200 watts. There 2 200 watts RMs rating so cool to see a little bump in power Not exactly sure what allowed for that bumping power but regardless still pretty cool. Also this guy is nice and stiff what you would expect for a sub like this well.

Overall This Thing Looks Really Really Awesome Glad

to finally have another. American bass American Maze is one of my favorite overall just kind of value brands or budget brands and having something this big for under 300 bucks After tax is absolutely awesome guys, so let’s throw this guy in the car We’re gonna let it break in for a few days. Then we’ll get to some good old testing. Now we saw this sundown X series V3 in here and y’all. This thing is an absolute beast has taken everything I’ve thrown at it so far but being over 600.

I Would Definitely Hope It Would

take everything I’ve thrown at it so far definitely an awesome sub but boy It is expensive. I ran into a little issue and I’ve had that issue before American base likes to use big baskets on their subs. So this guy does not quite fit in this box so either I’m gonna have. to invert it or I’m gonna have to put it in my old box. Doesn’t really make a difference to me.

I Guess Ill Figure It Out.

I think I’m going to invert it, which is all right with me might as well see this big old beautiful basket, But first while we got it out here, I’m going to play like a 20 Hertz test tone through it just so we can see how this thing moves so now real quick got something cool in to show you guys Marlin over at vrearthquake. com sit me this cool guy so here In a video soon, we’ll be testing this thing out. See how it does. Y’all this looks really good glad.

I Went With Inverting It, But Like

I said gonna let it break in for a few days. Then we’ll get to seeing how it sounds and doing our. normal test yes um took so this ran outside I’ve had this big fella in here. A couple days have really really enjoyed having another American base in here and I gotta say this thing actually sounds really really good. The quality is really good nice to have something a little bit different in here.

Ive Had The Sundown Xv3 In Here For

a while and it’s a great sub and all it takes a lot of power gets low, but it does lack a little bit in a little bit more of that quality area. Whereas this guy definitely at least kind of overall sounds a little bit better at least a little bit cleaner well guys let’s get into the RMs test See if this isn’t coming up for a full song around that 2200 watts got this thing set to real-time power got a little bass knob. Here so we can adjust it. We have Gilligan by dram. Let’s get into it tip well always a good day when I sub makes it through that test.

Now It Is A Little Warm.

I don’t feel much over here, but I was starting to smell it about two-thirds through the song. But it never got super strong and it never smoked or anything so I think clothes are fine definitely pushed it pretty nicely there. I saw a peak between 27 and 29 100 watts, but it seemed to stay between kind of that 1500 to 2500 most of the time and it seemed to do fine y’all. It is now time for the Db test.

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We Have The Sbl Lab Mini Base

meter hooked up over here gonna do a little test tone sweep to see where we peak at then we’ll go from there it’s got. Little 124 we peaked at 44 Hertz one more time a little bit louder, then we got a 130 that time. It says 48 Hertz i’m going to try it again. We got 38 Hertz got scores a little all over the place there, but 40. Hertz should be kind of a good middle ground so that’s what I do most of my other testing with or right around there so that’s what we’re going to go with and see what it does start out with got a 136.

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6 Got A 137.

2 okay 138. 3. There we go broke into the 140s. I will try 45 Hertz just to see if that’s any different oh There we go that bumped it up a little bit.

Guys Got A 142.

2 might as well. Try 50 Hertz nope only a 140. 7, well a 142. 2 out of a single 12 in this massive massive.

Cabin Not Bad At All Guys One Thing

to mention here. This is a dual 2 ohm sub wire down to 1 ohm on my tar amps base 8k. Now some of the subs i’ve done I had to wire down the half an ohm on this amp. So if this is a teeny bit quieter that could have to do with it. I definitely did push the amp to its clipping point there doing those tests anyway.

Yall This Has Been An Awesome Sub So

excited to get something else from American bass always a really really good time happy to see something new from them glad to see a big beefy sub under 300 y’all. I think the average base head is gonna absolutely love this thing. If you’re wanting something bigger, you got the power to back it up, but you don’t want to go spend five. or six hundred dollars on a another sub.

I Think This Guy Is Going

to have you covered it really should last a pretty long time. Every other American base that I’ve had has just been an excellent excellent sub for longevity for getting loud and for sounding really pretty good for what you pay well. Y’all let me know what Y’all thought of this sub is this something you might go pick up let me know should you want to get it. I will leave some links in the description below.

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purchase this sub through those links. It does have on the channel a little bit Y’all and every little bit helps Y’all know the reason. I do what I do. I just want you all to know that I appreciate it each and every day that’s gonna do it for this.

Video Guys Here Coming Up Soon.

We have a another death bomb sub-biggest stuff. I’ve had from them and we have.


The HD 12 V 2.2 is a budget sub from one of my favorites more budget companies American base . After tax it was 297 dollars and 78 cents, but still y’all after tax still under 300 for a big old sub . The Xmaxx sub was ordered from Big Jeff audio and shipped out really pretty quick. I ordered one back in like April. I believe and it still is not here yet now they’re saying Fe.& I’m gonna guess this is a probably 2 000 watt Rms sub. The sensitivity or spl is 86.&5 and of course good old American base with their max power.& 4 000 watts . The force voice coil diameter is 3.&3 inches that’s interesting impedance.& Of course this is the 12 D2.& The Fs is 37 Hertz. & The x max is 21 millimeters. It’s probably 2 ohms.& It’s really nice. The blue basket really stands out it has the blue…. Click here to read more and watch the full video