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Foreign Oh Hi, Hellonk] This Is Magnolia

Mo and you are watching my channel I’ve had this particular subwoofer in my system for the last year and a half or so and it’s it’s in it’s in the rear of this of the room , along with my sB16 Ultra, which is in the front of the room um. So I’ve used dual subs so I said to myself wouldn’t it be a great idea to actually take this sub put it in the front right there and review it in a two channel setup along with my UK 702 S2s and as a standalone sub in a home theater setup. I’m pretty sure you know this is going to perform really well. But I just want to kind of prove it out and and put it through some tests listening tests movie tests and some and and. And put some you know take some readings as to how it does as a standalone subwoofer in a system you know I’m I’m fairly positive if I had two of these.

You Know One In The Front

or two in the front and or one in the front one in the back. Whatever the case is, it would still be a great setup to have because I do know that this thing can dig very deep so without further Ado let’s get on with some of the specifications Okay so what’s in the back of this subwoofer you can start from the top you have your UK sound path wireless audio adapter that plugs in in there so I did consider you know using that adding that to my system, but I actually I believe in in hardwired connections so I stayed away from that but you. Can if you do not have um ability to run you know a dedicated UK cable into the sub you can use this their Wireless Arrangement. Now what I’ve heard from other reviews is that it does work really well so so if that is an option that you want to choose you could do that and then going on over to the side. Here.

You Have Your Low Pass Filter.

You have your phase and then you know you enable the low pass filter and then you hit your plus minuses to kind of adjust where you want the low pass filter to be and then for volume again you press the volume and then you use the plus minus buttons to to adjust that for phase you hit the phase button and then you got your phase that goes from zero to 180 degrees. I use the the UK the app basically to do all of that um. Initially I believe I did use the volume control when I was setting up my when I was running Odyssey through it and then around the back over here you got your your inputs. You got your UK input, which you know is is most subwoofers you’ll you’ll actually see the the left input as your UK UK does it a little bit different they got it on the right one but but you can run it you know in Stereo mode by taking the pre-outs from your processor.

Your Your Receiver Um Your Front In

in front your lip for your front left and right pre outs in going right in here using UK cables and in that case you know it would be an ideal setup for two-channel music essentially because you’ll have. left and rights going into the sub and then you can adjust the the the low pass filter and even there is no high pass on here. I believe the high pass was on the the app, but we’re going to take a look at it when we go in there. But if you wanted to use the use it as line level, you could go left right in from your processor and your receiver or you could use it as a dedicated UK and here are your controls here are your inputs. You can take the output and then go into um.

You Know It Another Preamp If You

want or you can run the output the left and right output into another sub. If you wanted to choose to run it that way and then fairly basic and then after that at the bottom right down, there you have the power. It’s a three-point prong for the power for the back of the subwoofer um it does have um. You know this the the the Sledge amplifier class D amplifier technology , which puts out 800 UK watts and 2500 plus Peak Watts from the the the single 13-inch driver that’s that’s on this subwoofer, so it is it is a pretty it’s. It’s pretty powerful um in my opinion and and if you look at the the specifications online.

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Nk] Does Say That That At 32 Hertz

it puts out about 125 UK so it’s pretty powerful so I’m. actually very excited to see how this will perform as a single sub again 800 watts UK and 2500 plus Peak power via the the class D amplifier. The Sledge amplifier technology that they call um that as they call it UK does so that’s for the back okay I’m going to turn this around so for the front Tada this thing is pretty heavy though here’s the 13-inch 13-inch driver I believe it’s about Don’t quote me on this but it’s about 20 pounds or so just as the the the share weight of the driver. I’m gonna look it up on online but that’s what I I read and that’s it’s a single 13-inch driver in a sealed box . The the it’s pretty inert in my opinion and there’s no hollowness hollowness all around this I mean it’s it’s pretty tightly um sealed.

And And Thats It So The

the all of the sound is produced by this particular 13-inch driver using this ledge Edge class D amplifier technology and and that is it for the specs. It does come with a grill right here. I I usually just leave the grill on because I’m afraid I’m just gonna run into it. So it goes in pretty snug and then the isolation the sound path isolation feet are underneath right there as you can see so I did get these extra I have them both on my UK 16 Ultra and on the on on the UK 3000. It does a great job.

You Know Of Isolating The Sound.

You know and and the Bass from the floor and produces you know good clean bass so so I do highly recommend that I recommend that and the the the wireless. If you if you want to go down that path for for this particular sub um and that’s it all right so let me hook it up and and and put it through its paces and we’ll go from there controlling spice production. They became obscenely rich UK than the emperor himself foreign foreign UK thank you here’s the omnimite reading as the sweep is happening. It’s the strongest at around 8-30 Hertz and then usable output all the way down to 13-18 Hertz over 90 UK or so The red curve is an average right just goes to show how loud the 30 Hertz frequency was time ago.

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So Next Up Was Blade Runner 2049 And

it’s the the famous eyeball scene next up I wanted to watch and listen to Midway, the Pearl Harbor attack scene. There is a constant um 30 Hertz bass tone sweeped. Or whatever you want to call it? Or a constant base around 30 Hertz that that you could feel and it’s just omnipresent during the the beginning of this or during during the attack, and I wanted to see how a single UK 3000 would do in this particular case. So take a listen the Navy Ain’t gonna pay you for that all right next. I want to play some music so I’m gonna play Lord Pure Heroine from that album I’m gonna play Royals and this particular track has some really cool 30 Hertz or so bass that’s that’s just constant and and this is a very good track.

If You Want To Demo Your

subs or your speakers so take a listen. I can’t play the whole thing here. Obviously it’s just gonna be um a short little burst but hopefully you’ll get my point here Point here. is for music? I think this the fact that it’s small and it’s it’s sealed you know box sealed sub it produces much tighter Bass all right speaking of overall frequency response. Here is the Odyssey corrected curve that is in blue and then the pure direct curve.

In Red Point Of.

This is essentially to show you that that the the the lowest frequency or not the lowest frequency, but the the sub is rated you go down to 18 Hertz and it does 18 Hertz is around 85 UK. The strongest is between 30 35 Hertz. It’s around 87 and a half so just a couple UK drop off by the time it gets to about 18 Hertz and then it just falls off so so I mean this kind of proves out the fact that that you do get you know audible amounts of bass right around. That 30 Hertz where you can actually enjoy your music and movies and then it will it will produce some low end as well, but not to the extent that a large subwoofer is going to do for you, but and then you can see in this curve.

I Have My Dreaded 70 Hertz Dip

yeah I didn’t talk about the s vs app in this review. But I have a video on that which I’ll post their description to below all right so how do I summarize this particular review. In two words, it’s amazing right. The UK 3000 is is a great subwoofer if you want to integrate into music and if you want to integrate into your home theater system for music. It is it is awesome because it is a sealed.

Cube Its A Sealed Box Right

and and the fact that it’s a 13-inch driver. Use the Sledge amplifier class D technology. It produces some and you know some really high UK at that 30 Hertz level and and and it’s tight and it’s precise and it’s accurate so so I had no problem integrating it in listening to it in two channels. You know typically if you put a if you add a sub for stereo music you know the sub get you know the bass gets bloated and it’s all over the place. I did not feel that at all for this particular sub it is it is musical as well um and that’s why I’m giving it a 9 out of 10.

For Movies.

I’m also going to give it a 9 out of 10 provided with the caveat provided it is in a small to medium-sized room right so if you have a room that’s let’s say 16 if you’re that’s. feet deep and and 12 or 14 feet wide.


Magnolia Mo put the subwoofer in a two channel setup and as a standalone sub in a home theater setup . Can if you do not have ability to run a dedicated UK cable into the sub you can use this their Wireless Arrangement . The sub has a low pass filter, phase and then you hit your plus minuses to kind of adjust where you want the filter to be and then for volume again you press the volume and then then the volume is set to go on over to the side of the side.& Now what I’ve heard from other reviews is that it does work really well so so so if that is an option that you want to choose you could do that and then going on over the side, it would still be a great setup to have.& Whatever the case is, it’s still a great set to have because I do know that this thing can dig very deep so it would be a good thing to have two of these…. Click here to read more and watch the full video