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Whats Up Everybody Welcome To The Phase Reviewsnk] Channel

My name is Jordan. If you are new here thank you for joining us and if you are a subscriber welcome back as always speaking of subscribers, you may have noticed I’m not in my normal office space and that’s because of what I have on the review table today. This is the Mackie DrM18s and as you can probably tell it is an absolute Beast of a powered subwoofer. An 18-inch subwoofer. The flagship model in Mackie’s portable speaker line and today I’m going to give you a full overview of what comes with this subwoofer the important specs and features that you need to know about an up close look at the UK in the ins and outs on the back a quick sound demo and then a comparison of this sub against all of the other competitors.

The Flagship Models From The Main Audio

brands on the market right now before I dive into that though if you’re not already consider becoming a subscriber ring. The notification Bell like the video and leave a comment. All of those things help me to continue bringing you awesome reviews each and every week but enough about that let’s dive into taking a look at this Mackie drm18s before we get into things. I did want to make it clear that I purchased the subwoofer with my own money. It was not sent to me.

I Wanted To Add This To

my personal inventory after the research that I did which I’m going to share with you in just a minute and I’m going to be very open and honest about the pros and the cons. What I like and what I don’t like about the subwoofer so you could. hopefully make an informed decision yourself now one of the things I usually do on this channel is an unboxing in my studio. This thing as you can tell it’s sitting on the table unboxed already it was way way too big to unbox in my office and so I’ve got it out here and I’m going to just show you what comes in the Box besides the subwoofer which came to me on a palette from Mackie freight shipping very secure you’re just going to get your user manual and your UK standard cable right here nothing to it good quality six feet long probably but that’s all that’s in the Box okay. Now the subwoofer itself like I said absolute Beast probably one of of the bigger power single 18 inch subs on the market.

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Dimensions Wise I Have Them Right Here

it’s 23 inches wide 23 inches. high and 31 inches deep and comes in at 90 pounds. I can pick this sub up. I can move it small distances or maybe like from one side of a short room to another. I would not want to carry this in and out of a venue okay and we’ll get to that point in just a moment now the sub itself is built of 18 millimeter plywood.

Its Got This Nice Textured Kind

of rhino lightning coat on it and this is going to stand up to your abuse on the road. This is a pro-grade subwoofer for sure now Mackie actually touts the increased internal volume for maximum output that’s one of the selling features you know physics physics, Yada Yada because of that you know it’s got internal bracing inside to make sure that this stands up to the rigors of the road now other. features of the outside of the subwoofer it does have handles on either side. It’s worth noting something that I would maybe change up about this. I don’t know if it’s possible because of the internals of the sub, but the handles are not directly in the middle.

Theyre Kind Of More Towards The Grille And

with the weight of the amplifier in the back. When you pick this up it just wants to tilt and it can be a little bit unwieldy the handles themselves there’s really big Wells that you can get your hand in and you could wear gloves and get them in this it the handles feel nice they’re just not positioned in maybe the spot that I would put them but I’m not designing speakers so who knows other features of the cabinet of the sub on top we have some cutouts for the feet. to slot into so if you want to Stack multiple subwoofers they won’t slide around on top of each other. They do have these circular indentations, where one sub can set on top of the other. Now there’s also fly points if you want to use the optional fly bar to hang this speaker.

Im Not Doing That But It Is Available

as an option for mobileNK] like myself and typical users. There is a standard screw in pole mount socket on the top so you get a much more secure less wobbly connection. If you want to mount a cabinet over the subwoofer itself. Now some something noticeably missing from the subwoofer that I really wish it had especially with how big it is are casters. A lot of subwoofers in this price category come with casters already on the back of the speaker I imagine they’re not.

Not Too Expensive To Add It Would Have

been nice to see that you can obviously put your own on or you could do the route that I’ve taken and just pick up one of these. You know less than 20 dollar thousand pound furniture dollery dollies. This actually fits the size of the subwoofer very well and it could handle multiples stacked on it, but it would have just been nice to have casters from the get-go inside of the subwoofer is an 18-inch high Excursion driver with a 2 000 watt amplifier. Now I preached on this channel before watts are not a measure of volume or output. You should not compare your speakers and your subwoofers solely on Watts.

Whats More More Important Are The Specs, In

particular when you’re comparing Subs, the max or Peak UK UK and the frequency extension. In the case of the DrM18s. This hits 135 UK Max UK and goes down down to 30 Hertz at the minus 10 UK point. Now that alone in isolation maybe not might not be as helpful, but when comparing against similar Subs things in the same price range you want to look at those two now What you get on paper. Obviously is different from real life subwoofers and speakers are not just what you see on paper.

When I Was Testing This I

did some sine wave sweeps. You know from 20 Hertz. All the way up and I started to get kind of usable good bass around 32 or 33. so while 30 is the minus 10 point and it’s there but it’s not that loud. Really 32 33.

Im Really Starting To Hear Bass That

would sound good at an event. I’m going to flip the subwoofer around and show you the mixer section and the screen with the UK, but before I do that. There are a few features that Mackie lists on their site that I wanted to read to you. They have impulse UK linear phase fir filtering and acoustic correction. So beyond this kind of technical Jargon.

The Sub Has A Handful Of Useful Features

like cardioid mode delay settings and a variable crossover over which are all things that most UK have been doing this a little while should be familiar with so now we’re taking a look at the back end of the Drm18s. I’ll flip it on so that you can see it it’s pretty simple, although most subwoofers are because there’s not really a lot of mixing. That needs to be done over here. On the right side you’ve got your power switch and your UK input and then on this side. You’ve got your ins and your outs as well as your single knob.

Control Of The Full Color Screen Youve Got

two quarter inch UK combo inputs right here two direct outputs as well as two high path outputs. So if you want to send the crossed over signal to your tops and not give them any of the low end. You would use these guys down here. If you want to send the full signal to a second sub or multiple Subs, you would go out of the direct out now I’m going to zoom the camera in even further and we’ll take a look right here at the display. This is the control center of the speaker.

Youve Got A Nice Full Color.

Display right here that gives you a lot of information about all the settings that are active on the sub. At that time you don’t really need to go into the menu use if you don’t want to to the left of this kind of information display right here are two individual kind of level meters that show you what Channel one and channel 2 are doing and how high their signals are coming which is really nice on the right side. You can see I’ve got my master volume or my master level control right there you can go from-10 UK up to 0 UK and just to the left of that is a master level meter okay. In the center of the display.

We We Have A Quick Readout Of

all the settings that we have activated right now, which in this case of this sub is the normal polarity. I have to keep turning the knob to keep the display from dimming, which is a nice feature, but I’ve got um normal polarity crossed over at 80 Hertz. This is a front-facing sub and the excuse me the delay is at zero milliseconds okay now if you want to change any of these settings, you have one control which is this button right here. Another thing that I think could be changed. This is a little bit plasticky and flimsy for the level of sub that this is.

I Think They Could Have Put Maybe A

nicer knob on here but maybe I’m just nitpicking if you click that you can access the menu Okay you’ve got six options the main screen, which if you click again just takes you back to where we were you’ve also got the mode the crossover cardioid settings delay settings and configuration so if we turn to the right and go to mode and click in you can see we’ve got normal or invert so if you need to switch the polarity so that it’s aligned with your top speakers or your other subs. You can do that right here okay um if you need to exit the screen. You just click again and then it will take you back to the arrow right there, so you just rotate to the left and then click the arrow and now you’re back to the previous screen. We’ll go over to crossover again. You hit enter We’ve got two options here.

If I Scroll To The Right Uk Top.

We’ll cross this over at the optimal frequency to pair with their UK 212 or 215 tops or you can go over to variable and click again and then you can select a specific Hertz um. You know anywhere between I’m probably 120 which is the top and the bottom. So I keep it at 80.

And Well Go Like That Again Scroll

all the way to the left and hit enter to go back to the previous screen next. We’ve got cardioid mode so if you want to use multiple subwoofers. and decrease the base output behind the sub on the stage, you can go to cardioid mode and.


The Mackie DrM18s is the flagship model in Mackie’s portable speaker line . Jordan says he purchased the subwoofer with his own money . He says he’s going to be very open and honest about the pros and the cons . He also gives a quick sound demo and then a comparison of this sub against all of the other competitors . Check out the latest episode of phase reviews on the phase reviewsNK channel at 9 a.m. ET on Monday at 8 p.m EST . Back to the page you came from .com/phraseNK for all the latest from the phase ReviewsNK channel. Please click here for more from the channel’s weekly feature stories and videos. Please email us at or check out our…. Click here to read more and watch the full video