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Whats Up Guys Its Been A While Since Ive

set these up in my own theater, but now it’s time to talk about the realm Predator 1508 subwoofers well these are rels top-of-the-line home theater centric subs. They do make a handful of other models, but these are aimed more for the home theater market. They have a 10 inch 12-inch and a 15-inch model which we have here today now before we get these set up let’s go over the unboxing one more time in case you missed that video inside we get the grill some documentation, the power cord, four screws and two metal couplers. The first thing you might notice is the top plate. It sits six millimeters above the cabinet, but also extends 12 millimeters into the cabinet.

Its Not Only A Design Element,

but it’s also used to minimize cabinet residences and speaking. It’s not the usual highly thought-out finish you normally get with a rail sub. I believe they were trying to keep it at a relatively low price point and went with a vinyl wrap that goes all the way around the cabinet without any seams. It looks almost like brushed aluminum. I wouldn’t say it screams premium it just kind of says average at least to me.

It Does Upfront You.

‘ll find the 15-inch driver that’s made of a lightweight glass fiber while the inner portion is carbon fiber. This makes a lightweight and very stiff around a back is the main power switch UK input UK ins-and-outs gain and crossover adjustments. There’s a 0 to 180 degree face which UK ins and outs and the auto power on/off toggle on the bottom are stacking rails. If you want to stack three of these subwoofers on top of each other.

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Them Together With The Included Metal

couplers. The 1508 is a sealed design measuring only nineteen point seven inches wide by eighteen inches high by nineteen point four inches deep, and it weighs seventy-nine point four pounds. It’s rated down to twenty-one Hertz and is powered by an 800 watt Class D amplifier, which is said to have peaks of up to 1,400 watts for a setup I’ll be pairing these with 11 a Rendell sound speakers and a 7. 2 dot 4 channel arrangement for source material. I’ll be using 4k blu-rays with as a UK 4k PRo media player and an arc M UK 40 processor.

The Uk 40 Supports Up To Four

separate subwoofers using UK connections. If you’re familiar with rail subwoofers, you might notice the 1508 Don’t have high level inputs since these are home theater focused you’ll only have to connect these to. ##NK] each Annal now as a reference point. My daily subwoofers are a pair of UK UK 16s and I have been testing a pair of UKNK] 3000 s first off the S vs S B3 thousands for their size are some of the hardest hitting subwoofers I’ve heard so they’re very tactile and have some great features. I’ll have a review for those soon as well so be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already now there L is having 15-inch drivers.

You Might Think Theyd More Closely

match the UK 16s since the drivers are only about an inch apart 15 vs. 16, but theNK] 16s are ported and have a much larger cabinet. I’d venture to say that 1508 UK more like the 3000 s. Another thing you might notice is the rels. Don’t have any kind of UK or any kind of app control.

Control I Spoke With John The Head

Honcho at Rel hi! This is John Hunter of Relic who sticks and their reasoning for not going the digital crossover route was they felt their passive filters were much faster than anything digital if you’ve ever heard a rail sub before one of the main characteristics is how fast and tight their sound signature is the 1508 is being sealed. I was already expecting the sound to be fast much like the sealed UK UK 3000’s, although having larger drivers compared to the 13s in the UK, The sound should be a little more sloppy or less refined or so I think for testing I went to my go to a movie that just has some tremendous hard-hitting bass fury on 4k Blu-ray in Dolby Atmos. This movie has some decent low-end extension, but it’s heavy in the midbass region that you’ll. But feel pound on your body if you listen to all the tank fire blast off, it should be fast and percussive kind of like slapping your hand on the table. I’ll be honest after spending time with the UK 16s and getting that grunt, which I thought was pretty hard-hitting After moving to the UK 3000 s.

I Quickly Realized How On Articulate That Uk

16s were I’m not saying the 16s can’t slam I’m just saying the 3000 s moved faster and handled these types of transients much better than the larger drivers in the 16s now as for the rels I wasn’t expecting the same speed and articulation. I got with the smaller sealed UK but let me tell you I now know the reason why many audio files add rel subs to their to channel setups. These 15s were so much quicker than the smaller 13-inch. The 3000 s I think they might be onto something here by not going the digital route. I’ve listened to fury too many times account and I’ve never heard this movie sound This potent.

The Drivers Just Seem To Start And

stop so quick which she’ll feel with all the cannon fire. In this movie it’s a hard fast slap to the senses. The other subwoofers would linger a bit with these frequencies. The UK 16s they were noticeably sloppier end less reactive next up. I threw in the Joker on 4k Blu-ray.

This Film Has An Amazing Musical Score With

brooding, thunderous crescendos and some excellent undertones. The drums The orchestra the cello seemed more like a concert recording rather than a comic-book movie. The quality of bass was more like an extension of my front speakers. The subs disappeared and the musical notes just floated around you next. Godzilla King of the Monsters now Where fury has that hard-hitting slam.

Godzilla Digs Deep Into Lower Octaves.

Knowing how oddly musical these 15-inch subs are I wasn’t expecting the same level of output I was getting from the portedNK] 16s and I got exactly what I expected In the movie. There are scenes when Godzilla is walking or fighting or crashing into buildings that gives you that type of low frequency energy that you feel move your furniture across the floor. The UK 16s have got that type of output that can truly pressurize your listening space. The rails on the other hand gave me a taste of those lower end frequencies, but just can’t dig quite low enough they drop off where the larger 16s just kept going and what kind of subwoofer video would this be if I didn’t play the intro to edge of tomorrow.

First Few Seconds Will Make The Uk

16s Chuff pretty hard. Although there is still enough output where you can feel the hairs on your arms move. It’s the type of bass that you feel rather than here with the 1508 well. There’s really nothing there. I couldn’t hear anything in the lower registers.

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So If Four Sonics Are A

definite no-go with the rels. If you’ve never heard the beginning of this movie with large subwoofers, then you might not even know what I’m talking about for those interested here’s a measurement with one subwoofer and here’s one with two you can see where it starts dropping off at 20 Hertz and this is with no room correction. Now no subwoofer is perfect. There’s a couple of things that bugged me about these humps first off aesthetically. I’m not sure why there’s white lettering on the top of these.

In A Blacked Out Home Theater Environment Youre

gonna get light reflecting off the top which could draw your attention straight to the subs. There’s also a pretty bright power UK on the back and then I can see in the dark. It’s not a big deal because you can cover them up, but I think it’s worth noting I’m also not a fan of the vinyl wrap as opposed to paint, but I know they had to reach a certain price point and paint would have raised the price quite a bit or so I’m told again these things don’t affect the performance, but I just wanted to speak on them. At the time of this video.

The 1508 Retailed For $17.

99. I know there’s gonna be a bunch of folks that are gonna say for the same money or less You can get subs that will dig a lot deeper and yes I do agree, but these subs are not about reaching into the lowest single digits or putting out high UK. It’s the quality of bass that immediately caught my attention.

These Are The Most Refined Sounding Home Theater

subwoofers I’ve heard to date they’re fast reactive can start and stop on a dime and sound amazing with not just movies but equally with music as well. I mean if these sound this good with music being home theater subwoofers I can only imagine what their more pricier options sound like again. These aren’t gonna dig deep into the very lowest frequencies. So you might feel that extra low-end impact is missing with more aggressive movies, but for the majority.

Movie Soundtracks Down To About 20 Hertz At

my reference levels. I felt it’s got enough bass to impress all except for maybe the most Die-hard face Junkies and I can just about assure you those big behemoth subwoofers Aren’t gonna compare to the type of articulate definition that 1508 can belt out so that about wraps it up. What do you guys think about real subwoofers Have you heard the predator series or any other series and how do you think they compare to some of the other brands out there leave a comment down below and let us know as always thanks for watching be sure to give this video a like if you found it useful and if you’re not a subscriber, then tap that subscribe button and we’ll see you guys again in the next one.


Predator 1508 subwoofers are rels top-of-the-line home theater centric subs . Top plate sits six millimeters above the cabinet, but also extends 12 millimeters into the cabinet . The 15-inch driver is made of a lightweight glass fiber while the inner portion is carbon fiber . The 1508 is a sealed design measuring only nineteen point seven inches wide by eighteen inches high by nineteen point four inches deep, and it weighs seventy-nine point four pounds . It’s rated down to twenty-one Hertz and is powered by an 800 watt Class D amplifier, which is said to have peaks of up to 1,400 watts . Back is the main power switch UK input UK input and crossover adjustments. UK ins-and-outs gain and crossover adjustment adjustments. The auto power on/off toggle on the bottom is the bottom are stacking rails. The included metal couplers together with the included metal Couplers. The subwoofer is a lightweight…. Click here to read more and watch the full video