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What Is Up Everybody This Is Your

guy cly and welcome back to budget buys. I have finally reached the end of the Booga gaming gear reviews and this time I’m going to be focusing on the led gaming speaker with subwoofer just like with most of the other items in this range. I am going to be comparing it to another similar item five below carries in this case, I’m going to be comparing it to the level gaming speakers I reviewed a while back, but of course those aren’t the only other gaming speakers five below carries right now and as such in a couple of future videos. I’m also gonna be talking about the level s gaming speakers as well as the PBX Titan gaming speakers like I said before. This is something that I’ve done for nearly every item in this series.

The One Exception Was.

The microphone because when i originally purchased that five below didn’t have any kind of equivalent product not in their ten dollar line or their five dollar line. However, that’s recently changed so also look for this one in the future with all of that out of the way let’s take a look at the back of the box. The features that we have to look forward to are volume controls with an on-off switch base tuning as well as an RGB led light that is color changing as for the specifications as i mentioned previously. These are color-changing led speakers with a subwoofer.

The Subwoofer Is 7.

08 inches by 6. 34 inches by 4. 92 inches. It has a 3-inch driver and it is 6 watts as for the side speakers.

Those Are 3.

22 inches by 3. 22 inches by 4. 5 two inches. Each one of Each one of them has a two-inch driver at three watts, and it has a 47.

24 Inch Cable.

Now that I’ve thrown all of those numbers at you. Let’s get this out of the box and here we have everything in the box not including the manual for the curious. This is buga collector card number five and it’s no longer necessary for this shot so I’m going to go ahead and get it out of the way, especially since I had it covering up two of the most important features on these speakers. Those are the physical control since that is something that was sadly missing on the level speakers to this day.

I Still Get Comments On That Video

from people asking how to adjust the volume on those things and you can only do that device side you either turn your phone down or your PC. down or whatever you have it plugged into? In the case of these speakers, you have a physical knob even better When the knob is turned all the way to the left. The speakers are powered off and when you start turning it to the right. It turns the speakers on with a very satisfying click. Let’s see if we can hear that I have no idea if my lavalier microphone picked that up but hopefully it did the other knob is for controlling the base output on the subwoofer itself and i’ll demonstrate that soon enough on the back of the subwoofer.

We Have The Power And Audio Cables

as you can see here. They can be pulled apart just like with your standard headphone cable To give you as much distance between the two as you need and the power is supplied by UsB, whereas the audio is supplied by a 3. 5 millimeter stereo audio jack, and in case you’re wondering no These can not be used as UsB speakers just like with the level speakers as well as with the booga gaming headset UsB is simply for providing power and not audio, though the booga gaming headset does operate a little bit differently, since you can use that without providing power by UsB it just means your leds don’t turn on. In the case of these and the level speakers no UsB power means no audio next up. We have the speaker output jack, which is for plugging in your two satellite speakers.

Those Use This Trrs Connector, Which

provides both power. and stereo audio you’re probably wondering what the led effect looks like so there we go and my studio lights are kind of washing things out so let’s turn those off and there we have it now. Of course, this does look a little bit dim due to the fact that I don’t have a perfectly dark room while I’m recording this but it does show up quite well and at this point you’re probably noticing that all of the leds on these speakers are out of sync, which is the same thing that happens with the level speakers let’s turn the lights back on and tell you why that happens now The reason all of these leds are out of sync is because the factory that made these use the same low-cost color-changing leds that the factory that made the level speakers did and coincidentally it’s the same led. The you you say gaming mouse It makes sense due to the fact that those leds are extremely cheap. I can buy a 100 pack of them for about three dollars online, but there is no circuitry inside that controls the color shifting.

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So If Theres Even A Slight Difference In

manufacturing. They’re not going to be synchronized at all but enough about the lighting effect because that’s really only secondary you want to know what these sound like so let me break up my audio technica at2020 hook everything up and get this party started using the level speakers first so I so I’m gonna go ahead and say that while the level speakers do sound pretty dang decent for five dollars. These are the hands down winner and the star of the show was definitely the subwoofer. It made a huge difference when I turned it on now. I don’t know if you saw it well in that video clip, but the driver on this subwoofer does do a good bit of movement, so let’s demonstrate that as well so now as for what I think about these speakers at ten dollars.

This Is Hands Down One Of The

best grabs in the bunch assuming you have enough desk real estate to accommodate this chunker because if you don’t the satellite speakers don’t work on their own, they do need the power provided by the subwoofer unit. In that case, you may want to look into the level speakers or one of the others that I’m going to be reviewing in the hopefully not too distant future, but the fact that you can get a subwoofer this size with audio quality like that running from just a 5-volt power source is pretty friggin awesome so if you. Have the desk space? You need a new set of speakers. You have about ten dollars and you don’t mind the leds not being in sync definitely think about picking this up and on that note, this is your guy Kli signing off you.


This time I’m going to be focusing on the led gaming speaker with subwoofer just like with most of the other items in this range . The features that we have to look forward to are volume controls with an on-off switch base tuning as well as an RGB led light that is color changing as for the specifications as i mentioned previously. Each one of the speakers has a two-inch driver at three watts, and it has a 47.24 inch cable.& The subwwoofer is 7.08 inches by 6.09 inches by . 6.92 inches. The speakers are 3.22 inches by 3.2 inches by 4.5 two inches and each one of them has a . two-in-a-piece driver at . three watts. The speaker has a 2-inch speaker is 3.in-piece . Each speaker is a . 2 inch driver at 3.3 inches and the speaker is 2 inches by three inches. It has a 3-inch…. Click here to read more and watch the full video