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Today we’re going to talk about the Rel T7x subwoofer, so I’ve got a pair of them here white one in front of me and a black one next to that We’ve also got the whole range on the screen behind me and speaking of the whole range with this review. We have now reviewed all of the TX range subwoofers by rel on this Youtube channel and I got to be honest guys that makes me feel some kind of way anyhow we’re not going to do this review the same way we generally do we’re not because I’ve reviewed the T5x already. I’ve reviewed the T9x already and I’ve essentially told you everything there is to know about the TX range of subwoofers. I’ve told you that they sound amazing the fidelity The sound quality the nuance detail everything about. them is awesome and I don’t want to just do that again here look I’ll throw some specs on screen for this model so you can check that out and you guys already know about the standout features.

I Love The Polished Hardware Around The

back around the front around the passive radiator. The chassis mounted RCa’s the class A B amplifier the super simple setup options and how easy it is to integrate this thing. There’s a lot of awesome things. I can tell you about the T7x, but I’ve already told you in the T5x review and the T9x review and for those of you that are watching this video and have never seen my other rel reviews well. I just went over most of the main points again for you anyway the reality is is this.

We Have A Few Different Subwoofer Companies

We have a lot. realistically, but there’s really only a few that make great stuff and they all bring something slightly different to the table. Now if you when you’re buying a subwoofer are obsessed with base fidelity sound quality and all those descriptors we use to describe sound quality. This is pretty much where you want to look rel is fanatical about sound quality, bass texture, texture, nuanced details, speed and transients. They are very fanatical about that and I don’t use that word lightly I’ve talked to their team over there they take it really really seriously they the level of attention they have to just small minor things.

I Mean Ill Tell You This Like

this model right here. For example, right we got 200 watts Rms doesn’t sound like a lot most subwoofers with 200 watts Rms Don’t play very loud at all this one can play plenty loud why. Is that because the whole system is very efficient if you’re not familiar with what efficiency is it’s kind of like a car so imagine this like if a car is really heavy and it’s got you know five gallons of gas in it it can’t drive as far with those five gallons of gas as a lighter car could with that same amount of gas we’ve got a similar situation going in with wattage. So subwoofer drivers are not all created equal. There is a sensitivity spec in the teal small parameters and what that tells us is how loud or how reactive the driver is to power.

Some Drivers Are Not Very Reactive To Wattage

and they need tons and tons of wattage. Some designs are simply outright inefficient. The Kefka C62 as much as i love it. Some of you guys may not know this but when you shove a lot of drivers or just a big driver in a tiny enclosure and I know look I know the the KC62 doesn’t have a big driver, but it does have a tiny enclosure. Considering it has a dual six and a halfs that is an inefficient system that’s why the subwoofer has so much Goddamn power it needs it to play loud and it can’t even play all that loud.

Now The Rel T7X With 200

watts is an efficient system and that is pretty cool. The T5x only has 125 watts, and at first you might think God that’s not a whole hell of a lot of power. But again remember it’s an efficient system that wattage goes very far with the Tx range of subwoofers, but if you’re about your wattage and you really want. A lot, The T9X has 300 watts RMs and these are all class A B amplified. Some other cool things they do in this range.

So T5X Is Down Firing

right we’ve got an eight-inch driver. It’s the smallest one and it’s down firing it’s awesome if you’ve got a room about my size you’re gonna love it. My room is 10 feet wide, 12 feet deep and has 9 foot ceilings. A single or pair of T5x’s in this room is absolutely incredible and i never felt myself missing anything for the most part now if I had to be like just fully transparent look there there certainly is a sense of effortlessness that comes with larger subwoofers like the 7x or the 9x that the 5x being so small simply doesn’t have but all that goodness that it gives you that sound quality that bass fidelity. The speed and transience the nuanced detail it’s so incredible that you kind of forget so again smaller rooms.

I Think Youre Gonna Love A T5X Whether

you have one or two now if you’re looking for serious bass reinforcement for like a movie. I think a t5x can do it in small small rooms, but you’d probably want to step up to something larger like the T7x again, whether it’s one or two and what the 7x brings to the table because you might at first be like well. It’s also an 8 inch. How much better can it be a lot actually and this really blew my mind. I was expecting the T7x to be more on par with the t5x.

I Thought It Would Be Like A Slightly

larger T5x, but that’s not what it was turns out. The T7x is more like a T9x in its presentation. The T9x, for example, compared to the T5x right we’re talking about the biggest and most expensive of the Tx range compared to the smallest and cheapest. The T9x lot more attack a lot more slam, a lot more authority, a lot fuller sound a lot more fidelity, actually better base texture and tone. It’s quite a bit better than the T5x as good as the T5x is the T7x doesn’t split the difference it’s not halfway between the two it’s all the way on the side of the T9x.

The Main Difference Is The 9X Can

extend just a little bit lower and play a little bit louder. So you’re going to really just pick T7x or T9x based on your room size hell you’re going to pick all of these really based on your room size and i. promise you you don’t want to just shove the biggest ones in a room just because you can afford it trust me. I’m that guy I oftentimes will kind of go a little bit overkill. I had the nine x’s here and rel was like hey can you send them back and I was like Oh.

I Think I Want To Buy Them

like Can I hold on to them and they’re like you sure they’re They’re kind of big for your room and I was like Oh, What do they know like they sound great in my room. I love them in my room like and they’re like well let us send you some T7xs and tell us what you think the T7x arrived. I set them up Goddammit they were right. The T7x is really the perfect size for my room for my taste. They sound just as.

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Full As The 9X Do They They

did everything the 9x did in this room except they’re smaller they take up less space. I can dial in the position just a little bit better. I can get them closer to the back wall in a larger room. Of course, the 9x will sound much better than the 7x, but in the smaller room. I was able to get the 7x not necessarily to sound better but more dialed and it’s because it’s just a better fit.

Remember This If You Have A Huge Subwoofer

in your room, and it’s so big that you only have it turned up like two or three clicks that driver’s barely getting any power from its plate amplifier. Maybe 50 watts. It’s not really enough to get the driver going you got to let it breathe subwoofers have a sweet spot and you want your. Subwoofer ideally playing in its sweet spot that’s the reason I don’t have big subwoofers here. I used to own the SvS SB 3000 that’s a killer subwoofer.

Its A Great Subwoofer To Have.

If you’ve got a big space and you want like a a ton of output. You’re an spl-style customer but in this room it was just overkill right. I’ve had a lot of subwoofers in this room that were overkill. There’s a lot of subwoofers.

Ive Reviewed That I Love The Sound

of but in this room were overkill Now. I’ve said this before but it bears repeating if you’re building a theater system by all means feel free to go as big as you want to but for music there is such a thing as too much subwoofer for the room you really do want it to be sized appropriately and for me T7x. perfect in this room T5x also very very very good. T9x. I would say larger rooms is going to be better.

Lets Mix It Up A Little Bit And

talk about the Rel HT 1205 that’s a subwoofer. They make that I like a lot because Rel isn’t really known for value. Let’s be honest. Their subwoofers are not cheap and they shouldn’t be you do get a lot for your money in different areas that sound quality. I talked about that’s world class if you haven’t noticed and if I haven’t said it already they don’t make the Tx range in any vinyl finishes.

You Get Gloss Paint Only So Your Money

you know you do get a lot for it it’s just not going to be in terms of like wattage power output but if you want that that’s what the Ht 1205 is the Hd 1205 is. 800 so it’s going to be priced kind of between a T5x and a T7x. It gives you a 12 inch driver and 500 watts Rms. You lose the high level input. You lose the gloss painted cabinet.

You Get Vinyl Instead And Line Level

inputs. You don’t have the same mid base articulation and you shouldn’t expect it either but you still get a rel subwoofer and it doesn’t have world class sound quality like the Tx range, but its sound quality is still pretty damn good. It’s pretty damn good. It’s one of my favorite subwoofers honestly and the HT-1205 really has a place for a lot of people let me explain here so with the Tx range because you’re feeding it with a high level signal for the most part that’s how most people are going to set them up. It’s essentially like a speaker.

The Upstream.

matters a lot? If you have a crappy amplifier or a really budget option? You’re not going to be able to get that world-class fidelity out of them. Just like you wouldn’t be able to get world-class fidelity out of your speakers if your upstream equipment was just okay, but the HT1205 is not as picky because it’s fed a line-level signal, so if your upstream components.


Rel T7x subwoofers are the latest in a series of rel’s range of subwoofer reviews . Reviewer: “Rel is fanatical about sound quality, bass texture, texture, nuanced details, speed and transients” Reviewer says that the fidelity and nuance detail of the sound quality is “awesome” and says that they sound amazing the fidelity The sound quality the nuance detail everything about.& them is awesome and I don’t want to just do that again here look I’ll throw some specs on screen for this model so you can check that out and you guys already know about the standout features.& I love the polished hardware around the back around the front around the passive radiator.& The chassis mounted RCa’s the class A B amplifier the super simple setup options and how easy it is to integrate this thing.& There‚Äôs a lot of awesome things. & There’s a few different subwowoofer companies We have a lot to look rel…. Click here to read more and watch the full video