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What Is Going On Youtube Parker Here Finally

bringing Y’all another video and finally bringing Y’all Another sub-review. Everybody’s been asking me to get back to some stuff reviews and thanks to Paul over at D2 audio. We have another sub-two review for Y’all. This is a brand new sub and a brand new brand for this channel so let’s get into it now like I said this is a brand new sub for us on this channel. This is a definitive audio Bd12.

This Is A Dual 2Ohm So Really

really excited to have something brand new on the channel. Let’s check it out first off. Here is of course the box that it comes in it is double boxed and it seemed to be packaged fine no issues. There the sub looked to be in great shape when it showed up now. This is a little.

More Kind Of Stocky Sub Ive

been having these wasps here that are huge i’m the name of them, but it’s called it’s like the Japanese hornet or something like that you’ll see in a second. They are literally an inch and a half long yep there’s another one of them they’re absolutely massive guys not good, not good at all Ah that one they are legit huge guys. I’ll put a picture up of them again an inch and a half for a wasp or yellow jacket, or whatever they are not good at all okay back to the review. Let’s take a look at the specs over here let’s see what we got 1200 watts RMs seems to be kind of a pretty standard rating for a lot of these bigger little more high quality subs. They don’t want to say 2000 or 2500 or whatever just because.

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When Somebody Blows It, Itll Get

them in trouble 360 ounce motor that is massive of course y 35 grade ferrite three-inch copper coated aluminum hall wire coil cast aluminum frame sewn in double tensile leads of course push terminals paper cone with stitched around. I don’t have any other specs on G2 website like you normally see maybe I’ll see a screen shot up on here if I can find them no service up here in my garage so can’t do any more googling but let’s take a closer look at this guy okay let’s looking up at this we have kind of a mineral surround. We have a nice white double stitching on the side. We have a decently stiff cone, but not the stiffest thing. I have felt same goes for the dust cap but again all that doesn’t really really matter unless you’re pushing some.

Sort Of Crazy Power Look Down In

here We have those double pencil leads sewn into the spider looks really really nice looks like these terminals could handle eight gauge, so they’re not the real big terminals that we’re seeing on some subs, but again they do look at least decent. Some just have teeny teeny terminals that are about useless. There’s some extra glue on here which is always good nice black looking spider you can see that copper coated aluminum coil in there and then this big old just beefy huge motor down here really really just going for kind of a plain look nothing super eye-catching or flashy, which is definitely not a bad thing at all seeing a lot of companies really go for that kind of look here Now these spiders are bolted down so that’s Nice does seem to be good deals of glue. So looks like the overall quality of the build isn’t bad at all one thing I do notice there is extra glue all around here and normally you’d have a boot over this so it would cover that up so as far as looks wise that wouldn’t be a bad thing that’s really the only kind of drawback that I’m seeing here and of course that won’t hurt performance, But if you do want a really really nice looking sub having that extra glue kind of sticking out could be a turn off for you well. Let’s throw this thing in my box let it break in a little bit and then get to some testing.

It Is A Huge Mess In Here Kind

of clean up everything from the show. I’ve still got all my tools and stuff out and also we’re working on a buddy’s nissan 240 it’s. Got a 2Jz swap in it. This is the motor that you would find in a mark 4 supra so we’ve been working on that too so anyway. It’s a big mess here, but got to clean up some of this just so there’s rooms.

We Can Pull Some Stuff Out Of The

car and then we’ll throw this up in there and get it hooked up. Kind of ran into the first problem with this guy and that is just that these terminals are pretty on the small side. I think if you had two strands of normal just like 12 gauge wire. You would be okay but I was trying to fit some of this 10 gauge wire and then a sky 12 gauge jumping from one to the other and it just would not work. So I had to run two sets straight to my terminal and then this big 10 gauge wire.

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It Does Seem To Fit In There

fine. It is a little tight, but it does fit in there okay. You can see the 10 gauge fits, but it really does take getting it as small as you can possibly get it to squeeze it in there Ox came to visit us. Oh did you come to see the video what’s up there what’s up there. Oh you cleaning yourself.

Oh Youre Like A Good Kitty.

Now I talked over to Paul over at G2 dynamics and this sub usually retails for A 419 or 449. But for the viewers of this video he’s going to be dropping it down to 349 for the next few weeks or so so if you want to get this sub at the very cheapest price. that I have seen it at guys go ahead and jump on it still one thing to note This sub is really a pretty soft sub so it doesn’t take much power at all to really get it moving and that’s to me a slight issue with this box being about 2. 5 cubic feet, which is a little big for it and of course, I have it wired on the one ohm on my tar amps 8k.

Its Not Like Anything At All To

max this guy out and because it does have that really short basket design. It just makes out kind of easy that being said in a proper box on a you know normal size and that a normal person would put on a sub. Like this, you should really shouldn’t have any issues whatsoever by wondering why I’m testing like this I still have my six. Twelves in here and obviously they’re not hooked up. I’ve got it hooked up to this as I was talking about this thing Maxing out you can kind of see where it’s hitting the bolts a little bit in my in my opinion if they use a little bit deeper basket wouldn’t have been an issue at all but again the basket being so thin just paired with the fact that this sub is a really pretty soft sub just maxes out super super easy thing I did for my Smd Amm1 cut off the probes they had on on the end and put on some ring terminals just really really nice makes it really easy to just connect to what I’m testing I don’t have to tap into the wire like I was previously having to do we’ve got the little Smd am1 hooked up let’s do the musical.

Rms Test Thank You Well As I

expected made it through the RMs test No problem guys around that 1200 watt Mark doesn’t even break a sweat It isn’t warm no smells no nothing like that which of course is what you would expect from a sub you know of this caliber. She’s just me next up we’re going to do a tone sweep Just so we can kind of see where this guy peaks at and then we’ll do the db test I’m using the ultimate car audio app for this let’s see what it does 42 Hertz 41 Hertz so it seemed to peak about 41 42 Hertz so let’s run a test tune and see what we can get to I’m not expecting any crazy numbers just because this thing maxes out so easy guys, but hey it’s worth giving it a shot says 600 watts we. Right they won 34. 7 got a 137. 5 that was at 1700 watts.

Definitely Could Have Pushed It Harder There Guys

but I really don’t want to really damage this sub too much so we’re going to let it go there. I know it’s not like an insane score, but hey for a single 12 and this box is also facing the front normally. I of course have it facing the back so definitely not optimal conditions still did fine and y’all with everything being with all the parts being so soft on this sub-definitely not a spl. You know really really tough raw power kind of sub definitely more on the quality end of things and I think in the right box this thing would probably sound pretty good and do pretty decently well well. Y’all always fun to do something different.

Let Me Know What You Think Overall.

thoughts it sounds good. I enjoyed bumping it um again having these soft parts really helps with some of that quality like if you’re watching a movie or something and you really want to hear some of that detail. I think this guy probably has you covered that being said if you really just want to push a ton of power and you’re trying to really go for some volume or go for some extreme lows. This sub probably not what you want to go with again kind of hard to say I do feel like the box did have something to do with it now my overall opinion and kind of my constructive criticism with this sub is that if the basket was just made a little bit longer, so there could be a little bit more X-max that would really help out a lot.

This Up Definitely Maxed.

a little easier than I would have personally liked just for my style of bumping and because it has those bolts on top. It is creating dimples in the cone a lot of that also throughout the fact that the cone is a thinner softer cone again under here, you can just see how close those boat bolts are to the cone again a little bit just different basket design really could free that up for some extra space and eliminate that problem altogether, but again everybody has their preferences. So I’m sure there’s a group of people out there that this is more of what they want let me know what you think guys let me know what you think of this sub glad to have every review back out for y’all. I know it’s been a while if you want to grab this sub at the absolute cheapest.

Price That I Have Found It At At

3 49. Definitely check out the link in the description below. There’s our affiliate links so should you want to help support the channel and you purchase it through those links. I do get a little.


Parker Parker here finally bringing Y’all another video and finally bringing another sub-review . This is a definitive audio Bd12. The sub is a dual 2ohm so really really excited to have something brand new on the channel . Parker has been having these wasps here that are huge i’m the name of them, but it’s called it’s like the Japanese hornet or something like that you’ll see in a second. They are literally an inch and a half long yep there’s another one of them they’re absolutely massive guys not good, not good at all Ah that one they are legit huge guys. Back to the review. What is going on Youtube Parker here is a review of a sub-two review for Y’all. We have another sub to review. We are happy to see what we got 1200 watts RMs seems to be kind of a pretty standard rating for a lot of these bigger little more high quality subs. It’ll get them in trouble…. Click here to read more and watch the full video