Sound Test Review of the EV ElectroVoice ELX118P 18 Powered Subwoofer ZLX12P


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Hi There Robin Here From Expert On Today We

are gonna be talking about what’s break down here just outside of the camera shot and that is the electric voice subwoofer. The Elx 118 p is one of the most popular ones They’ve got bigger ones. They got more powerful ones. But this one is great when you’re looking to build a starter package or you’re looking to build a two-piece subwoofer set with some tops on it and you’re looking for around 150 200 people. Maybe you’re doing weddings.

Maybe This Is Just For Home.

Maybe you’re just going to be UK out in the backyard anyways. This is gonna be one of those packages you’re gonna want to listen to so we’re gonna do a sound test on it we’re gonna hear how it sounds we’re gonna see how it hooks up we’re gonna see how it interacts. The ZLx, which is the most popular combination of those two speakers okay so we’ve got it all set up We’ve got to the Elx 118 p from Electro-voice now underneath the Zetas UK 12 p also from Electro boys and We’re using the features in the actual 12 p to run the actual subwoofer. Now the subwoofer has basic functionality on it and can work all on its own no problem, but if you’re gonna buy a subwoofer like that you’re probably matching up with what you already have on top that being said let’s take a listen to it turn up the sub see how it sounds and then we’ll talk about some of the other features.

There We Go 775 On The Speaker.

We’re going to actually turn the crossover off and listen to Justin speak without crossover speak without crossover full range up on top and that will add to sup back now. I’m going to dial it back into the Elx 118 feet. So there we go I mean that’s pretty much it. I’ve had Dial 2 volume back three times in room, so hopefully three times a charm and we’ll go from here.

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Lets Take A Look At The Back

side. See how that is I honestly think that as a combo this is a great package as on its own I’ve heard this subwoofer plugged into the thump plugged into the auto true Sonics. I’ve heard it plugged into all kinds of stuff, including products from Piling Gemini and sub just keeps doing its job. I mean that’s really what it’s there for. So it works really well with pretty much every speaker that we have in the showroom you just have to adjust it all right on the back of the speaker okay so that’s the only portion of the backplate that really matters so we’re looking on the back of the sub de L X1 18 P and here we are we’ve got a level control.

Weve Been Demoing It At At Three

quarters going back and forth from there Underneath we’ve left there’s a switch here has UK flat or bass boost bass lines what they’re trying to show you pictorially so we’ve been leaving it on flat. We’ve had the logo on so that’s why this is on you can turn the logo off. You really want to be like fancy and here we’ve got our link out that’s if we want to hook up another subwoofer or if. We chose depending on what equipment we have We want the plug our audio into the bottom first and then out to another speaker. Maybe we were just using several four channels.

Maybe Thats How We Were Hooking Our Things

up your choice. It’ll work either way so but for us we’ve had the actual input here coming from the output of the Zetas Lex. We’ll take a closer look at that in a moment, but that’s how that was with them again you’re looking at power. They have it labeled at 700 watts and I mean that’s doing pretty good against the driver on the front side and certainly fills up this space. Here we’re in about 2,000 square foot showroom with a 20-foot ceiling so works well for us everybody really enjoys it let’s take a look at the back of the Zetas Lex and compared to what.

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Have Here And Why We Dont

need to spend more on this amp plate if we have the Zetas Lex so now we’re in the back of the actual ZLX A 12 P and the 15 P looks like Denticles, so we’ll cover all the bases here just so where we actually have the unit set up The levels were set at zero Oh no extra and again the manual gains on the actual units were left at zero. We were only plugged into one line up on top and we’re using the line out to go down to subwoofer so if we look in here by pressing the actual menu button. It goes into the menu settings. Now If I scroll down first I’m Sorry. Let’s take note that I’m in music mode and that’s the UK UK setting built into it and then it was on pole mount.

Because Thats How I Had It Set

up and I also had it set at the ElX 118 P for the subwoofer that’s there now The speaker has the ability to adjust to other subwoofers and to also be turned off. I have frequency adjustments on here as well and a bunch of sub-inputs. Now we left it there so that’s where we have it those are the advantages to having this we were using the processor in the Zetas Lex to tell the Elx what to do sound wise and that’s why we’ve got such a good response out of the subwoofer so I think that pretty much covers all the most important features up here Now of course you can adjust that to your likings like cream and sugar in the coffee. Whatever makes you happy it’s okay it’s your subwoofer and your speaker anyways so is. This the right sub for you with the elx the nice part is It’s a pretty easy stuff to work with it does great sound.

Its Easier To Sound Good Than

it is to make it sound bad, so pretty much plug and play there volumes gonna be up to you don’t let it get too distorted because that’s kind of like schooling your tires in the car and it’ll last a long time for you at the amp plate of course is lined up the goal with the driver and the box. All that’s designed to be a matching set, which means it’s going to do good work for you again comes on size if you’re working in really big spaces. You’re probably going to need to them or the next model up now. My personal opinion I prefer to have two of these and to have one bigger. model in the lineup maybe something with twice the power output or three times power would probably be happy with this just because I have a lot more surface area with two subwoofers compressing all that air in the space 150 people.

You Know Dance Floor Area Lets

a 32 by 32-36 by 36. So nice good sized dance floor but again two of them instead of one. If you’re just doing wedding stuff like that and you’re playing you know retro eighties nineties kind of stuff. One of them usually gets the job because you don’t have a lot of base to start off with based on the music Manolis to be fair with the product to be fair is to say that there’s still the Eon in the same price range and we’ve already done the Mackay thump and there’s also the alto so there’s choices in. This price range that you’re gonna want to compare do I think it’s a good buy.

I Think Its A Great Buy.

I think you’re buying a brand that’s built for reliability, dependability ease of use. Really it’s a family product. So I said if you like electro-voice and you like to Zlx you’ll definitely like the elx up to put underneath it that is for sure outside of that you pretty much covered it.

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The Elx 118 p is one of the most popular subwoofer packages . It’s great when you’re looking to build a starter package . We’re going to do a sound test on it we’re gonna hear how it sounds. We’re gonna see how it hooks up. We’ll talk about some of the other features. I honestly think that as a combo this is a great package as on its own. I’ve had Dial 2 volume back three times in room, so hopefully three times a charm and we’ll go from here. Let’s take a listen to it turn up the sub. See how that is. Turn the crossover off and listen to Justin speak without crossover speak. Without crossover full range up on top on top and that will add to sup back now. I’m going to dial it back into the ElX 118 feet. I mean that’s pretty much it. We go 775 on the speaker. I have had dial 2 volume . We’ve had dialed…. Click here to read more and watch the full video