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Today We Have A Bit Of An

exclusive for you we’re going to show you. The recently released Funk audio 24e subwoofer, which is a 24-inch subwoofer with 2200 watts RMs. So maybe i’m just used to monster subwoofers like the LFe24 Ultra, which is five feet tall, but this subwoofer the 24e I like to call big small because it does have a massive 24-inch driver, but it’s a lot more manageable and easier to place around your room. So if you do like amazing subwoofers and of course subwoofer demos make sure you keep watching I’m barrett. This is specia tech welcome to the channel for the past couple of years.

Ive Been On A Bass Journey

that has taken me from Polk 12-inch subwoofers to some massive 24-inch drivers. One of which I previously mentioned the Lfe24 Ultra was five feet tall, but I think. Closer to bass bliss than I have ever been before so I still do have the har bottle audio C24 L2 subwoofer but I have recently sold the funk audio Lfe24 Ultra. I am truly gonna miss that subwoofer guys. I didn’t get rid of it because I didn’t like it.

I Got Rid Of It Because

I want to have matching subwoofers and those are just too big for my space so if I were to add multiples, it would just take up too much space so I decided to go with something a little bit smaller. Even though I am taking a hit in the performance department all right so before we get any further into the video. I did want to point out that I paid for this subwoofer with my own money. So nobody has any say or any influence on what I’m about to say. It is my opinion and my opinion alone but full disclosure Guys.

I Did Receive A 5 Discount, But

that wasn’t because I would be doing videos or because I’m a Youtuber. It is because I was a repeat customer. So I have purchased from Funk audio before so I did get the return customer discount, but all that being said it is getting pretty pricey buying gear for review so for those of you that may want to help the cause please consider joining me on Patreon I’ve dropped the link down in the description below Alright guys how about we do a quick unboxing of the subwoofer Funk audio actually does take really good care and packaging his subwoofers. So I think it deserves a little bit of screen time, so as you can see Funk audio really does a good job on packaging their products The entire. Outer layer is plywood and then of course, you have these sturdy corner pieces.

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Everythings Taped Together And On The Inside.

You have a whole lot of foam all right so let’s continue cutting away this all right so now that I got it on his feet. The only thing that else that was packaged in. There is the power cord that was kind of underneath. So here you get a look at the amp but let’s flip this thing around So you can get a good look at the driver and there we go very similar driver to what I already have in the har bottle audio C24 as well as what I had in the funk LFe24 Ultra.

Although This Driver Is Not Quite

the same performance level and neither is the amplifier so now that we have this funk beast unboxed how about we get into some. of the finer details of the Funk audio 24e. The price of the 24e starts at 4 675 Us dollars, but it can go up from there depending if you want some custom work or not so I have included the link to the Funk audio website down in the description below. So feel free to click on that for current pricing. So we are going to get to the specs for that price tag in just a second but real quick before we do please consider subscribing tick the bell icon if you do and please take just one second out of your day to click that like button I really do appreciate it okay.

So Lets Get Into Some Of

the specs of the 24e and let me just say that the specs are quite impressive here starting with the sealed enclosure so the enclosure measures 26 inches. wide, 20 inches deep and 36 inches high and it weighs in at 170 pounds. It’s a baltic birch construction with a knotty walnut veneer stained and charcoal with a satin top coat. It is actually the exact same finish that I had in the funk audio 24 ultra but just in a smaller sealed cabinet. The driver is a 24-inch high performance carbon fiber woofer that provides some absolutely stunning lows.

The Amplifier Is On The Back And

it provides 2200 watts RMs and 5200 watts peak. It consists of two xLR inputs, a UsB and an ethernet port for connectivity to the internal DsP, a power switch and a power cable port directly above. The amplifier is the display for controlling the gain the eq presets and accessibility to many other functions. The display can be set to either come on when changes are made and then. It will turn off shortly after or it can remain on with full brightness or remain on with dimmed brightness and just like my C24.

I Choose To Leave It On

under the dimmed setting, so i’ve ranted and raved about the funk audio LFe24 build quality I’ll leave that video in the top right hand corner as well as down in the description below, but the 24e is no exception to build quality. The cabinet has a very subtle yet premium appeal and the driver is also very robust with a premium look and it’s built to last it’s actually hard to fault a funk audio subwoofer in my opinion. They are built like elegant tanks and they have the performance to match and speaking of performance. Let’s talk about the sound quality and the performance of the 24e and just as with the LFe 24 ultra. Although the 24e is a step down in performance as far as output, It still has very clean accurate bass reproduction funk audio really does have the tendency of providing top-tier performance with all of their creations and of course, the 24e is no exception.

I Did Take Some Room Measurements

of the 24e and this 24-inch mind Masher actually has a fairly flat response down to about seven hertz so let’s have a quick look at the measurements that I took with rue and the u mic one please do keep in mind that I made zero efforts and flattening. This response. I merely unboxed the subwoofer put it on the right hand side of my front stage and I turned off anthem room correction in my. AVM 70 so there is no frequency correction here coming from the processor and I did not make any changes to the internal DsP on the subwoofer, so it was merely just unboxed placed on the front stage and I took some measurements, but with all those things in mind. It actually does have a pretty good response as is, but you are going to see some nulls and some peaks and that’s just the subwoofer interacting with my room.

In Particular, The Subwoofer Is Of Course

capable of a flat response, but there is going to need to be some effort on the purchaser’s part by placing the subwoofer in a good spot, as well as possibly using a mini DsP or the internal DsP to help flatten the response for your particular room, so just to give you a little bit of a lay of the land. I. Have the C24 on my front stage but on the left-hand side and I have the 24e on the front stage, but on the right hand side I took measurements of each of them separately as well as them together. So let’s get into those measurements now and see how they performed all right so as you guys can see here. The red line is with the internal DsP on the subwoofer set to flat with the master volume on my AvM 70 set to negative 25 and zero gain on the subwoofer and guys.

These Numbers Are Not Max Output.

I simply just took these measurements to kind of show you the response and and how far or how low the subwoofer can go so please do keep that in mind. This is not max output that’s not what I was going for here all right so with. The flat we’re looking at um at seven Hertz We’re looking at still about 104 Decibels and at eight. Hertz We’re already at about 106.

, So I Do Say Its About Flat

to seven Hertz because it really starts to roll off after that point. It actually starts to roll off at eight Hertz, but you’re still getting very very usable output at seven Hertz so as you can see my room does affect it here. We got a null at about 28 Hertz. Then we got some peaks here but please just ignore that again guys. This was no effort made to flatten the response so under the max eq internal DsP preset as you can see we get a quite a bit of a bump in the low end.

So At Seven Hertz Were Now

at about 11 and a h or 111 db and at eight Hertz. at 100 and almost 14 and again guys this was not max output. This is just me playing around so pretty impressive numbers for this subwoofer. All right so let’s see how it compares to the C24 please do keep in mind.

The C24 Is Much More Expensive As

well as higher performance so under the flat eq. This is also with the volume bumped up a little bit on the C24, but as you can see it’s actually somewhat. I guess a little bit flatter, but that’s because it’s in a different position in the room, but you still see some nulls here and then on the max extension you get a bit of a bump here, but the volume is a little bit lower here. So here it’s negative 25 and the previous measurement was negative 23.

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Sorry Guys I Should Have Kept

the volume the same but. Either way these measurements are just here to show you kind of how they are performing in my room as far as the response goes not for max output all right so there you have it that’s the difference between the two subwoofers. So then if we turn let’s just do max extension so let’s turn these off and then let’s see both of the subwoofers. So this is both of them turned on at negative 28 on the volume so again the volume has turned down here a bit so that’s why you’re not getting as much so you can add basically 3 db to this if i had turned the volume up to negative 25 like this one was set to and this one was set to so we would have been over 120 but either way not a big deal so under max extension we’re almost 120.

Db At Eight Hertz And Then At Seven

Hertz we’re 117 or almost 100 Yeah 117 db at 7 Hertz and then on the flat eq. So here actually we have the volume set at negative 25. So let’s show that one so it’s actually fairly close to the max extension, but I did have to turn the subwoofer on the LF or sorry.


The Funk audio 24e subwoofer has a massive 24-inch driver, but it’s a lot more manageable and easier to place around your room . Barrett has been on a bass journey that has taken him from Polk 12-inch subwoofers to some massive . drivers . The Lfe24 Ultra was five feet tall, but I think. I’m taking a hit in the performance department all right so before we get any further into the video I did want to point out that I paid for this subwowoofer with my own money. I did receive a 5 discount, but that wasn’t because I would be doing videos or because I’m a Youtuber. I was a repeat customer so I did get the return customer discount. But all that being said it is getting pretty pricey buying gear for review so for those of you that may want to help the cause please consider joining me on Patr . Patr. The 24e is a 24-in-demand…. Click here to read more and watch the full video