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Maybe There Is Something In The Audio File

air rights now because there seems to have been a lot of new subwoofers released lately and there seems to be a fascination with micro subwoofers and you know what a lot of us have had to live with micro things in our lives for a very long time. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to that yeah. I’m talking about micro bank balances and waistlines not what you’re thinking about but when real acoustics approached me and asked me if I’d be interested to take a look at one of their brand new subwoofers. Initially, I was a little bit hesitant, but once they explained to me what they were all about. I really got quite excited and this is one of rel’s.

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New Tx Range Of Subwoofers, Where The

x stands for extra all jokes aside I was. Actually really quite honored to be offered the opportunity to take a look at the brand new T9x, which is the flagship subwoofer from Rel’s New TX range. The TX range of subwoofers will replace rail’s current ti range of subwoofers, so that will probably give some of you an idea of where the TX is going to fit into rails for product line. Most of you are probably aware that I do direct live calibrations as a service to some of you guys and to other customers, and that means I get to listen to look at measure test and really push the performance of a lot of different subwoofers and one of the subwoofers that stood out to me over the last year has been Rel’s Sirius 812 and it stands out to me because it can do what Rel subwoofers are famous for it can be fast. over high level and it’s got quite a harmonically rich natural sound which I really like but on top of that.

It Can Also Give You Big Output

and it can be really ass kicking for home cinema and the first time I experienced. This was at a direct live calibration for a customer who has a huge room and I was amazed that just two eight twelves and one five ten was not only able to fully pressurize this huge room, but they was able to after I set them up to still deliver a really ars-kicking home cinema performance and still deliver very good musical performance. Even in this huge great big room and the 812 really earned my respect that day. But that is why I was really excited and interested in the new tx range of subwoofers because Rel told me that they’ve been completely redesigned. improved to better match the performance of the series subwoofers just at a more affordable price point.

This Is The T9X The Flagship And Its

going to cost 1299 pounds. Then there is the T7X which will cost 999 pounds and the T5X, which will cost 649 pounds. Now the astute among you will notice that there is a price increase with the T9x over the T9i the outgoing model of about 30 so just for reference the T9x as i say cost 1 299 pounds and the T9I cost 999 pounds, so for 30 more we should expect extra and that is where the x comes from with this new range. The X, according to Rel stands for extra. The first thing that stood out to me with the T9x was its general shape.

It Seems Quite Low To The Ground

and deep rather than it is tall and rails like that is all by design, and they say it gives the T9x a more stealth-like appearance. Very interestingly. They also say that the T9x is actually a larger cabinet. It’s a bigger subwoofer than the T9i. Not that you can tell slightly lower deeper design actually makes the subwoofer less imposing it makes it more room friendly, which is going to be good news to many wives out there rail have updated and improved the finish quality on the new tx subwoofers to better match the finish quality and overall look of their more recent subwoofers like the Siri s I really like it with the grill off so we can see the speaker driver going commando something i found really quite interesting.

Rael Told Me When They Designed These

new tx subwoofers. started with the fee so all of the TX range of subwoofers have brand new feet and they’re all different sizes and masses based around the overall size and mass of the subwoofer Rail also told me that all of their subwoofers have different sizes and masses of feet. To be part of a four acoustical designs and i’m sure most of you are more interested. The fact that these new TX subwoofers have brand new fiber alloy drivers as in the T9x. There is a 10-inch long throw driver that is actively driven the one you can see here at the front and there is also a brand new 10-inch passive radiator.

Now Rail Didnt Give Me Any

more details about the new fiber alloy drivers you know to say what’s better about them than the old ones other than to say that they are a more nimble. Which means they are faster and that they recover quicker. I put this T9x under the music hammer. I was really quite impressed by how linear and pistonic its motion was. The active driver is being driven by a brand new class.

A B Amplifier, Which Rails Say

is more powerful than the amplifier that’s in the T9I and they say it’s conservatively rated to 300 watts based on the measurement system and test system that they use but by all accounts. If they use the less stringent measurement system or then they could rate it up to about 600 watts, but I can’t confirm that because I haven’t done the measurements myself. Another new thing to talk about is the curved cabinet. Hopefully you can see there the curved sides of the cabinet, which again just makes the overall look nicer makes the subwoofer more appealing more domestic friendly. easier to get past the wife, but Railway also said that they put a lot of effort into getting the design of the cabinet just right to handle the increased pressure created by the improved drivers and the more powerful amplifier.

One Last New In A Way Thing To

talk about on top you can see the rel logo and rel design really the logos as part of again. The four acoustical designs. Each logo is actually part of a top plate design with each top plate being a different size, thickness and mass. So there is a lot that is new here. Yet there’s still a lot that is very familiar, such as the amplifier plate the way that all works the high level connections and more.

But While We Are Talking About New We

are talking about new feet a new cabinet new drivers new amplifier new logo. Top plate design so everything’s new and rail say it’s all new and improved, but what is the performance like well. I was only able to test out the T9x for music. I wasn’t able to test it for its home cinema performance purely because of time constraints and system constraints and I also wasn’t able to place it in the normal spot. I would in my room, but I was still very impressed by the base quantity and quality from the T9x now naturally.

I Did A Custom Direct Live Calibration.

I integrated it with some Bowels and Wilkins 705 signature speakers and combined with them integrated well. I found that it was giving me a base performance very similar to what I would expect from the KeF reference speakers. Kef reference free speakers that I owned for a very long period of time, so you know a bass. That’s very similar to 10 and a half thousand pound speakers.

I Think Thats Very Impressive The Bass From

the T9x is fast. It’s nimble. It’s tight it’s agile and it was able to dig deeper than what I would normally get from the KeF reference. Integrating a subwoofer with a pair of stand-mount speakers might seem like a trivial thing, but it’s actually not especially with speakers like the Bowers and Wilkins signature because they are very fast and nimble speakers, and I was powering them from the Lima 2 Karna 2 anniversary amplifier, which is a fast very lively and dynamic sounding amplifier. So the T9x had its work cut out as I say was really impressed in the main by the base quality and quantity it was delivering.

I Was Able To Set It Up To

deliver a really punchy and full base with excellent base. extension so more extension than I would normally get from any type of even large speakers in my room and I did do some sound recordings actually to you know try and give you an Ap demonstration, but when I’ve listened back to them. I think maybe the deep bass output was probably putting my professional recording equipment on the limit actually of what it can capture from base. So I’ll see if I can salvage some some of the recordings that I’ve done to maybe give you a sound demonstration video to show you about you know how the T9x was sounding for me. But if you don’t see it that would be the only reason why now.

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I Am Definitely Very Critical When It Comes

to base quality and quantity and I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to you know getting bass just right so for me Probably the biggest compliment I can pay the T9x is that for music it was delivering a non–subwoofer-like bass experience a more speaker-like bass experience which in a way is a bit of a backwards compliment, but it’s probably the best compliment that you can pay a subwoofer that’s designed with music in mind. So definitely a speaker-like base, but with more bass authority extension and weight to it like what you would expect from a subwoofer and that was only from just one. I think had I had two T9x and had they been in the more usual spy in the room they were they would normally go I think I would have got even better. Know two T9x but one on its own was still delivering you know very good bass output and very tight, controlled and mostly transparent bass. There are a couple of things definitely to consider here.

Firstly, I Wasnt Able To Test The T9X

for home cinema, so this is definitely not a full review of the subwoofer and around this kind of money. We can buy 15-inch thousand watt subwoofers from real with their predator subwoofers that I happen to have four in the room now. So one would think that a 15 inch thousand watt sub off would be more ass kicking for home cinema than a conservatively rated 300 watt double ten, but you know what when I looked at the measurements from the T9x. What’s giving me you know a big output of bass in my room with you know big output down into the 20s of.

That Is Really Very Impressive Obviously That Is

with some room again. There is one potential big negative depending on how you look at it with the new TX range of subwoofers from realm and that is that they are not designed to be stacked, which almost feels criminal because I think the shape of the new TX range being a bit lower and a bit deeper. They seem prime to me to stack them up it’s kind of you know three higher so that does.


Real acoustics’ new T9x subwoofers are the flagship subwoofer from Rel‘s New TX range . Rel’s Sirius 812 stands out to me because it can be fast.& over high level and it’s got quite a harmonically rich natural sound which I really like but on top of that.& It can also give you big output and it . can be really ass kicking for home cinema and the first time I experienced. This was at a direct live calibration for a customer who has a huge room and I was amazed that just two eight twelves and one five ten was able to fully pressurize this huge room, but they was . able to after I set it up after I . set it . The TX range will replace rail’s current ti range of sub woofers, so that will probably give some of you an idea of where the TX is going to fit into rails for product line. It can probably give you a look at where the…. Click here to read more and watch the full video