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Whats Going On Everybody This Is Cody The

home theater Hobbies and today I have my full review of the earthquake sound Mini-me DsP P12. This is a 12-inch sealed subwoofer with DsP built in now. I did do an unboxing of this a few weeks ago and for those of you who’ve been waiting for this review. Sorry. It’s taking me so long.

I Just Had A Few Other

things I had to do and just other stuff with life going on but I’ve got it here. I’ve played with the Dsp on I’ve played with it off and I’m going to talk about in this video, so let’s get to it. The mini-me DsP P12 is a dual 12-inch sealed subwoofer. It has a 12-inch active driver and a 12-inch patented passive radiator. It has a built in 600 watt class D amplifier with a frequency.

To 115 Hertz, It Is 15 And A

quarter inches tall, 17 and a quarter inches wide and 15 inches deep, and it weighs 39 pounds. The P12 costs 1399 dollars. So here I am with the mini-me DsP P12 and as you can see I’m wearing my white gloves. Because this does have a piano black surface finish, so it does attract a little bit of fingerprints. I wanted to keep it as clean as I can but as you can see.

This Is The Basically The Front

of the subwoofer and it’s got piano black down here on the bottom along with the feet. But on this side is a 12-inch active driver and on this side is a 12-inch passive driver with the amplifier and all the connections being back here. So you can kind of set this up how you want um if you. It around with the active driver facing you you can see that you have the mini me logo right there and this has a nice cloth grille. Now The grille is connected via a pin and cup design, so you can pull it off and you’ve got the pins and the cups on each one of the corners and there’s a little ball here edge here on the um end of the pin so it gets a nice solid connection.

The Grille Itself Is Nice And Solid

and sturdy you can see through it. It’s pretty nice now the cloth grille is off. You can see that beautiful 12-inch active driver it’s got earthquake there in the center of the dust cap. It’s got nice thick rubber here and it has born in the Usa on the surround around the driver along with these screw holes right there turning this. You can see the passive driver also has a cloth grille, but no mini-me logo up top you pull it off because it has the same pin and cuff design still sturdy.

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All Those Things Are Nice, But You

can see that the passive driver actually looks different than the active driver on the other side. It does have the earthquake logo there in the dust cap in the center, but it’s also got a little bolt there that I’ll talk about in a second that’s pretty exciting talk about that in the feature section um the rubber surround is actually a little bit let’s say extrudes a little bit more out of the case. It’s a little bit bigger, a little bit taller, but it’s still nice and thick and it has born in the Usa on the surround around the driver itself moving on to this side of. Subwoofer This is where all the business is. This is the amplifier.

This Is Where All The Connections Are As

you can see it’s got earthquake mini-me. It’s also got that 600 watts of peak power labeled there on the back down there at the bottom is the main power connection. It does come with a power cable. The main power switch off and on and then next to that is the voltage selector for your country either 110 or 220 and it’s already covered up so you don’t worry about messing that up up above up here is the volume indicator. This is just a little readout to tell you what volume you’re at just below that are line level connections both in and out the end is what you’re going to use to connect to your av receiver.

So You Can Use A Single

cable in so subwoofer. to your Av receiver with a y splitter on the end, so you can go both left and right connections here and then again you’ve got two. So you can go out to another subwoofer. If you need to just below that is the main volume knob and I like this knob because it actually has little stops in there. So you can kind of dial in your volume, but the kind of the interesting thing about this is it spins all the way around which I just found to be interesting next.

That Is A Frequency Adjustment From 40 To

160 Hertz so you can adjust that here in the box or you can use the app that I’m going to talk about in the features section. Next to that is the phase adjustment 0 180 just above. That is a DsP on off switch because this does have BSp with an app that I’m going to talk about in the features section um and that’s how you turn it on or off for this particular subwoofer and just above that is the secondary. power switch off auto or on. Typically I always leave my subwoofers in auto mode, so that when they receive a signal they will turn on and then once they stop receiving a signal for 10 to 15 minutes.

They Automatically Turn Off And Save You Power

just above. That is an Ir input connection because this does have a little cable that it comes with so you can do an ir remote and this remote controls things like volume and mute just above that is a little button. It says pairing and you push this button just in case. You have issues pairing with the I will for app again that I’ll talk about in the feature section and the final thing back here is this little power indicator green. If the subwoofer is on and red.

If The Subwoofer Is Off So In

the design category, I give the mini me an 8 out of 10.. I like the piano gloss black surface finish. I think it looks nice. It will have to be clean.

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You Know Pretty Regularly.

Though to keep everything looking quite nice and I like the fact that this is a relatively small cabinet. It’s around 15 inches cube and so it’s not going to be big and opposing in your room and I honestly even like the fact that they’ve to a certain extent placed function over form and what I mean by that is with the driver and amp placement you’ve got your active driver on one side. You have your passive driver on the other side and then you have to put the amp somewhere in the connection somewhere so it happens to be on this side of the case, but when you place this in your room. If you have the active driver pointing at your room, you may have the passive driver pointing at the wall and you want to make sure you’re far enough away from the wall, but you also have this issue of you have cables coming off of one side.

What Side Do You Want Now.

You can turn the driver around so that your subwoofer looks like this with a driver on each side and the non–amp facing your main listening position, but you’ll have to pick that out on your own but again. I like the fact that they chose function over form in this case so you got. Balance inside the case now one thing I wish was a little different is I wish the screw in the middle of this driver was color matched to the driver. It does have function.

Im Going To Talk About That In

a minute, but I wish it was color master. I wish it was black along with the driver. Yes you can keep the grille on and you don’t have to see it or you can turn the subwoofer around you. Don’t have to see it. I mean I guess you could even paint it.

You Know Spray Paint It.

You know obviously tape off the driver but spray paint it or whatever so it’d be color matched but again. I wish it came color match with the driver, but I think earthquake has done a good job with the enemy. So I give it an 8 out of 10. For design now let’s move on and talk about features and there are two features that I’m pretty excited to talk about the first one being this passive driver Right here.

Now Passive Drivers Are Basically Drivers That

Don’t have a voice coil or magnet attached. They use the air inside the cabinet to move them forward and back and that air. You know movement. Four in the back is driven by the active driver which on this case is on the other side of the cabinet, but what earthquake has done is. They’ve added their patented slaps technology and what that means is They’ve added weight to the center of this driver and this weight is actually symmetrical.

So The Forward And Back Motion

are identical, so you don’t get any extra bass and it kind of helps tighten everything up just a little bit but the main benefit. And the thing that I like about this is they’ve tuned it so that this actually gives you more bass at lower frequencies. So this acts as a sealed box at higher frequencies, but as the frequencies go lower. The passive radiator takes over even more and gives you more output. One of the things that they say on the earthquake Eu side is it can give up to plus 6 db of output and obviously.

If Youre Buying A Subwoofer, You Definitely Want

a bit more output so that is a definite plus. Now let’s talk about the second feature that I like and that is DsP to apply DsP to the mini me you’re going to need one of two apps. The first is the Iowa for app you can use that it’s available on the Google Play store and the Apple app store for free. Now there’s.

Also A Pro Version Known As I Will

for Pro and that adds the ability to do room correction, but that’s only available on the Apple app store for about five dollars, and I use the I will for Pro app and I actually used it here. On my Ipad I did try it on my um Iphone and it didn’t work um the app would crash it was just really buggy and I couldn’t figure out what was going on so. I did contact earthquake and I asked them if they had similar issues. They said no try another apple device.

I Tried It On My Ipad

it works smooth no crashes it’s just great so here. It is on the app and what the app does is again for this one. It applies room correction, so it tries to take out some of those peaks and nose and some of that stuff that you just don’t want in your room now the best way to correct the room is obviously to go with room treatment treat the room as much as you can and then you.


The Mini-me DsP P12 is a dual 12-inch sealed subwoofer . It has a built in 600 watt class D amplifier with a frequency.& to 115 Hertz, it is 15 and a quarter inches tall, 17 and a . quarter inches wide and 15 inches deep, and it weighs 39 pounds . The P12 costs 1399 dollars. Cody the home theater Hobbies reviews the mini-me P12 for the first time on “It’s taking me so long. I just had a few other things I had to do and just other stuff with life going on but I’ve got it here.& I’ve played with the Dsp on I’ve . played with it off and I’m going to talk about in this video, so let’s get to it” Cody: “I’ve had a lot of fun with the Mini-Me P12. It’s pretty nice now the cloth grille is nice and solid…. Click here to read more and watch the full video