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Hello Guys Its The Man Here Today.

I’m going to give you my thoughts on the KC62 and KF92 subwoofers from KeF before we start the reason. I’m making this video is because the other day I uploaded another video on the KC62, which got a lot of hate which I truly did not expect quite frankly. Some of the comments that have been directed towards me are quite disturbing derogatory and simply untrue assessments of me just because I look and talk a certain way and perhaps my videos are a little different compared to other channels. It doesn’t make it okay for you to judge me like you have chances are if you’re watching this you’re a fully grown adult and I don’t understand what I’ve done that has negatively affected your life so much anyway.

The Intention Of This Channel Is To

restore some integrity to the. industry not only that but also to bring some power back to consumers because from my experience customers in this industry throw money at Hi-fi gear, expecting some sort of magic to happen and a lot of people end up unhappy and end up selling their equipment and guess what they lose a lot of money. I think there are a number of key changes that have to happen for the Hi-fi industry to evolve if you’re interested in this sort of content make sure you subscribe and there’ll be more on the way and if I’ve helped you today make sure you like the video if you’re deciding between the KC62 and the KF-92 subwoofers from KeF or perhaps you’re even looking at other subwoofers I’m here to help you make that choice a little bit easier. Today Hi guys welcome to man discovers tech welcome to the channel. to be doing a specs comparison between the KC62 and Kf92 subwoofers from Kef and then later on I’m going to be doing a size comparison between these two.

If Youre Currently On The Fence

between these two subs or perhaps you’re considering something bigger you might have noticed these two subwoofers claim a frequency response down to 11 Hertz is that a realistic expectation I’m gonna let you know that today so starting with the two subwoofers, the KC62 and the KF92 let’s have a look at the technology inside the cabinet. Both of these subs feature force cancelling technology that means the drivers are acoustically in phase, but mechanically they move in opposite directions. The key difference here is that the KC 62 uses what KeF called the unicore technology rather than having two magnets control. These drivers It’s all incorporated into one magnet system so how does. force canceling technology work well if you’re familiar with physics.

Isaac Newton Was The One Who

said for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so as one cone moves out in a single driver system that’s gonna mean the cabinet has to respond in some way. Essentially it means the cabinet is gonna rock back and forth. What happens is this generates very slight acoustic vibrations which get transmitted into the air and probably the ground so if you mount another cone on the other side and they’re in phase. Essentially there’s going to be no net momentum and the cabinet shouldn’t really rock at least due to cone motion anyway so what this does it helps keep the cabinet stable and inert so is this a new concept in subwoofers no. Here are some other subwoofers that do something very similar to these two subs here.

We Have The Bmw Pv-1D Which I Think

is a really nice-looking subwoofer now that sub claims a frequency response all the way down to 6.5 Hertz Ah, But if we read the next line you’ll see that BMW say a frequency extension down to 64 Hertz when measured on reference axis drop down to the bottom of the spec sheet and there’s a note that says base extension varies with output level due to dynamic equalization Interesting we’ll come back to that one later Another subwoofer that has this force cancelling technology and that’s the sonos sub what I thought Sonos was not really a brand for audiophiles like Kefi’s well it’s not so guys I just want to make this clear just because the subwoofer has this force cancelling technology. It doesn’t mean it’s better I know it’s tempting to look at the subwoofer and say well. two drivers there and they’re force cancelling so there must be better base coming from the subwoofer incorrect so what’s the real advantage of this technology. See the key advantage of this technology is that the baffles can be smaller and therefore they can be stiffer and that’s really important for a base box.

Because Of All The Forces That Are

inside the box. So basically the reason they’ve made this with force cancelling technology is so they can make a smaller subwoofer that is light but yet stable. So the subwoofer doesn’t essentially dance across the floor. Now that’s not really a problem if you have a properly made heavy structurally sound rigid subwoofer even if it has just one driver, so it begs the question what is Kef’s exact goal with this subwoofer is it as they say to shape the foundations of the industry and make all. Other subwoofers obsolete because that’s what they seem to claim if you look at the information available on their website.

I Dont Think Thats The Goal Here

and I don’t think these subwoofers are going to make real subwoofers obsolete. I think Kef is trying to get better subwoofers into people’s living spaces because typically good subwoofers don’t match the furniture so for that I do respect what companies like Kef and B w are doing but I don’t necessarily agree with the marketing practices that are used to sell the product so how big are the drivers. KC 62 6. 5-inch KF 92 nine inch drivers. How powerful are the Amps 1000 watt RMs class D amplification for both subwoofers how loud do they go well.

Kef Say The Kf-92 Is Twice As Loud

as the KC-62 and you would expect that because the KC-62 is 63 percent smaller. The KF-92 now what should your room size be Kef say for the KC 62 your room should be between 5 meter squared and 50 meter squared, and for the K F92. They say between 10 and 100 meters squared. I think to be honest. The upper bounds of those ranges may be a little bit overstated.

Let Me Explain Now To Make

this size comparison relevant. I’m going to show you. The subwoofer I’ve been using over the past few months so here’s my Xtz 1217 edge subwoofer, which i use for music and movies and gaming actually as well that subwoofer features a 12-inch high excursion. Cone Xt said called this subwoofer a hybrid subwoofer which gets you close to the sound of a sealed enclosure with the 20 Hertz extension of a ported model just for reference XDz claimed this to be a 20 hertz subwoofer. The price is about 700 euros.

It Features A 700 Watt Class D

ice power amplifier and the box isn’t the biggest, but it’s a darn sight bigger than what you’re about to see now so guys as the speaker shops are all closed right now Thanks to lockdown. It makes it very difficult for me to get hold of these subwoofers in person. So I had to get a little bit creative to show you this size comparison what you’re seeing right now is two cardboard boxes which have been made to scale look at the difference between all three subs now the reason I’m making this video is just to bring awareness to what I’ve witnessed in the hi-fi industry. My opinion is I think there’s too much fiddling going on in the spec sheets and a lot of consumers are buying into it fair enough if you’re. In Hi-fi and home cinema this is not going to be any surprise to you.

I Understand That But I Made

this video for people who are on the fence and they don’t know which model to buy. I made it for people who go into a speaker shop and ask which subwoofer should I buy and they get led by sales people who are there to make sales and they’re not really advising the customer what is best for the customer’s needs so my recommendation is if people want these Kef subwoofers for music. The Kc62 and the Kf92 then go ahead and try them out. I’d recommend getting a home demo and also trying out some other subwoofer brands like Rel, Svs, Xtz and HSu Dr Shu subwoofers if you’re watching this in America, if you’re really wanting this for movies and gaming, then my opinion is these. Probably aren’t going to be the right subs for you? The KF92 might be, but if you’re looking for a smaller sized subwoofer for movies with good power perhaps something like an SvS SB 3000 will get you there for less money than the KF92, and it’s even less money than the KC 62 and it only takes a little bit more space now.

Another Thing About Kefs Recommendation On The Space.

KeF recommends a space between five square meters and 50 square meters for the KC 62 and the KF 92 is recommended for spaces up to 100 square meters. Now consider this space that you’re seeing right now. This is an 18 square meter room and i’m telling you even the XT said subwoofer that I have even that struggles to dig deep in this space and that’s a 700 watt ported subwoofer in a larger enclosure and. It’s got a high excursion driver in this room.

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Even I Would Need A Second Sub

like this XDz to get the sound that I’m looking for in movies and gaming and to be honest even in some music as well because of the peak dynamics that you miss out with smaller subwoofers anyway. I just want to say that this video is not intended to throw mud at the KC 62 or KF92. I made another video about the KC 62 recently and I think a lot of people got the wrong end of the stick. I think they are both great subs considering what they’re designed to be. I think there’s some really interesting tech in those subs, especially the KC 62 and I think if you’re looking for a really cool looking sub and you want to hide it away in a corner.

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Then These Are Good.

choices we also have to consider your budget as well. I think you’d have to have deep pockets to buy these subwoofers. Another thing to consider is that if you’re in a smaller room, you might actually benefit a bit from room gain. So subwoofers like the KC62 might be able to hit those lower notes with more ease.

I Just Wanted To Manage Your Expectation

guys because for me getting a subwoofer in the 12-inch range has always been the smarter investment and if you want the subwoofer to do its job in music movies and gaming and have that decent level of dynamics. A 12–inch subwoofer is probably the minimum that I would recommend. If you want the subwoofer to play loudly. I don’t think the KC-62 is going to manage it. I’ve been hunting around online and I’ve heard that this subwoofer going by measurements.


20 Hertz at 80 decibels in anechoic conditions, which isn’t enough sound pressure to satisfy me, nor is it considered reference levels. I’ve been an enthusiast for a long time, and I’ve never heard anybody argue that.


The KC62 and KF92 subwoofers from KeF are the latest in a series of videos from the man discovers tech channel . The channel aims to restore some integrity to the Hi-fi industry and to bring some power back to consumers . The two subs claim a frequency response down to 11 Hertz is that a realistic expectati is a realistic expectation of the subwowoofer’s frequency response . There’ll be more videos of this sort of content on the channel. If you’re interested in this type of content make sure you subscribe and there’ll be a lot more on the way. If I’ve helped you today I’m here to help you make that choice a little bit easier. I think there are a number of key changes that have to happen for the industry to evolve if you’re interested in these types of content. I’m going to be doing a specs comparison between these two subs. and then later on I’m going to…. Click here to read more and watch the full video