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hi guys its Silas for kick Guru and today we are taking a look at the Edifier s 70 UK sound bar. So let’s start with the basics. The Edifier S 70 UK kit comprises of the sound bar itself and a separate subwoofer for an UK P of 449 pounds ninety–nine pence. In the Rob the large box we have the sound bar sub woofer, a remote control and a series of cables. A fiber-optic audio 3.

5 Millimeter To Uk A 3.

5 millimeter audio adapter cable and a power cable for the subwoofer. This should cover all the bases when it comes to connecting the S-70 UK up to your UK also included a wall mount for the sound bar screws and raw plugs, which is nice to see considering the number of users I would imagine are connecting the s. to a wall-mounted UK First impressions are really positive. The aesthetic may not be for everybody, but I really like the wood finish.

The Sound Bar And Subwoofer Are

built from UK with the wooden finish as a veneer. I really like the darker wood, but this being said it may not be for everybody as considering this is the only colorway for the S 70 UK kit you may be a bit of a loss if you wanted all black. For instance, once out the box setting everything up was actually surprisingly easy. What’s really cool is that the speaker bar and subwoofer connect wirelessly so you only need to run a single cable from the speaker bar to your UK. There are power cables though for both the sound bar and the subwoofer and in order to get the speaker bar and something we refer to talk to.

Other There Is A Simple Pairing Procedure

required by depressing two buttons one on each of the speakers. It’s quick and simple and although it did require a consultation of the manual was pretty much just as fast as running a cable. The only element I did have a bit of trouble with during setup is actually that I couldn’t fit the S 70 UK sound bar on my existing UK stand at 113 centimetres long and 13 centimetres deep for the sound bar. It is certainly worth making sure you have the space to sit it in front of your UK. If it’s not wall-mounted the sub was a little bit easier and I positioned just under my newly rated UK table stand as the sub is wireless you shouldn’t have much trouble finding space for it and it’s basically a 32 centimeter Q in terms of connections available.

Have Optical In Coaxial Uk Line In Orcs

on the sound bar itself. The sub is pretty simple by comparison, and has no additional connections. Just controls for bass adjustment, a power switch and a status indicator and pairing button. My UK supports optical out so I use this as my preferred connection type. This seemed like the simplest option as any further UK connected devices should still run through the sound bar without lots of switching between different connection types.

Each Time You Wanted To Change The

source. Initially, there was a lot of ghosted audio coming through both the UK speakers and the s 70 UK turning the volume off completely from the UK did remedy this but upon delving into UK settings. There was an option for simply disabling the inbuilt speakers and have all the audio played through the optical out instead, it is definitely worth. Checking this as possible with your UK and this is by no means an issue with the S 70 UK, but initially without browsing some settings I was stuck with a mute icon constantly showing on my UK, which is a little bit intrusive. The front fabric grills can be removed from both the speaker bar and the sub which is cool to see not only is this super easy to remove these grilles great for me to help provide a better view of the speaker array, but also down the line.

If Cleaning Is Required With The

grilles off you get a much better view of the 470 millimeter aluminium mid-range bass amplifiers and 219 millimeter titanium. Film dome tweeters separated three aside from left to right in stereo. The sub is an 8-inch unit and you get a total of 158 watts from the S 70 UK. should be easily enough to power most him home cinema setups. The grilles are removable but it doesn’t look like The sound bar is intended to be used without these covers as they sit flush to the rest of the speaker aesthetically to me.

It Doesnt Look Great With These Covers Removed,

but it’s really cool that there is the potential to remove them for cleaning if required or if they need to be replaced say if they get damaged overall. The build quality is outstanding super solid all around with a ton of reassuring weight. The sound bar comes in about five and a half kilos and around 11 for the subwoofer. The sound bar itself sits upon two really chunky rubberized feet, which certainly helps with stability the grilles and remotes really the only parts I can see you having issues with but again being unattached means replacing. them is relatively easy.

The Front Of The Sound Bar Follows A

super simple aesthetic which I actually really like and the only control present is a simple dial for controlling volume. The dial itself is nice as chunky, and there are significant tactile bumps as you move up and down in volume. The remotes itself is pretty cool in shape. It’s round and puck like and feels really good in the hand. The somewhat unusual shape is also appreciated though as it makes it very easy to distinguish against other media center or UK remotes.

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One Thing To Notice That The

remote requires a relatively standard CR2025 cell battery, but a little less convenient to swap out than the more mainstream double-a and triple-a batteries that most UK remotes will work with the remote itself is pretty excel phix planetary and easy to use. There are standard controls for. And down input selection and play pause previous and next track. A really cool feature of the UK UK is the support for Bluetooth 4. 1 and this is the primary reason for the inclusion of the media controls as when just being used connected to your UK as a sound bar.

These Controls Dont Really Do Anything Except For

the play/pause button which functions as mute. The inclusion of bluetooth connectivity is great as initially the 449 pound price point struck me is quite a bit to be spending on just better UK audio being able to wirelessly connect your Bluetooth enabled devices and use the UK UK as your primary go-to for a living room audio as well is a big plus point and makes the dear a price a lot easier to swallow Bluetooth for me works well and I was able to achieve around 10 meters of. Without the audio starting to cut out. This did include a wall or two so your mileage may vary, but this is easily enough range to cover your living room. The S-70 UK also supports high res audio so for those with a large collection of lossless audio in formats like UK or black you are covered.

The Sound Quality Itself Is Really Impressive And

have upgrade over my UK built-in speaker setup overall. The S 70 UK offered much better balance across the board and whereas my standard UK speakers had sounded a little bit tinny. The S-70 UK delivered much more clarity with heavy dialog. The mid and low range is really shown through though and this is the big improvement I found for the UK 70 UK over my normal UK speakers. This is typically an area I find to be lacking with inbuild speaker.

Especially Bass, But Even With The Sub-Disconnected

the sound bar. It still still excelled in providing much richer sound. The sub-aided massively when watching movies the expected rumbling commonly associated with subwoofers help with immersion and was great during even recent World Cup matches being more specifically tuned to UK use and a much wider range of sound makes a lot more sense and I had a really hard time discerning areas where any detail or clarity was lost, overall very balanced and very clear and almost no Distortion. Even at max volumes. The bass does become pretty intense at this point, though a max volume is unnecessary unless you plan just to irritate your neighbors.

The Preset The Preset Effects Like News Movie

and music are quite subtle, but works very well for their expected applications for most programs and general UK. I kept the S 70 UK in news mode, which offered more vocal clarity, much better for long dialogue sequences or say sports commentary Movie really up the rumbling bass and offered a great cinematic experience. I did pick up on more vibration running through the floors of my living room, but dialogue still came through clear and easy to follow music is kind of what you might expect a bit of a balance between the two cutting back on the bass a little and a bit more of a general listening mode. You do still have the flexibility to adjust the amount of bass using the dial at the rear of the sub it. ‘s also nice to see that the dial has a small.

Tactile Bump At Its Midway Point, Which Makes

adjusting the base a lot easier. When reaching around to the rear of the subwoofer. I preferred to stick with the midway point in a lot of my testing as it genuinely was the most balanced option increasing the bass. The pool was very noticeable and actually a little too much for my preferences. But this again is pretty subjective.

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I Will Admit Its A Bit

of a only having just the three modes for adjustingNK] settings I would have really preferred some options for setting up custom profiles or editing these presets a little more. This wasn’t so much of an issue when using long slide just my UK but I couldn’t help. Feeling this was a bit of a missed opportunity for those who truly want to utilize the S 70 UK as a living room speaker setup overall. Overall, I was really impressed with the Edifier s 70 UK sound bar a significant improvement over standard UK audio, which is to be expected, but the added connections and inclusion of Bluetooth had me impressed with its versatility alongside using the S 70 UK with just my UK I actually found myself using it just as much for general music consumption even more so than mine on Bluetooth equipped stereo setup.

The Setup Was Nice And Easy And

the inclusion of things like the wall mount bracket along with screws and even raw plugs to set it up it’s nice to see showing Edifier really tried to simplify the whole setup process. It’s not the best as a standalone stereo. Improvements could be made with the flexibility of UK options or even just more modes, but as an option that covers these bases both connected to your UK and. for an occasional music playback device.

It Works Really Well If Youre Looking For

something primarily for music you probably wouldn’t be looking at a sound bar anyway. It’s very well built and looks great too so definitely more of a feature of your living room, but in terms of recommendation. There is a caveat and to me.


The Edifier S 70 UK kit comprises of the sound bar itself and a separate subwoofer for an UK P of 449 pounds ninety–nine pence . Set-up was surprisingly easy and setting up was actually surprisingly easy . The sound bar and sub woofer are built from UK with the wooden finish as a veneer . The aesthetic may not be for everybody, but I really like the wood finish . The only element I did have a bit of trouble with during setup is actually that I couldn’t fit the S-70 UK sound bar on my existing UK stand at 113 centimetre long and 13 centimetres deep for the soundbar . It’s quick and simple and although it did require a consultation of the manual was pretty much just as fast as running a cable. The only issue is that you couldn’t fit it on your existing UK Stand at 113cm long and13cm deep for a sound bar . See more from Silas for more from the Edifier…. Click here to read more and watch the full video