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Hi! This Is Kevin Diehl From Upscale Audio

and today we’re going to talk about we’re going to interview have a chat with Andrew_Jones” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Andrew Jones, the chief designer for Elac and the man that designed this amazing subwoofer that we have an amazing buy on but before we go there I want to say something yes you guessed it. We had a contest for a free t-shirt the rock star. I want to be most is Steven Tyler. It is true. I mean that dude is so cool.

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I Mean He Just I Mean Look.

I I also I mean you could talk about the stones, but for some reason I would love to be Stephen Tyler. If I was gonna be anybody. I don’t know about you guys and I think everybody dreams of that you know. I had a weird week because I had a guy named Simon.

Just Called Me And Simon Said Kevin

I love your videos. He said you know why he says you’re not afraid to show your feminine side and being in touch with your feelings and I thought that was kind of funny. I go well thanks I appreciate that and you know I I don’t mind telling people the way it is whether it’s about electronics or about myself. I don’t care the truth is the truth right and right after I hung up with him Ash the store manager goes. I just blacklisted a customer.

I Go Whats That About He

goes oh you don’t want to know I go what do you mean. I don’t want to know. Then I really had to know right some guy sends in a comment about me in a homophobic slur now why would that bother me well. It’s not because I’m not. gay because I’m not gay, I’m married and by the way because I’m in touch with my feminine side I have never been divorced.

Its Not Because Of That Its

because some of the greatest people in my life are gay and I just don’t dig that I’m talking about people in the industry and out some of the greatest people. I know are gay and I just don’t dig that at upscale audio love intolerance is our code so this dude sends in this comment and it’s so weird because he’s bought a bunch of stuff here. So I sent him back an email and I just said Hey man. I don’t dig that behavior. I reject it and he came back and called and he apologized and that’s all I need right it’s cool all is forgiven because love intolerance is our code means that we just forgive.

That Stuff Ive Done So Many Dumb Things

in my life If I was judged by every dumb thing I’ve ever done. I couldn’t go shopping anywhere or I’d never be free right and then another guy sends a message in to one of my sales people and says I went and I demoed clips forte threes. They let me take them home. I demoed them in the store now. I want to buy them from you and we’re like cat says, what do you want me to do.

I Said Send Him Back To The Dealer

Why do you do things that make you feel bad Later right. I don’t understand what’s going on in this world some kind of a soul sickness where people want to take and they don’t care about how they treat others no go to your local dealer. If you have one those guys. are barely eking out a living right now. You know what I’m saying I mean if you don’t have one if you want to do business with us.

Were More Than Happy To Help

you. But I’m all about the small mom and pop shops because those guys in the best of times are eating out of living and right now maybe not so much so make sure you take care of them okay. I’m gonna bring on Andrew and I gotta say something Andrew is one of my heroes because he is the real deal and he gets it so he’s famous for designing products like T. a. d.

Hes Famous For Designing Great Big

super expensive speakers, but what he gets a big thrill out of is products that kick ass for a more reasonable price point and I love that too so let’s bring him on all right Andrew. Andrew can you hear me? I can hear you Oh that’s good Oh, I’m glad you didn’t hear the previous five minutes because all I was doing was bitching and complaining about me. No not about you about other stuff. So my my wife’s nickname for me is grumpy Gray that’s the nickname for me. So Andrew Jones thank you so much for joining us.

Andrew Is Absolutely One Of My Heroes For

a couple of reasons you know Andrew is a guy who is so talented that he has designed some of the most iconic loudspeakers in the world and very very expensive loudspeakers. But I think that we are somewhat kindred in that we get a big thrill out of also getting people super high-end sound for a more reasonable price am I pegging you the right way, saying that Andrew yes you’re making me blush but I. autocorrect in the camera system so you’ll never notice, but yes apart from doing very high-end systems. I really really really enjoy doing speakers that are affordable for pretty much everybody in my career. I’ve gone over a thousand to one ratio in price point it’s quite intriguing and I didn’t know unless until we had were chit chatting not long ago that you had something to do with the the old Caf 104s which I used to sell those back in the day when I was working at RsL and I did wasn’t aware that you were involved in that project on the periphery.

So When The Caf 104.

2 was being developed was I joined Kef halfway through that development project, but I was on research so my contribution was a very straightforward one the we were looking at new kinds of inductor cores and my job. to research those cores and test the limit as to how much flux they could handle before they overloaded, So you know just a little bit just get my toes in the water working for KeF, But it that was a hugely successful speaker for KeF and that was a long long time. What was that the late 80s I guess something like that three 1983 Yeah I’m getting so old Jesus and then of course the work that you did with Tad right with T. a.


I mean I came across the pond at the invite of Floyd Toole to come and work at infinity and so I did about three years or so with infinity. But then I got the opportunity to go and work for pioneer, which turned into the opportunity to start Tad home audio with a flagship speaker, so that was the Tid model one followed. By the reference one and that was a fantastic time the access to technology that I had there and working with the Japanese engineers or some of the best acoustic engineers on the planet. It was wonderful.

You Know When Youre Talking About Companies Like

that. I mean they have the abilities to just throw a hundred engineers or something. I mean it’s really right well. I mean they’re very serious about getting things done aren’t they yeah. I mean two examples one.

We Were Looking At The Structure Of Some

of the the material and they oh we’ll just go and take that to the electron microscope okay go ahead and then when BMW launched their diamond tweeter. I was chatting to the guys in Tokyo and saying you know what what are the characteristics of um diamond? So I can contrast them to beryllium and the the chemist There he reached into his desk drawer and brought out this jewel box and inside was a diamond tweeter diaphragm, where did he get that he said Oh! We made it back in 1992 and it was in a product in the marketplace in 1993 and that afternoon. They brought me the original copy of the brochure or and gave it to me as a present to say yeah. This is what we were doing so I’ve been there done that yeah and so you know that kind of brings us around to what we’re talking about today and that is this those that listen to my Youtube channel. They know that first off when I tell you to buy a subwoofer and I’m not telling you to do that to necessarily get better bass response.

Im Telling You To Do It

to get a better mid-band to get a greater sense of scale to get greater voices. When you want to hear a a crooner like Jim Morrison or you know or Johnny cash. You know what I’m saying yeah that’s why you buy a subwoofer, but I tell people all the time and I still hold to this to a great degree that you should buy subwoofers from some from subwoofer specialists like rel or jail audio because I mean rel. I mean that’s all they do and for so many other speaker companies subwoofers are they go okay let’s do this and this and put it in a box and then that’s it and I. Just don’t think that they have the ability to get products done the way.

I Want Them Done Or That A Specialist

can get it done when I saw this product and I saw how much it cost and I listened to it and the performance. I said Oh my God and I said I knew that you had a lot to do with it because it is badass so you know those rules that I the those suggestions I make to people they’re certainly not absolutes because I believe in parts and engineering and when Andrew Jones gets behind something like this, you were able to throw real engineering assets at it right yeah. It’s also a case of when we look at going into a product category and of course as a speaker manufacturer people who always go well. Do you have a matching subwoofer and what do you mean by a matching subwoofer? Does it mean that forever every speaker series do we have to have a specific series of subwoofer or are subwoofers of a price and performance capability that you just freely mix and match with whatever speaker you have that is in that price performance category and on top of that it’s well rather than just yeah we’ve got our own subwoofer branded the same so presumably it should work with our branded speaker Is there technology we can bring to the market that is solving a need that people have but hasn’t been met yet so it’s one thing to just be concentrating on price performance ratio but the other aspect is what is missing from how you use a particular component and can we contribute to that to make it easier for you. And so some of that is incorporated in the sub-30 70.

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Yeah Sub 3070.

I’m telling you at the price that this is offered at. It is an unbelievable value. Click on the description you’ll see what I’m talking about as far as the price goes and I look.

I Go Jesus It Weighs 77

pounds and when I looked at the way they pack it it was just such obvious quality. I’m talking about the cabinet. The finish of the cabinet. The


Kevin Diehl from upscale Audio says he would love to be Steven Tyler if he was gonna be anybody . He says he’s not gay because he’s married and by the way because I’m in touch with my feminine side I have never been divorced . He had a guy send in a comment about him in a homophobic slur . The store manager goes.& I just blacklisted a customer. I just don’t dig that at upscale audio love intolerance is our code so this dude sends in this comment and it’s so weird because he’d bought a bunch of stuff here.& So I sent him back an emai. I don’t care the truth is the truth right and right after I hung up with him Ash the store manager went. He goes oh you don’t want to know. I go what’s that about he goes Oh you don’t want toknow. He said oh you didn’t want the truth. I didn’t know what he said. He went on to say…. Click here to read more and watch the full video