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Hello! Im Jay, Owner Of Volunteer Audio In Oliver

Springs, Tennessee and I have an amazing new product from Soundstream here in my hand. This is the HDhU 9813 UK for Road Glide and I’ll say it for you all you Road Glide owners it’s about time somebody finally made a radio for your bike. The options we’ve had have been terrible and by now your stock radio has failed it’s been repaired. It’s been thrown in the trash and you’ve had to buy something else and I’m so excited we finally have an amazing option for your bike hang out as I go over the options on this new radio and we’ll show it to you in a bike and go over all the features as we use it foreign UK UK UK why this radio is so important and such a game changer for all you guys with. Your 1998 to 2013 UK Road gloves so first let’s talk about the factory option.

Most Of Your Factory Radios.

There are very few had UK. Most of them had UK UK and most did not have Bluetooth and by now from the vibration from water from just age. Those radios have died if you were lucky enough to get one with UK. It didn’t work well when it worked and eventually that UK player went out as well, but it’s 2023 almost got it just a couple weeks away and the future is here.

Apple Carplay And Android Auto Have

been those game changers that are in that new UK radio in your 2019 and newer UK now we want to bring you into the future and talk about this radio as well, but let’s back up to those options so previously to now you would have had to. Have bought a whether it be a single UK marine radio which we know are not waterproof. They were meant for a boat they weren’t really meant to get wet. They were just for moisture and maybe some UK protection and you would have put that in a cage or a mount in your Road Glide and anytime it rained water would have ran right into the Fairing and these radios were good for maybe a year to two years of use and then that money was thrown in the trash. So if you went with the Plug and Play options from aquatic UK or even Rockford Fosgate There’s a couple units they’re very expensive and they do very little they were UK UK with Bluetooth.

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I Mean Thats All You Got And

you paid six seven hundred dollars for one of these radios like I have here in my. hand here’s the Aquatic version. It’s been a good radio as far as lasting, but if you really get looking at it. It’s a very thin stamped chassis if water were to get in here. It’s not sealed water could get in the radio, so it’s not a super long-term built radio.

It Is Plug And Play If You

have front speakers, but they didn’t even put a rear speaker connector on it so even as expensive as this 700 radio is it really just doesn’t seem like like you’re getting what you pay for and getting that normal UK Markup let’s talk about the Soundstream option that they’ve come out with now first off you’ll see it’s very different and look. It It has this oval face that fits perfectly in that oval snout portion of your interfering on your Road Glide. They’ve put an amazing gasket on the back and completely water sealed this display and I know it’s probably kind of hard to tell in this video maybe you can tell compared to this radio, but this screen is actually larger than the radio screen on the UK and UK radios in the new UK I’ve measured it out it’s almost a half inch bigger diagonally in screen size. It’s also an optically bonded display. I know you’re wondering am I even going to be able to see that in the sunlight absolutely because this is the same technology in the new UK radio in the 19 and newer Road Glides and you can see it great in the sun.

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Well Do A Test Here A Little Later

and we’ll. show you with the light on it How well you can see it being optically bonded that is the best type as far as from touch. It does work with most leather gloves. If your gloves will operate your phone screen it’ll operate this screen as well. This retains your factory thumb controls on your handlebars so they’ll fully function just like they did Factory, but it’s completely water sealed and IPx rated meaning we’re going to show you later a little bit more in depth, but this thing will not have a problem from rain.

If You Wash Your Bike Its

not going to be a problem. Obviously we’re going to always tell you never pressure wash the screen on a radio. It never makes sense even on one that is IPX rated amazing gasket here that we’ll show you shortly going in the bike fits super snug and tight and keeps water from going into the fairing as well. So not only will water not get through the screen and mess up the radio, but water’s not going to go into your Fairing and get to other electronics. You may have mounted in there such as amps and and UK lights and such the chassis is completely aluminum.

It Is Completely Sealed.

It uses Factory mounting points and they’ve actually put a better connector than Factory on the back, so we have this rotating locking connector just like the 14 and newer bikes would have and this full Plug and Play harness. If you’ll notice there’s no module needed to keep thumb controls it’s built in but we have not only. Front speaker connection and power and ground but we have rear speakers So if you have an O5 renewer that had the tour pack speakers from the factory plug this in those speakers are going to work there’s no wiring completely Plug and Play now I got to tell you the only time that it’s not completely plug and play and it will still plug in if you have a UK those Factory blue amps are not going to work and at volunteer audio we’re going to have options for Plug and Play amp packages for all bikes including the CVos to take care of that issue now as far as the radio goes and feature. This is very similar to the UK Hu-14 PLus that we’ve been using for a full year now and there are a lot of naysayers out there that said it wasn’t going to be.

Good Quality Radio But Ill Tell You A

year in we’ve been through about 1500 of these radios and the they’ve been phenomenal They’ve held up in the Harley environment. Unlike any radio We’ve ever sold it’s the lowest defect rate of any radio we’ve ever put in a Harley but let’s talk about features so it’s very similar to the UK H214 Plus and the reason I brought that radio up is it’s the same internals. It’s the same amplifier. It’s the same screen technology so those have lasted amazing This one will too I have no concerns about longevity or how well this is going to hold up. In Harley use same internal equalizer and audio setup.

So This Is The Part.

I think it’s the real game changer is we have a 13-band adjustable equalizer that gives us so much control over your audio but on. top of that we have high pass filters which block low end BAss from your speakers, so they’re going to be clearer and louder. We also have low pass filters built in for the sub-out if you add a subwoofer or some mid-bass drivers with the band pass capability of turning on a subsonic filter. Also so layman’s terms tons of audio adjustment in this radio.

Most Of The Other Options Out

there had bass and treble adjustment maybe mid adjustment very lacking for the high price. You were paying for the radio Apple carplay and Android auto simply plug in your phone to this UK and it comes long enough to go to either front storage pocket has a grommet to drill and install that plug in your phone and your apps are going to come up on screen Now you have Apple Maps, Google Maps Waze. All those music apps that you love Pandora Slacker Spotify Hulu title Amazon Prime music you can just go on and on and on UK all your music apps. Your navigation apps are on screen where you want them while you’re riding down the road instead of trying to look at your phone. No longer will you need to put your phone on your handlebar game changer looks so much better than your stock radio.

This Brings Your Bike Into The Future

but with Apple Carplay. Android auto UK UK Bluetooth if you just want to connect the phone for to send audio to it wirelessly without plugging it in and at volunteer audio. We have some options to plug in a wireless adapter to the UK to get Apple Carplay and Android auto Wireless as well. So I don’t think I’ve missed much about the radio’s features at this. point outside of this let me add one more so the HDhU14 PLus for the 14 Maneuvers did not do Sirius UK that’s going to be in the newNK] model and this one’s actually closer to the UK model and feature all you have to do is get an SXV 300 tuner from UK plug it in the back.

Now You Have Uk Capability Without Your

phone connected. This is 35 currently at volunteeraudio. com and when you buy it you get a 70-prepaid Visa card so you actually make 35 dollars by buying this and adding it to your radio so UK capability which is even better than the the 14 plus that we had for the 14 Maneuvers and then last but not least we have a backup camera input, so this is made for your Harley. This isn’t an off-the-shelf radio that was for a car.

Put Into A Harley And Even To The

point that normally we would have a reverse input on a car so when you went to reverse it would trigger your camera on on this radio. There’s actually a camera icon that when you press that icon it doesn’t receive a reverse trigger. It actually sends out power to power a camera because we know you don’t have something in the back to Power the camera and turn on that video through UK right on the screen. So we’ll have backup camera options to mount at the back under your tour pack so as you’re backing in a parking spot whether it’s be like say on a tour pack or on a rear fender to make sure that you don’t back into the curb with the back of your stretched bags or stretched Fender great idea great addition here that we didn’t have on the UK Hu-14 Plus as well so same technology in that newer radio added UK capability has the same awesome equalizer inside and added us a camera input nothing has been left out or not thought of on this radio again Volunteer audio will have Plug and Play amp.

Speaker Packages For This Radio As Soon

as it ships and I want to clarify the radio I’m holding. This is a pre-production model. It’s exactly what we’ll be getting as they start to ship, but I think today is December 16-17.


The HDhU 9813 UK for Road Glide is a new option for your bike . It’s about time somebody finally made a radio for your bicycle . Apple Carplay and Android auto have been those game changers that are in that new UK radio in your 2019 and newer UK now we want to bring you into the future and talk about this radio as well . We’ll show it to you in a bike and go over all the features as we use it foreign UK UK UK why this radio is so important and such a game changer for all you guys with with. Your 1998 to 2013 UK Road gloves so first let’s talk about the factory option. The future is here and it’s 2023 almost got it just a couple weeks away and the future is in a couple of weeks away. We’ll go over the options on this radio. We’re looking forward to the new radio. You can’t wait to see what you want to do with the Plug and Play opt….. Click here to read more and watch the full video