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labs Today we’re going to get a black diamond amplifier. What is black Diamond well. It’s 110 right now on Amazon let’s take a closer look and see what this thing’s about Yeah. It has Ds18 on the box because this is distributed and made by believe Ds18 Here it is black diamond open it up there is the manual have several different models today. We’re going to be looking at one specific model.

A Monoblock Comes With A Warranty Card

and we like it loud some mounting screws, remote base cable or telephone cable. If you have an old school phone and here’s a remote base knob. It is metal. It has a nice potentiometer and it has a clip light can. I get a cheer for black diamond hands up throw your hands up in the air swim around.

Like You Just Dont Care Good Job

We like this bass knob on the back of the amplifier box. You can see 25-50 watts, but then also 900 at one ohm 602 ohms 350 at four ohms. Those are RMs numbers here’s the amp outside the box. It looks pretty nice actually to me about the size of my hand and look at the inputs and outputs here. On one end, you’ll see the remote base connection a clip led bass boost from 0 to 18 db.

It Does Not Tell Us The

frequency. Unfortunately, subsonic from 10 hertz to 55 hertz low pass filter from 250 down to 50 Hertz phase 0 180 gain control and then RCa inputs on the opposite end not a whole lot going on. We just have one speaker output which takes about 12 gauge wire. We have two 40 amp fuses a. power and protect led light then we have four gauge for the power and ground as well as a remote terminal.

There Which Is Around 12 Gauge As

well just like the speaker terminals as far as dimensions 7.9 inches long, 5. 5 inches wide millimeter equivalents are there too for you outside the Us as far as the height 1. 9 inches or 48 millimeters. Now it’s time to fire up the good old SmD demo engineering amplifier dyno so we can try out this amp see what kind of RMs power output we get before we do that make sure you smash me a thumbs up check out links in the video description for some Wilson audio merch now let’s do the amp four ohms.

This Is A Monoblock Amp Rated 350 Watts

at 14.4 volts. Let’s try it out here so we get a little bit shy yeah so. We measured 334 up to one percent ThD. Now let’s try it up to clipping, which is the uncertified test and here you can see yes.

We Were Able To Get The

rated power 352 at 14.35 volts. Now we will reset the dyno try the dynamic track 40 Hertz pulse tone going into the amp. See if we can get that 350 right at it 349 at 14. 34.

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If We Had That 14.

4 I get guarantee it would get it now let’s check out the efficiency 87 percent four ohms very good, but it’s also needed for an amp. This small 2 ohms. The amplifier is rated 600 watts RMs power let’s try certified tests first up to 1 percent distortion and whoa we’re shy 553 at 14. 48.

Now Lets See If Its Like

the four ohm test and uncertified can it reach that 600 watts up yes it. Can there you go 620 watts 14. 4 volts uncertified up to the clipping point now let’s try the dynamic power and there you go it’s got some dynamic power got a little bit more juice 663 watts 14. 5 volts. What about that efficiency though at 2 ohms 76 is what we measured that is about what we expect for a class D at two ohms now let’s try the one ohm test rated 900 watts 14.

4 Volts Again Certified Can We Get That Number

certified No we’re shy 95 watts 8.05 at 14. 38. Now what do you guys think is it going to make it uncertified. Can it be just like the other test yes 921 at 14.


So this amp appears to be rated at clipping instead of one percent thd that’s okay they just need to tell us in the manual. It’s that clipping in my opinion dynamic. power 958 watts at 14. 18 what about that efficiency 73 percent at one ohm.

That Is About What We Would Expect Now

what about the results. I would say it’s pretty impressive for the money. You can see all the ratings here. You can pause this if you want to see it but basically it met rated power at clipping but not quite um using the certified test. You can also see the eight ohm test there if you’d like now let’s hook this up to the Savart eight inch subs find out do it bump dough okay friends here we have the mighty mite black diamond dia2550.

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1D And My Neighbor Is Mowing His Grass Of

course right when I want to do the demo let’s try the do it bump though test and we have the base knob here so we can see when we get some clipping this. Is a metal base knob I kind of like it It’s got a clip light for a hundred dollar amp Yeah I’m pretty impressed with that so let’s see how it does so let’s try the woofer test. Now We’ll check out what’s inside but for that let’s heat the amp up. So we can check out those thermals We’re going to check the thermals of the amp, but first we’re going to heat it up so I’ve got the amp hooked up. I’ve got my gun here We’re going to check the external temperature first and then I’ll get out the flear.

So We Can See The Thermal Imaging

but what I wanted to do was hook it up to the dyno and let’s turn the amp on which it’s on and then let’s We got a little stopwatch over here. So once I start the track got the DD1 test track at 40 Hertz. You can see we got 12 watts going in use the base knob as a volume and I’m going to go ahead and start the little clock here and I’m gonna crank it up. Let’s do 500 watts 485 see how long it takes to heat up this amplifier again. I’ve got the clock running so there we go we’ve been almost two minutes at right at 500 watts so that’s about 60 percent power or so this amp oh there we go 120 yeah she getting hot now okay that’s enough all right so let’s turn.

It Down, But I Just Turned It All

the way down only two watts only pulling one amp about two minutes is what we did so two minutes at sixty percent power. Now let me take it apart and we’ll take off the bottom and we’ll check out the thermals all right. Let’s check those temps Oh yeah 133 the transformer 140 143 looks like on that choke there you got cool thermal image of the whole amp all right so here you can see the gut shot of this black diamond amplifier we’re going to look at the caps first 25 volt 4700 microfarad for the input filtering and for the rails. We have 63 volt 2200 microfarad and here is just against overall shot typical class D mini amplifier. The one thing you may notice is this little driver board kind of bothers me a little bit because.

It Has The Caps Kind Of Scattered Amongst

it anyway Let’s talk about the good stuff first off affordable. It’s a compact size. I would say it’s a very efficient operation has four gauge power inputs has a very nice base knob with a clip light variable subsonic filter, which is always a plus and it withstood the abuse and if you stick around all the way to the end of the video. You’ll see what I mean by that because we’re going to put it through a real torture test. What about things that could be better No Tiffany Rca’s they’re not really expecting 100 amp Why do they say 2550 watts Max i don’t know it only has one speaker output.

Even Though Its A Mono Amp.

It’s nice to have two it didn’t meet the rated power one percent thd unfortunately, and what about the brand stigma. Never heard of black diamond Have you until you watch this video anyway here’s the amp overall. I thought it was very good for the money. I really liked the base knob.

It Sounded Good On The Subwoofers

very small again stick around until after the end credits here so you can see what this amp did because it did some more stuff at the very end, which is pretty impressive thanks as always for watching till big next time Big D I’m outta here thanks for sticking around for after the credits here we’re going to try three things we’re going to check the clip light on the remote. The 0. 8 Ohm Dyno test as well as extended thermal testing first up let’s check out that clip light see how conservative it is let me try this again and hold them a little bit closer to each other let’s. Start up the 40 Hertz track got a 2 ohm load on the amp what you’ll notice here is the clip light comes on before the Dyno clip light which is a good thing. I’ll see how it kind of lightens up so it starts kind of dull and then it lightens up but yeah it comes on way before that one does amp is rated at 1 Ohm.

Lets See If It Can Do 0.

8 let’s try it out all right let’s try this amp at 0. 8. It’s not rated at any load under one ohm. Black diamond dia2550.

1D Were Just Going To Try Certified

and then dynamic tests we’re not going to do uncertified here. We go up to one percent Thd all right so it stopped at 760. so power goes down. I think the amp actually shut off. I think it has a good protection circuit.

Built In Lets See What It Does 0.

8 dynamic yep it’s not really doing that. I told you guys I was going to take it up to thermal, so we’re gonna keep trying. I’m gonna let’s reset this and start it over. Even though the amp is already way hot.

You Can See Were At 32 Watts.

Let’s crank it up 941 watts. I cannot believe this thing is still going. Let’s reset that make sure we’re still at 941 because I’ve turned it down just a little bit. Now we’re right at 800 watts When does it go into thermal whoop heard something.

What Was That Is That A

fuse up thermal okay turn it down. We finally got to thermal see the red light there and let’s get the flare. So we can see how hot it is whoa look at that choke two over 250 degrees right. About 160 there on the transistor Yeah Boy she’s smoking, but it did go into thermal just like it’s supposed to oh she’s a hot cookie you.


Wilston audio labs is testing a black diamond amplifier . The amp is 110 right now on Amazon . It has Ds18 on the box because this is distributed and made by believe Ds.18 Here it is black diamond open it up there is the manual have several different models today.& A monoblock comes with a warranty card and we like it loud some mounting screws, remote base cable or telephone cable. We like this bass knob on the back of the amplifier box.& You can see 25-50 watts, but then also 900 at one ohm 602 ohms . We have two 40 amp fuses a.& power and protect led light then we have four gauge for the power and ground as well as a remote terminal. The speaker terminals are around 12 gauge as well just like the speaker terminals as far as the speaker terminal as well . The amplifier terminals are 7.&9 inches long, 5.5 inches wide millimeter equivalents are there too for you outside the Us…. Click here to read more and watch the full video