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for checking in to another base head video as you can see in this picture we have some very exciting equipment from black brick audio and in today’s video we are going to be specifically reviewing this sub. This is their BB3 one of their kind of big boy subs. They got at the moment so stay tuned again for checking in to this video to this review I appreciate it so so much. Guys Y’all are awesome and the support is absolutely incredible. I’m getting on these videos so I just want to thank you all so so much cannot wait to get into this review of this awesome looking sub but first if I could please get you all to smash that like button that helps out so so much helps with reviewing all this equipment for Y’all and if you enjoy this content and you want to see other reviews and builds and whatnot in the future please consider subscribing that helps out more than you guys know as well.

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The Bigger My Channel Gets The

more the stuff. I can buy and review for Y’all so without further Ado let’s get into it guys So today. We of course have the black brick BB3, but also give you all a sneak peek of this amp at the end of the video. So stay tuned for that but let’s get right. into it let’s get this thing out of the box and see what we got look at this thing Y’all very big, beautiful looking sub now I’m sure most of you will notice that this looks exactly like the scar VXf and I believe that is because this is basically what it is pretty sure they use the exact same build house and everything.

So This Is Basically A Scar

VXf at a good deal better price right now. These things are 230 dollars, so that is awesome there will be a link in the description down below to where you can get one of these from their website, but yeah it does look exactly like the scar VXF as for specs. This is 1500 watts RMs has 25 millimeters of x max. The Fs is about 36 and the sensitivity is 83. 5 db, so let’s just give you all.

A Quick Look Up At It.

Of course, we have that nice high roll surround very very stiff dust cap of course double stitched around the sides of course have that nice ti frame basket very very popular frame to use on a lot of these subs that like to get a little bit lower. We have nice sewn in flat tensile leads in there big old eight gauge terminals right there of course a three-inch four layer copper voice coil and then down here. This big beautiful motor with of course center venting and pulving right there around the sides so overall very very cool looking sub get you a little closer look big old shiny motor Nice big old terminals Nice open basket design over here as you can see right at that coil. Now one grab i had with the Vxf and this as well as.

That We Dont Have The Super

high temp black coated voice coils Not a big deal. The VXF never gave me any problems, but still something to note. There got these big old, really really thick tinsel leads tons of wire on those things and then the really nice looking dust cap with the black brick logo. Just a big old mean looking sub cannot wait to get this thing in the car and start testing it out quick little little comparison with the American base Hd just so Y’all can see something a little bit different what I did like about the American base HD is we do have that nice black coated voice coil in there that being said I had no problems whatsoever with my scar and it had the exact same coil and I’ve had plenty of other subs that had the clear coat on them. And they took plenty of power No problem Whatsoever here’s another example right here on this dead game audio and this is like a 400 sub, and it did just fine so again not a gripe at all just saying in my personal opinion.

I Do Like Seeing That Black

voice coil also quick sneak peek for anyone who’s paying attention soundcube sent me this about a week ago got a box on the way for it so we’ll be testing out this little six and a half inch sound cubed fella here soon huge HDs2 look at that little monster guys cannot wait to see what this guy does gotta pull this big old boy out of here sorry for the glare and get the black brick in there all right we’ve got two strands of this big new concepts 10 gauge wire in there goes in no problem. Now I will say one other slight issue I have with this and of course this is for all Ti frames Is that these terminals are just kind of close together. So if you had a little strand of wire, you could jump over there somewhat easily and create some sort of short. So just something to mention that is of course a Ti frame basket nothing wrong with black brick. The scar was the exact same way so no big deal there but let’s get this thing in the box and get to testing it out of course kind of cool to see it right next to the massive sundown X still a very big and stout sub now so so if you guys like lowes and just overall great quality of music.

Youre Gonna Love This Thing.

This thing smashes those loads gets down. It is awesome and it sounds really really good just playing normal music definitely more of a quality and lowe’s base sub as opposed to like SpL and that is awesome you know for everyday bumping this thing has you covered it is done flawless. I’ve had it out here playing for quite some time and was really pushing it and it’s done pretty good well. Let’s do the db test and then the musical RMs test and then we’ll get this review wrapped up 45 Hertz let’s see what this thing can do about 4 000 watts.

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We Got A 137.

4 give it one more shot at 45 Hertz yo 4500 watt and look at that guys a 140. 8 not bad at all. Especially considering this thing is only wired to two ohms. If we get wired to one ohm.

We Definitely.

could do better, but let’s try it at 40 Hertz just for the heck of it, whoa that thing was moving yeah about 4 500 watts and there look at that almost a 42. 3. We got Gilligan by dram Let’s get to it so all right guys not bad at all. I’m gonna quickly give you all a quick sneak peek of that amp.

I Promised In The Beginning Of The Video

and then we’ll go over what I thought of the sub it comes in this really really cool box never seen something come in this fancy of a box so let’s go ahead and pop it open here she is big old Fella here’s a quick video of the specs. Of course we’ll be making a full review of this amp and we’ll test all this out as best. We can so cannot wait for that but is. A 3 000 at one ohm amp. They also sent some black brick earplugs so that’s pretty neat here is the amp very neat looking design just just a plain clean look, Which is what I really really like.

Of Course Got Our Inputs Right

there and outputs stay tuned for the review on this guys all right that was awesome first of all huge shout out to austin over at blackbrick audio for sending me out this sub and the amp absolutely awesome anyway super super appreciative of that so I’m gonna tell y’all what I think overall the sub was awesome again as I mentioned earlier great for quality of music and smashing those lows and if you really really want the scar VXf, but you’re on a little bit of a budget. You can pick up this guy for like 40 bucks cheaper so in my mind. That is absolutely awesome guys and I’m telling you This is basically the exact same sub anyway. Let me know what you all think would you grab this guy or would you just stick with the scar. Since it’s a little better known brand again.

Let Me Know What You Guys Think

if you want to check us out show blackbrick some support and go check out their equipment. Austin’s an awesome guy and he’s working on a ton of new stuff so cannot wait to see what he has in store, but anyway Y’all stay tuned cannot wait to test out the amp. We’ll do sort of more of a real world test with it see what kind of numbers it puts out see how loud it can get some equipment so stay tuned for that we’ll get that up as soon as i can we’ll be a little. bit longer just because I’ll have to run some new wires and all that stuff, but we’ll get that out as soon as I can guys anyway. Y’all stay tuned for more videos going to get back to the Kicker series here next.

I Think The Com Bar Should

be already here by the time. This video goes live and I’ll get that review out as soon as I possibly can anyway. Guys you all have a wonderful wonderful rest your day keep basing on you.


Black brick audio review a sub that looks exactly like a scar VXf at a good deal better price right now . The sub is 1500 watts RMs has 25 millimeters of x max.& The Fs is about 36 and the sensitivity is 83.5 db, so let’s just give you all a quick look up a quick . look at this thing Y’all very big, beautiful looking sub now I’m sure most of you will notice that this looks . exactly like the scar VF and I believe that is because this is basically what it is pretty sure they use the exact same build house and everything . So this is . basically a scar . VF at the moment, so that is awesome there will be a link in the description down below to where you can . get one of these from their website, but yeah it does look exactly like . the . website, and yeah it is awesome to get one . The bigger my channel gets the more the stuff.& I can buy and review for Y…. Click here to read more and watch the full video