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Today I’m really excited because we get to take a look at a subwoofer that I’ve heard is one of the best sounding subs that you can get for the price. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in then stick around because today we’re reviewing the RsL Speedwoofer 10s right after the intro now before we jump into the review. I want to give a brief history of RsL as a company Rsl or Roger Sound Labs was founded way back in the 1970s by howard Rogers. His store carried some of the major brands at the time, and his business was very successful, but howard wasn’t content just selling speakers. So he started building his own speakers in the back of his store and because of the passion and quality that he put into his work.

Rsl Speakers Became Very.

popular, eventually ending up in recording studios and radio stations across California. Today. The company is still run by Howard Rogers, along with his son Joe Rogers and by selling their products factory Direct online Roger Sound Labs is able to continue its tradition of offering excellent sounding speakers at very affordable prices. The Speedwolfer 10s is a perfect example of RsL’s philosophy in action priced at just 399 dollars.

The Speed Woofer Seems Like A

great bargain, but it wasn’t until after I finished this review that I realized saying this sub is just a good bargain is pretty much the understatement of the year, which in turn forced me to rethink my whole concept of price versus performance and that’s why I’m confident that by the time this review is over you’ll end up coming to the same conclusions about the Speedwolfer 10s that I have the sub. arrived double boxed and packaged extremely well so there shouldn’t be any problems with damage from shipping. I also got a kick out of this picture on the box of a house cracking in half and the words caution powerful base luckily. The structure of my house is still in pretty good shape. But there were times during the review that I was a little concerned something else.

I Was Really Grateful For Was

the fact that RsL uses purified packing air with all of their products. This really made unboxing the sub quite refreshing. I just wonder how they’re able to keep the purified air from leaking out of the box. On the front of the sub. We have this piano black finished area around the port and on top of that is the RsL speed woofer logo on the back.

We Have All The Controls Starting With The.

Power light your wireless push to pair button. This is a built-in wireless receiver that can be used in combination with the optional 50 dollar wireless audio transmitter. This gives you full wireless connectivity up to 35 feet away. We also have a volume control Knob, a crossover frequency knob which is adjustable from 40 to 200 hertz a 0 to 180 degree phase Knob an internal crossover bypass switch RCa line ins and outs.

So You Can Daisy Chain Multiple Subwoofers Together

speaker level inputs. In case you’re using a receiver that doesn’t have line level outputs a 115 to 230 volt switch. Just in case you live in a 230 volt country an auto on or off power button and a power plug and a nice little touch that RsL is included here is this little home theater flow chart, which basically tells you if you’re using this. For home theater then plug your RCa into the LFe input and set the internal crossover to bypass. This turns off the internal crossover in the sub and allows you to set the crossover point with your receiver.

The Finish On The Sub Is A

textured matte black so you don’t have to worry about reflections coming off your Tv or your projector. RsL also offers the speed woofer 10s and a matte white finish, which I think looks really nice as well on the bottom of the sub. RsL has put some really nice thick rubber feet that should provide very good isolation, especially if you’re going to be placing this on hard surfaces. The cloth grille that comes with the speed will for 10s is heavy duty and seems well made and I like the way it’s curved to match the bottom part of the sub now as you can see from the specs. This sub is pretty impressive, especially considering the fact that it only costs 399 dollars now before we continue with the review.

I Just Want To Mention That Rsl

made no demands on what we put into this review, but they did make two requests of us. The first was that we’d be completely honest with our findings, which we always try our best to do and in their second request. They asked if we wouldn’t mind taking the speed woofer apart, so everyone could see the quality of the parts used inside and I have to say This really impressed me because I think it shows just how confident Rsl is with their products and how they’re not just trying to make a good looking product using cheap or inexpensive parts. So as requested here’s a look at the inside of the speedwoofer 10s. Unlike most drivers, you’d find in subs at this price point that use stamped steel baskets.

The Speedwolfer 10S Has A Cast Basket Which

is far more rigid than a stamped basket, so it’s able to operate at higher pressures with less distortion. Something that kind of caught me off guard was just how heavy this little 10-inch driver is it’s definitely one beefy little speaker next We remove the amplifier where we noticed a nice clean layout with high quality parts. Like these 105 degree capacitors. A lot of inexpensive amps are built using 85 degree caps, which are one of the most common types of failures in amps, and actually i bought quite a few subs that didn’t work and I was able to fix them just by replacing a few capacitors. Here you can see the built-in wireless receiver.

Another Nice Touch Is The High-Quality

acoustic dampening material they used instead of cheap pillow stuffing that you’d find in most cheap. At this price point something else you’ll notice is the compression guide structure which doubles as internal bracing making the enclosure very rigid. This bracing plays a big role in eliminating cabinet residence and coloration and this supports RsL’s philosophy that the driver should be the only thing in your subwoofer that makes noise speaking of making noise. I think it’s time to hook this sub up and see how it sounds with music. Testing of the sub consisted of six two to three hour listening sessions over several days.

This Was Enough For Me To Feel Confident

that i put in enough time to fully evaluate the subs performance with music. The songs we mentioned next are just a small sample of all the music that we use to test the sub starting with Mannheim Steamrollers. Takata. This is one of my go-to songs simply because it’s recorded so. And here I was really surprised at just how well the sub handled the kick drums.

You Could Literally Feel Them In

your chest and in fact all of the bass in the song was very well defined and articulate. I continued the testing with Mannheim Steamrollers Mir image and again the sub did a great job at producing very deep and controlled bass that sounded natural honestly. I think the best way to describe the way it sounded is it gave me the feeling that I was at a concert listening to real instruments. My next go. -to album is the Hunter by Jennifer Warren’s.

All The Songs In This Album Have Great

bass tracks, but the one I like to use to really see if a sub can hit those low notes is a song appropriately named way down deep. This Song is a make or break for a lot of subs and to my surprise the speed woofer did a really good job controlling the bass without sounding bloated or muddy. It also dug incredibly deep for having a 10-inch driver. This is a testament of how well the sub is designed as well as the quality of parts used in it. I also want to add that throughout all of the music testing of the sub I never noticed any audible distortion or chuffing from the port.

So My Conclusion On The Speedwolfer 10Ss Performance

on music is excellent. It was able to totally disappear when needed. It blended perfectly with my speakers and when called on it had that hard-hitting kick in the chest base. We all love to feel now moving on to movies again. We use 10 movies to evaluate the sub but we’ll only.

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Going Over The Highlights Of A Few

here. The first movie of note is fury I like this scene of the movie because there’s a lot of machine gun fire, along with the occasional tank round going off and let me tell you when those machine guns went off. It felt like someone was pounding on my chest. First. The amount of tight visceral base coming from this small sub was hard to believe at one point in the movie.

The Machine Guns Are Firing And At The

same time a tank shell explodes. This kind of bass is very demanding and it can quickly become muddy sounding if your sub isn’t up to the task. The Speedwolfer 10s however, had no problem with this scene discerning between the deep and powerful base of the tank shell exploding and the visceral slam of the machine guns without even breaking a. Sweat another movie We like using is ready player One there’s a lot of deep bass tracks in this movie, but the one we like to use the most is the race scene In this scene of the movie, there’s a lot going on, especially in the low end department, but once again the Speedwolfer 10s has no problem producing all but the lowest bass notes in the track foreign and the last movie we want to mention here is the hobbit battle of the Five Armies. It has the sound of thousands of orcs marching to erebor the thunderous sound of the dwarf army coming down the hill to attack the elves and then there’s the trolls well anyway The point I’m trying to make here is the speed Woofer did an amazing job keeping up with all the different types of bass in this part of the movie.

Im Going Over The Wall Whos Coming

with me? We may survive this and it did it with deep robust bass that never sounded, distorted or bloated. In fact, while watching the movies, the sub seemed to just disappear, allowing us to really enjoy the film. This is a very desirable trait. Whether it be for speakers or subs. Because if the sound isn’t just right, then you’ll pick up on that and it’ll distract you throughout the whole movie.

I Also Want To Say That

I think this sub is perfect for small to medium rooms, even though it uses a 10-inch driver. It has output more in line with most 12-inch subs that I’ve experienced and something to consider is if you were to buy two of these for eight hundred dollars. You’d get You’d get the benefits of smoother frequency response, more headroom and output that’s the main reason. I always recommend getting two less expensive subs over just one more expensive sub.

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The Speedwolfer 10s is a perfect example of RsL’s philosophy in action priced at just 399 dollars . The sub arrived double boxed and packaged extremely well so there shouldn’t be any problems with damage from shipping . The speed woofer seems like a great bargain, but it wasn’t until after I finished this review that I realized saying this sub is just a good bargain is pretty much the understatement of the year, which in turn forced me to rethink my whole concept of price versus performance and that’s why I’m confident that by the time this review is over you’ll end up coming up with the same conclusions about the Speedwofer 10’s that I have the sub . The Speedwoofer 10s arrived double-boxed and packaging extremely well . The box of a house cracking in half is still in pretty good shape, but there were times when I got a kick out of this picture on the box of an old house cracked in half and the words caution powerful base luckily….. Click here to read more and watch the full video