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audio man here at the cheap audio man We don’t feel like auto equipment, subwoofers speakers, Amps Dacs turntables magic cables should cost more than replacing all of the bushes in front of your house because they’re weak and they died during a vicious polar vortex recently in Texas, and this doesn’t what is it it’s the Svs SB 1000 pro so grab a cup of coffee sit down and let’s talk about the SvS SB 1000 proof okay so this is going to be the easiest review I’ve ever done and let’s just start with this is 499 msrp and because it’s an Svs product. There’s no pricing Shenanigans. It’s not going to go up to 750 and then down to 499 or up to 900 and down to 499 now it’s just going to cost 4. 99 always thank you svs all. Right let’s talk about some specs 12-inch sealed subwoofer Okay spec down to 20 hertz and this is negative 3 db.

This Is A Negative 3 Db

point 20 up to 270. Okay Here’s the cool thing. This is the one thing. I really really love well. There’s a lot of things.

I Really Really Love But Anyways

13.5 inches by 13 inches by basically 15 inches what does that mean it means it’s not ginormous like some other 12 subs Okay I’ll give you another example Rail It’s a 12-inch sub they’re negative 6 db expect down to 22. it’s 15 by 16 by 16. . It’s 700 and it doesn’t have an app okay.

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So Heres The Review.

This is the best sounding most feature-rich subwoofer that is available at its price okay that’s it not only is it a great sub to begin with I also have. 1000 in-house similar if not the exact same form factor, but this one has their app Okay it’s already worth like just the sub worth 499 dollars. Okay just the sub. Then SvS said Hey let’s take our really cool app from all of our really expensive subs and put it in here and then charge the same price as our previous model that’s pretty good and I personally am going to support companies that do that number one keep their pricing steady and number two make a better product and charge the same amount of money all right.

I Like Svs Okay So Thats

the review. It’s great it’s the best sub you can get at the price. It’s the most convenient sub you can get it at the price, but we’re going to go into the app. I’m going to show you a few things and how cool. is and how easy it is to set up what’s in the app all right So here’s the app so once you install it bring it up now.

I Already Installed The Subwoofer And

it is literally the easiest thing you can do it shows up. It connects via Bluetooth super super easy Okay so let’s look at what you have here so the first one you have is obviously the volume gain whatever you want to call it so you can adjust it so let’s just go down the line low pass filter Okay most the time you can start out around 80 and then kind of dial your gain and your low pass filter in from there Okay right here you have lfe which is if you are using a receiver or something that already has base management. I. e you can put low-pass filters on it already you. want to turn on LFe which means you actually turn this off and then you’ll adjust your crossover points in your receiver Okay so turn on off just like that okay phase all right what phase is depending upon where the subwoofer is located oftentimes.

The Bass Can Sound Like Its Not

coming from the speakers, so the only thing you have to do here is you just set where you want to set turn a bassy song on and say hey if it’s coming from the subwoofer you just start to move this until it sounds like it’s coming from the speakers okay that’s it real easy polarity. You can use that to switch the polarity Oftentimes that will you’ll know it if you need it okay here’s something really cool. Parametric eq all right so you can raise lower if you have a little lack of base in. a certain frequency if you’re using like Roux or some type of i don’t know room correction software or using a mic or something you can um basically bring that back up okay and then the boost here. You know if you want if you need a lot if you need a little whatever it is it’s um pretty awesome thank you factor I don’t know what q factor is i’m sure it’s something really important and then you can um you can actually save all of this stuff in here as a preset okay.

Then You Have Room Gain Compensation

if you turn that on and then you can compensate for specific frequencies that you’re having issues with Oh I for also forgot to mention all right when we go in here to low-pass filter. You also have the slope what the slope is is basically how quickly something. Off so a a 6 db slope doesn’t fall off as quickly So if you have a speaker that has a really slow roll off , you can use 6DB. If you have a speaker that has a very abrupt roll-off. You would just you know meet it and change it.

All This Stuff Is Absolutely Amazing

okay all right that’s about it system settings all that stuff all right let’s talk about what’s on the back. What’s on the back so all of the controls and if you look at like the sp 1000 pro or some of the other subs out there they’re going to have regular volume kind of volume pot ish style controls so you may have a gain. Then you may have a phase and then you have your low pass filter Okay all of that is done right up here with with cool buttons. And then they have cool leds so that you can pretend like you’re in a spaceship all right so that’s a lot of fun right here you have a UsB input what that is used for is not only firmware updates things like that. If you want to charge your phone, you can hook it there or you can install the wireless subwoofer system from SvS so you don’t have to use a wire okay regular inputs here for RCa you have your lfe in so if you’re running a subwoofer or you’re doing base management for some something else you run it right into here.

Rca Outs If You Want A Daisy Chain

another subwoofer a trigger input. If you want to turn this thing on remotely from another device, then you have speaker level inputs okay, so what what does that mean it means you can hook this. up to something that doesn’t have a subwoofer out okay or doesn’t have an RCa out no RCa out no sub out no problem. SvS has you covered with your speaker lever inputs. It’s not that’s not uncommon.

Most People Have Speaker Level Inputs Sometimes

most of the time okay so what are my final thoughts. So final thoughts on the sB is the Svs SB1000 pro is kind of a no-brainer. If you have the budget 500 is a lot I would say what you’re getting here, though it’s absolutely worth it you’re already getting a 500 sub, and now you’re getting all the functionality of their really higher end offerings. This is this is something really cool and the reason it is it’s because you now get to blend in a sub to your system without having to crawl back behind it every time you make a change. Then go sit in your listening position and see hey did that make it better did that make it worse You literally sit down you connect the app.

You Control Everything From Gain To

phase to crossover. You have a parametric eq that you can use. This is incredible it for me personally. If you don’t have the budget. I get it you can do most of everything with a different sub are there subs out there that are going to have better tone texture and all that stuff.

I Dont Know Because This Sounds As Good

as anything I’ve heard from a texture and tone standpoint sealed small fast digs deep all the way down to 20 hertz at negative 3 db. I don’t think anybody can touch Svs at this price nobody so if you have 500 to spend and you want to get a subwoofer. I don’t. know why you wouldn’t want this one okay So if you want to support the channel. You can subscribe and hit the bell notification so you don’t miss any of my videos.

Theres A Lot Of Them.

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description test tracks which is getting pretty out of hand. I also have the satanic panic and also have leg warmers in there okay so don’t binge watch anything on Netflix or Hulu Binge listen using your favorite new Svs Sp 1000 pro and fill your soul with happiness and with that I’m Randy. I’m the cheap audio man you.


The Svs SB 1000 pro is 499 msrp and because it’s an Svs product, there’s no pricing Shenanigans . Randy says this is the best sounding most feature-rich subwoofer that is available at its price . Randy also has a 12-inch sub in-house similar if not the exact same form factor, but this one has their app . Randy: “This is going to be the easiest review I’ve ever done and it’s already worth like just the sub worth 499 dollars.& Okay here’s the review.& This is the one thing.& I really really love well.& There’s a lot of things. But anyways 13.5 inches by 13 inches by . basically 15 inches what does that mean it means it’s not ginormous like some other 12 subs” Randy says. It’s 700 and it doesn’t have an app okay. I’ll give you another example of a sub . It’s a sub they’re negative 6…. Click here to read more and watch the full video