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channel today we’re going to talk about the JL audio D110 subwoofer. It’s part of their dominion line. It’s their most affordable range of subwoofers. There’s two models, an 8 inch and a 10 inch and here today we have the 10 inch now first. I want to say you know part of me on one hand is surprised we don’t see more JL audio subwoofer reviews because their subwoofers are amazing, but on the other hand, I kind of understand why they just don’t really send review samples to youtube reviewers and i’d like to see that happen more often because they’re amazing.

The Only Reason.

I’m reviewing this because I bought this with my own money just like I bought the previous jail audio sub before I reviewed the E110 is because there’s a guy in my discord who you know. He’s been a follower of my channel for for you know pretty much since the beginning now right thank you for that. He has a pair of D110s and he’s talked to me about them a few times and he loves them and he’s like Bro you got to hear him. You know so when I was able to get my hands on this D110.

I Jumped On It And I Understand This

man’s passion about this subwoofer. Now I totally understand why he loves his pair of JL audio D110s. These things have incredible output incredible extension. The start-stop behavior is incredibly quick. It’s got the type of bass.

I Think A Lot Of People Are Going

to love. But before we get ahead of ourselves. Let’s throw the main specs on screen. You guys know I don’t like to get in the nitty-gritty of all the specifications. I will tell you a few standout features that I think are pretty cool first and foremost is the size.

This Bad Boy Is Not Very Large

at all the front baffles only 12 inches wide. The subwoofer is 13 inches deep, 13 inches tall and only 15 inches deep. That is not very big, so I would not blame you if you thought maybe this thing wouldn’t have great extension or output and that’s where you would be wrong. This thing extended very low and was able to play incredibly loud in my room. It’s a long stroke design.

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So This Thing Can Move A Ton Of

air if I can figure out how I’ll throw a little video clip right here or you can see some crazy excursion and if I can’t oh well deal with it back to the size. I’ll also throw some comparisons on the screen so you can see what this looks like compared to other popular subwoofers, but let’s jump back into standout features 750 watts RMs that’s a ton of power for such a compact design. This bad boy’s 1400 in the gloss black finish and 1300 in the black ash vinyl. I say that’s a standout feature because JL audio subwoofers get pretty expensive. They have models costing upwards of twenty thousand dollars.

The Dominion Line Is Their Most

affordable. This is essentially their second cheapest subwoofer. The cheapest one is the D108 and the odd thing with that one it’s only like 200 bucks cheaper so if you’re in the market. I’d recommend spend the extra 200 bucks and get the 10 inch instead of the 8 inch anyhow. Some other standout features are going to be just the way this thing sets.

Up Its Really Easy To Set Up Youve

got a positive or negative polarity switch. In addition to fully fair fully variable phase of course you have gain and frequency adjustments. I think that’s mostly it for the standout features the other thing. I’ll say and I cover this in the E110 video also just like the E110. This front piece you see that looks like it’s a part of the cabinet.

It Is A Part Of The Cabinet, But

it’s also part of the basket assembly of the driver. So this is a very rigid design real quick about the E110. There was something I failed to mention in that video and if you haven’t already watched my Jl audio E110 subwoofer review. I highly recommend you check that out because this bad boy gives you a lot of a similar sound for quite a bit less money. I did a ton of comparisons in that video so I’m not going to really do any comparisons here but that subwoofer has one feature that really makes it different than this bad boy, so we’re going to do a quick comparison between the D110 and the E110 because they both have really incredible sound output and extension For how small they both are the extra money you spend on the E110 gives you base management that is very unique to JL audio JL Audio E110.

All The Esubs.

I think it’s a E110 and E112 are the models. They allow you to high pass to your main speakers. Low pass to the subwoofer, but that on its own isn’t unique. There are other subwoofers that have high pass and low pass generally at fixed intervals on the JL audio Esub that frequency knob continues to stay fully variable and.

Continues To Adjust The High And

low pass frequencies, so if you want your high pass to your speakers to be as low as 40 Hertz and the low pass to the sub-40 Hertz That’s just where you set the frequency knob. If you want it to be 80 Hertz that’s where you set the frequency knob. I thought that was super cool and i’m really bummed. I didn’t realize it had that feature when I reviewed it now I own the E110. It’s my subwoofer so I’m going to go back and revisit that functionality maybe.

Ill Make A Separate Video On The

future in the future about it who knows back to the D110 so Jl audio in my experience so far with their two subwoofers seems to me. This is a company that believes bass is all about being forceful aggressive, a strong attack with a. well-defined leading edge. It’s a company that believes in incredibly fast start and stop behavior because that’s exactly what this subwoofer does and it’s exactly what the E110 did. If you want really detailed listening impressions check out the E110 video like I said these two subwoofers are really similar so if you’re tied on cash and can’t swing the 2300 price tag of the big brother well.

Its Not Really That Much Bigger Its

just a more expensive model. The D110 gets you almost all the way there for a thousand dollars less. The bass is so forceful so powerful and from such a compact enclosure. It’s one of those things you know it sucks because on one hand you can only describe bass so many ways. I’ve sat here and told you guys a ton of subwoofers had impact and dynamic dynamics and good start stop behavior and.

On That Without Hearing It Its Hard

to describe what sets this apart from other subwoofers and it’s funny because I’ve seen Thomas and stereo kind of run into the same thing. You know if you guys are fans of his like I am and you’ve seen a lot of his content. You’ll see at some point. He reached the point where he started saying like hey I can tell you This speaker is like sharp open airy, but I just described like 50 different speakers there so instead he tries to tell you about what it’s different at what stands out what makes it different compared to the competition and I’m going to copy Thomas and Stereo and try to do that here so when most subwoofers have good start stop behavior what I’m usually saying is they weren’t slow. They were able to keep up with the.

Main Speakers When I Say This Has

good start stop behavior. It can do that also what I described right a second ago, but it does it with an immediacy and a forcefulness that is immediately noticeable When I tell you. Other subwoofers have strong attack and a strong leading edge that’s what I mean, but when I tell you this one has strong attack and strong leading edge. It has more than just about any subwoofer. I’ve heard now look let’s be clear when I make these comparisons.

Its Apples To Apples Right Im Not

saying this has a stronger attack than something that’s 18 times its size right I’m talking about things that are similar in size similar in price similar in spec right, so it really comes down to the forcefulness of the presentation. It seems like Jl Audio is a company that believes that bass is. Something that should take you by surprise? Bass is something that should make you go holy crap when that bass kicks if you want a subwoofer that is both tactile, impactful chesty but also deep extends low and has good rumble all with good speed. Good good transient response all with good mid-bass articulation if you’re an audio file that’s what jail audio brings to the table now if you’re wondering how it compares to sq subwoofers like the likes of rel or rhythmic. I already covered that in jail in the JL audio E110 subwoofer review so you’re going to have to watch that if you’re interested in that because like I said the D110 is a lot like the e110.

Not Just A Little Bit Its

a lot like it they are so close. I’m not surprised a 12-inch model doesn’t exist because the dominion line only. in eight and ten, then the E-sub-line comes in ten and twelve and I’m pretty sure the reason a 12–inch version of this doesn’t exist is it would just be I think it would just outperform the E110. You know and would be really close to the E112. So is it worth it hell yeah it’s worth it.

This Is Like One Of The Things That

just took me by surprise more than anything because think about it from my perspective I’ve had. I got this guy that I’ve been talking for a couple years. Now in the comments section of my Youtube channel and any opportunity he gets to tell me how good his jail audio D110s are he tells me so these things were hyped up in my mind quite a bit and I was still really really impressed by them. Let me see if I could do. You guys, but I’m not sure it’s really going to make sense because like I did a bunch of comparisons in the E110 video.

Let Me Think About This Im Going

to be candid with you guys if you want comparisons watch the jail audio E110 video I already covered all the comparisons. I would think to do what we’ve got here is a scenario where you’ve just got to decide what characteristics of base matter to you and if it’s this then this is the one you get some of you guys want a subwoofer that can do everything at least that’s what you say let me be clear that’s not what you want you think that’s what you want there’s no way that every single metric of base matters to you it’s just not possible what’s more likely is you think you want all the metrics of base. to be good, but there’s really only a few that really matter to you let me give you an example of what kind of customer. This is for what those few metrics are that really matter to you if you’re a customer that believes that your base.

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The JL audio D110 subwoofers are part of their most affordable range of subwoofer . There’s two models, an 8 inch and a 10 inch and here today we have the 10 inch . The D110 is 13 inches deep, 13 inches tall and only 15 inches deep . The start-stop behavior is incredibly quick. It’s got the type of bass. I think a lot of people are going to love. I’m reviewing this because I bought this with my own money just like I bought the previous jail audio sub before I reviewed the E110 is because there’s a guy in my discord who you know. He has a pair of D110s and he’s talked to me about them a few times and he loves them and he was like Bro you got to hear him. I jumped on it and I understand this man’s passion about this sub woofers. I bought it with his own money. The only reason.& Now I totally understand why he…. Click here to read more and watch the full video