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millions watching around the world, So I got myself The mini Rig 2.1 system I’d hum and hard about it for maybe a couple of years. Why did I do that because when I was listening to online comparisons. It made it sound a little bit hard and I like a lush sweet full spectrum sound balance bass not looking for a huge bass slam. It sounded a bit on the clinical side that maybe you know I do like my sound to be immersive.

It Means Stereo It Means Normally

I’m buying two speakers separating them out playing them in stereo because for me I like to feel I’m immersed in it. It’s not about a big boom look a big bass is nice. The deep bass is nice but not over egged. I didn’t think the high price was. Gonna be worth it now? I’m saying high price A lot of people say the great value so what are we talking about we’re talking about a boom in Eureka.

They Come As An Individual.

I would say a modular system so you can buy a single mini wreak. These are the version 2 version 2 for the sub as well. It’s a modular system. I’m a sake because you can buy one give my two for stereo.

You Can Buy One And One Sub 1.

1 tremendously fill out the bass or you can have a 2. 1. We can do point to and probably the ultimate is a 4. 2 because for me I think two UK rigs in low game mode.

I Get Until The Game Modes Sounds Nice

is with and having the sub in high game. However, those meat I don’t know it’s getting ridiculous money when you. start building like that you might as well get a proper high five but then again. I guess you get in this because you don’t want proper high five. You want to report ability.

Im Not Going To Cover Everything In

this video, it’s impossible. There are so many ways to play the mini rig system and that is the point I’m not saying when you get a 2. 2 that is a grater and you ever gonna get and you’ll never have to buy anything else there’s always going to be something you want a bit different. There’s always another speaker does something different but the point being there isn’t anything else that offers the number variations and the way you can use the system and for me that is the deal maker When you get your second one. This question should you get the UK or get another one.

For Stereo I Would Say Get

the sub before the other one The element increases your enjoyment by is greater than the stereo element. Then get your second one so just to quickly take you through examples of building your system. This is a quick comparison. I’m going to say my favorite way of playing them is with leaving the sub in high gain because I get the most dynamic range out of it. I like a lot of dynamic range.

If Youre Into Classical Music And

stuff like that you really want a lot of high dynamic sound you’re gonna want in high gain technically it’s not the most balanced you may find the sub is overpowering. I like it in that mode I don’t normally like a big overblown bass. I have to say with the mini rig subwoofer so well-balanced though even in so-called over-the-top mode it’s. Ears just very very dynamic. You may not like how dynamic is and then you’ll go to the what they call balance mode that means having them in same mode just to say I personally prefer the mini-Regan Loghain.

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The Sub-In High Gain Thats Not What Were

basically recommend, although it’s up to you how you like it. I just want to point out well. I’d do this comparison because it may sound in my clique, but sub is overpowering the me rig. It sounds a quick comparison for fun elements and I have to say in rule. I it doesn’t really do that it’s very hard to record a highly dynamic track and get that over on a comparison clip high.

If Youre Trying To Keep It From

clipping. You always gonna have a problem with the main bodies of the music sounding as though it’s a. Little bit under volume here’s my comparison clips of building your system. If you’re in the UK, you will know why I will laugh when I say would you buy a speaker off of Mr. .

Dee Trotter Now If Youre Not In

the UK, you probably have no idea. One told Matt and why that’s quite funny because Dee Dee Trotter is obviously dealt Radha. The mini rig is the brainchild of the engineer Mr. . David Trotter.

Its Quite Interesting Because He Started

a forum thread speaker plans Calm me rig topic three eight. Five. Seven four and that was back in 2010 and he detailed from the beginning of his idea. All the way along to the thread is still going to count now and you can trace the idea and the different variations and all the talk of thoughts he had about the speaker and the thing is. It is not UK.

This Is Not Sony Telling Their

marketing department to find something for the message. This is a guy who’s a speaker lover who’s in to respeakers. This is what he’s come out with and actually Mini Eric who are actually a company called Pace limited and there’s two guys running it. David Trotter and Thomas Tucker. I kid you not Tucker and Trotter and when is it designer one’s an engineer.

Its A British-Based Company Working Out

of Bristol. It’s not that cheap we’re talking 129 pound of fries. Whether it’s the mini-rig-because they do a mini-rig mini by the way one talk about my mini-rig to each component is 129 pounds. I think invented by pence. You can bind them bundles of 2.

1 Im Going To Say Something That

people don’t seem to point out it caught me out. out is that one subwoofer is designed to match one mini rig the bundles go up to 2. 1 system. People talk about the 2. 1 system and you would assume you get you two stereo speakers and you sub and they’re matched No actually the outputs are matched one-to-one which means if you have a 2.

1 System And You Go Into The App And

you want to play in the most balanced way. It will reduce the output on the mini rigs-to match the sub, which means you won’t get full volume. If you want a nice balanced sound on paper 30 watts. Sub-woofer 15 what mini rig you’re assuming 2 matches 1 and know if you even if you ask when you read themselves they’re open the way it works and the fact but when you’ve got them in stereo. The sub is playing both channels it’s not.

Sound Its Not Balanced So The Design Is

one-to-one the other thing. I want to point out you’ve caught me up it’s really all about high gain low gain so obviously high gain you’re getting the preamp is giving a stronger signal to the amp itself, but it’s going to be a little bit noisier and that’s the point so low gain offers the best quality but high gain offers the most volume just to make that clear low gain is the highest quality mode. It gives the best balanced sound. High gain is a little bit screechie thinner sound but if you’re playing in low gain that’s what another reason why I got the tuber-it’s the volume is not you know it’s probably not what you used to with it with the other off-the-shelf, UK, Sony’s and etc. It’s a little bit under but it’s a higher.

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The Point You Have All These

options now there’s two ways of doing the gain. The first thing to note is both the sub and both the mini-rege have two auxiliary inputs in the middle. You have your charging port that’s now the thing is. This is a five point five two point one millimeter UK charging port. It comes with a UK end on it.

You Put Thats Where You Can Charge

off of UK, but it gives you other options. It’s worth. Noting that David himself has said it’s perfectly fine to use a nine volt transformer to power that mini rig-which means you can play a full volume, while it’s charging without the charge running out. You can use a twelve volt transformer on the sub but don’t use the twelve volt on the mini rig. You can use a twelve-volt transformer to.

To Power The Subwoofer And It

will carry on playing and not drain, so you’ll get more power in then it’s using to play if you’re using the five volt lead, which obviously you’re going to be using. If you use the adapter they give you it’s gonna run down still while it’s on charge and you’re still playing it so you’ve got two Jack inputs that Jack nearest the grill on whether it’s the mini ring or the subwoofer is the high gain, but you also have on each of them your one led Now All the information is coming from this one UK when it’s on and I’m gonna show you first thing you’ll notice is it all come on with a welcome tone and you do have to hold it down to get that tone that’s one funny thing so the mini Reed comes on with welcome. Tone the subwoofer doesn’t and I don’t know it’s on to take my finger off because you can’t see the color, but it is still a long hold and that’s important because a lot of these things that auditions on here or a short press now what was I talking about Oh yeah changing the game so it comes on in high game mode. The only way you know it’s in high game mode is the color of that UK it’s not going to change color for low game. It’s going to stay the same color but go a little less bright and this is ridiculous.

I Think Because If Im Out In

the Sun, I have no idea what gain is in really bright light I can’t see the difference in color. The only way I can see and I’ll show you hang on if I just press it. one time you’ll go to low gain I can see that’s slightly faded. I wonder if you can tell you by getting close up and looking to see if it’s actually fade if I just come back now. I’m not quite sure if that’s fully bright or is half bright, so this really gets me because it does change color.

The Power Levels Are Indicated By That

UK changing de Sion and then finally red and there’s another energy violet in between it does change color couldn’t They reserve one color for the gain. Then it’ll be a breeze to quickly look and see which color it is. I know what gain modes is now and though you’ve got your gain inputs that’s for using it in wide mode. I’m not gonna do anything about wide mode here.

Im Going To Do That Another Day

if you’re using in Bluetooth. It’s only going to change again with that led and my point being here is you’ve still got your two jacks in so I was a little bit confused. I’ve got to match the game you have.


The mini Rig 2.&1 system is a modular system so you can buy a single mini wreak. The ultimate is a 4.&2 because for me I think two UK rigs in low game mode. I get until the game modes sounds nice is with and having the sub in high game.& However, those meat I don’t know it’s getting ridiculous money when you. start building like that you might as well get a proper high five but then again. I guess you get in this because you don’t want proper high 5.& I’m not going to cover everything in this video, it’s impossible. There are so many ways to play the mini rig system. The deep bass is nice but not over egged. It’s not about a big boom look a big bass isNice.& The sub is nice. The sound is nice and the sound is not over-emphasised. You want to report ability. The sub has the ability to build like that…. Click here to read more and watch the full video