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net and I’m here in the lab to give you guys a really quick review video of the Cali audio WS12 12-inch powered studio or light Pa subwoofer so basically what this is is a subwoofer to pair up with other mid-or small range Pa speaker systems or they work best when used with a pair of studio monitors. They pair up perfectly with the recently reviewed LP8s from Cali audio. They even have a similar kind of design aesthetic to them. They look like they’re pretty much in the same family.

They Also Have The Lp Sixes,

which is a six-inch woofer model of the same studio monitor. They also have a power studio monitor called the In8, which is a step up in class versus the LP8s and the LP6s. They give you a little bit more of. a crispier sound and a little bit better of an overall reproduction of the original source material When you guys are mixing there in the studio. So this is a studio subwoofer, but it’s rather large for a studio subwoofer.

It Is A Full Wood Plywood Enclosure, So

it’s very very tough very very durable. You have this really nice painted style flaked style coating to it so you know it’s not going to get scratched very easy. It’s not going to get dinged real easy and it’s going to be very very durable. Even if you’re taking it with you on the road or if you’re leaving it down there in the studio wherever your space may be. You also have this really tough steel grill, which is perfect for protecting both the woofer and the air passageways through the front.

You Also Have Your Very Hard Metal

and steel handles one on each side, so that’s perfect for gripping it and carrying it with you for those quick situations where you want to bring it with you. So I’m going to actually advise you guys to only use this for light light pa use. If you’re going to use this out there for a gig or something like that it’s more suited to studio use for Dj practices. This may actually be the best setup. There is for practicing your Dj setup or for your live streams because you have a nice rocking bass, which is very punchy, very solid and reliable, but not too over the top and then you have your Lp8s which are very loud loud enough for you guys to get a really good practice on and loud enough so that way you can rock maybe.

A Really Small Party Without Overdoing It, But

again These are made specifically for studio use for mixing and you’re going to need a subwoofer When you’re mixing tracks, so that way you can turn them on and off. So you can hear the difference between having a subwoofer and not having a subwoofer which can kind of give you an idea of how your sound is going to play over a larger pa system. When you’re using a subwoofer in your mix, but you don’t need it all the time so there’s actually a port on the back called the foot switch. We’ll get into that in a minute, but the switch-foot switch actually allows you to temporarily or monetarily cut off the base. So that way you’re just getting only your highs and mids very clear on your studio front when you’re doing your mixing and then.

You Can Press The Foot Switch

again and it’ll turn the bass right back on again so that way you can continue listening to what it’s going to sound like when it’s on one of those bigger more full systems. So basically you have very good construction all wood all metal everywhere it’s built to last. It’s pretty heavy it’s about I think 60 pounds something like that so that pretty much sums it up for construction very solid very durable good to take with you on the go and definitely won’t leave you in a pinch next up. We’ll go over all the features and functions as you can see right on the front. You have an indicator here which is the light up at the top so that way you know exactly when these are on or off.

You Have Your 12-Inch Woofer Right Here Behind

the actual grille and then you also have your two air holes. So that way the air can pass through. So that way you’re getting a nice smooth representation of the base and you also have them front ported so that way you can have this up against a wall or in a tight space as long as your front ports are open. You’ll be able to move that air and get the perfect base that you need on the back. We have all of the features functions, inputs and outputs so let’s turn this bad boy around so you can get a better look alright so on the back all the way at the top you.

Have Your Power Outlet So That Way You

can plug your power in and you’re ready to go You have your on off switch here then here you have your two XLR outputs. You have your inputs, which can either be RCa or XLR or your quarter inch. You also have your volume control knob here and then you have a series of dip switches. These dip switches allow you to control things such as your frequency cut off. Your frequency cutoff is between 40, 60, 80, 100 or 120 or 140.

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You Also Have Your Lfe Option.

You can also do an external crossover option, depending on how you have these DiP switches and you can also have them perfectly set up for the different speakers that you’re using. They have an LP six that’s the six inch monitor setting. They have an LP8 setting which is right here. And they also have an In8 setting, which is their other studio monitor, which is at a little bit higher of quality.

You Also Have Another Dip Switch To Set

on and off your standby mode. Meaning if there’s no signal going through the actual subwoofer, then it’ll automatically turn off after a given amount of time. You also have another dip switch which allows you to use your inputs of either RCa or your XLR combo jacks with the trs. You also have one last dip switch which actually changed the phase of the woofer, which usually cures some funny different hums or different little signals that you guys are getting they have a phase switch so overall it’s really cool to see that they have this level of customization. So that way you can get your crossover everything just right with your gain adjustments and you can have.

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It Sound Exactly How You Want

it to next You have your foot switch here your foot switch Jack will allow you again like we said earlier to turn on and off your base depending on when you need it or not in the studio. You can just press that foot switch and easily cut out the base or turn it back on so in the sound quality department you’re getting a very very nice sound very deep clear legible bass it’s very controlled and it definitely sounds better and is definitely louder than the KrK 12-inch woofer I’ve used the KrK 12-inch woofer for a long time. It’s also a big heavy beefy woofer, but it does not have that smooth sound. It’s not as loud as the Cali audio version of the WS-12. It also does not go as deep, so they have a different frequency.

Range And This Definitely Hits Lower Than Where

the KrK 12-inch woofer is hitting the KrK 12 inch woofer also costs 200 more than this coming in at 800. While this comes in at 5. 99 just under 600 so you’re saving 200 and you’re getting a better performance in my opinion better sound and it’s definitely louder as well. So you’re getting a nice smooth deep deep hitting base. It doesn’t hit too crazy so it’s perfect for Djs who are in their homes and they want to you know just get a quick monitor session for their Dj practice or anyone who’s mixing in their home.

Its Also Perfect For Very Very Small Gatherings

They’re saying that you can rock this in a small pa setting. I don’t really advise it I would rather you get some real pa speakers like what we have behind us here in. order to rock out a party, but if you need it in a pinch and you’re going to keep it at a low-controlled volume level, then this bad boy will do the thing for you that you needed to do so. In conclusion, the Cali Audio WS12-powered subwoofer is a really great bargain because the closest competitor to it that I can find was the KrK12 and I used that for years and this is definitely better than that in my opinion In almost every way in sound and loudness and construction and in fit and finish it actually looks a little bit better as well and it’s actually better suited in order to go out there and rock out small gigs than using that KrK model of 12-inch subwoofer. It’s also again 200 cheaper and it just hits a lot better in my opinion it has.

Great Construction.

It has that solid wood enclosure. It has the steel grille on the front. It has these nice durable steel handles on the side and it just feels like it’s going to last you a very very long time. It has a plethora of inputs and outputs.

It Actually Has The Option Of Your Xlr

output, but then it has a combo Jack and your RCa jacks for your input options which is really nice to see. It also has the dip switches which allow you to adjust the sound and tailor it to exactly what you need you can change the standby mode on there. You can also change the gain of the volume on there as well. You can also change the phase of the speaker. You can also change the different frequency cutoffs that you might want in the crossover selection so it’s a lot.

Of Versatility Here In Order To Get

this to sound exactly how you want it in your own studio environment. The sound quality on this bad boy is also extraordinary. It goes all the way down to 23 Hertz. So it has a very wide frequency response 23 Hertz to 160 Hertz and it also has 123 Db of SpL, which is one of the loudest style of subwoofers that I have heard anywhere in this price range. The only negative I can find with the Ws-12 is that it’s not as good as those subwoofers that are for studio use that cost a thousand dollars and up you’re gonna have to go into a really high price point in order to get better performance in order to get a louder speaker in order to get a deeper bass or a wider frequency range you’re gonna be spending at least.

The Amount That Youre Going To

spend on this type of woofer here so the only negative that I can really find is that it’s not as good as things that are way better in class and way higher in price, so for more on the written review, you guys can head on over to www.djbooth. net Djs make sure you guys hit the thumbs up if you like videos like this one make sure you guys subscribe because we got some more videos coming for you in the very near.


Cali audio WS12 12-inch powered studio or light Pa subwoofer . Worked best when used with a pair of studio monitors . The WS12 is a full wood plywood enclosure, so it’s very very tough very very durable. It’s more suited to studio use for Dj practices. This may actually be the best setup for Dj practice.& So I’m going to actually advise you guys to only use this for light light pa use.& If you’re going to use this out there for a gig or something like that it’s more . than . using this setup.& The In8 is a step up in class versus the LP8s and the LP6s. They give you a crispier sound and a little bit better of an overall reproduction of the original . source material When you guys are mixing there in the studio. When you . are mixing . When you want to be mixing there there is for p There is for a p.m.&…. Click here to read more and watch the full video