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Hey Whats Up Guys Its Jerome Junior And This

week video I’m going to be reviewing my newest addition to my home theater setup which is the eclipse R12SW um. If you guys Don’t know um. This is the outgoing model of the eclipse reference sub line um but definitely this is a great sub-right now it’s currently on so I picked mines up from costco. I don’t know what’s going on if clips in costco made a deal because they definitely have a large inventory. I’ve seen it on Costco website and they’re all in all the different locations but let me jump right into it um.

This Is A 12-Inch Front Firing Subwoofer

um. The frequency response if you guys was wondering this thing will dip down to as far as 29 Hertz and respond all the way up to 120 Hertz, but you guys should. Be really crossing off your saw work your subwoofer from your floor standing speakers if you have some at like 80 hertz, which you guys should know power handling on this thing this is 200 RMs and 400 max on wattage so yeah it definitely get loud. This is a big boy so don’t be mistaken. This thing weighs about 33 pounds and um height wise.

It Sits 16 Inches High And

the depth is 18.5 inches. So it’s pretty deep, but if you have floor standing speakers from clips lines and you know how long they are it’s just as long actually a little bit longer so up here. This one was produced from like new from like 2014 and up but the finish on it it is black, but it’s considered it’s called a breast black polymer veneer. I really like the way the cover.

On The Subus If You Guys

don’t know clips start doing this type of cover where they actually have the prongs in the actual subwoofer, so it’s cool because this style is definitely a lot more sturdy and durable and is less prone to breaking let me move it. So you guys can see it here and as you guys see this up is finished off in that golden or rose gold whichever way you want to call it or copper is what they call it finish which is really nice. The one thing I will say about this particular model is with the cover on you can kind of see through it so you are able to kind of see the actual sub color. So if you’re running a different series um floor standing speakers like me I run the KF-28s which are actually silver or you like to. covers off on other subs not subs but other speakers either your center or anything like that And you was gonna go ahead and pick this up and just run the cover.

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You Still Can Kind Of See The

color behind it. Some of you guys I might be a deal breaker some of you guys it might not like me. I don’t care um so on the front. You do have the power indicator that lights up when the sub is on um the cool thing about this particular sub is inside of the box not only did it come with you know your typical manual and everything it actually came with a set of dual RCa cables and these are some good quality RCa cables. I ran to sub on these while waiting for the my preferred cables to come from amazon and no humming no.

No Like Injected Noise Through The Line.

Like these are some really good cables and it’s free that comes with the sub-so if you guys want to go ahead and pick up a sub that come with cables and you don’t have to go out and purchase any cables go ahead and pick these up go pick this up up. It comes with them wherever you guys go. This is the rear of the sub right there in the corner. I just noticed even say R12 Sw costco so there must be something going on where Eclipse is partnering with costco and they’re kind of releasing these discontinued speakers back out.

I Dont Care If They Are Its

a great deal. So here’s the port um definitely. There is no point noise guys with this sub no matter how hard you push it which is nice amp also stays. Nice and cool no it does not at all get warm when you run in it um so it’s really nice with this particular sub the wire stays attached the outlet cable on the newer model, which is the R120SW is the one you guys are recently reviewed. You can actually unplug it unplug the power cable from the actual sub the unit itself, which is nice because you might just want to move this up out of the way to clean or whatever it is.

You Dont Necessarily Want To Have

to chase your wire if you do wire management like me just to get it out of the way so that’s one thing to note guys. But here’s the back panel um you know it has the gain here and then it has a low pass filter right there. If you guys are running a receiver that actually has the low pass filter building. You will gonna go ahead and turn this all the way over to the right and it actually on this particular cell, which is nice even says low pass right there so that’s pretty cool. You know not that many subs do that you usually have to read in the directions to figure it out so right beside that is your on and off switch and also the auto auto turn on and off.

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I Will Say The Auto Wake Up

on this particular sub is quick. This up comes on darn air instantly and it works really well next that you have your phase switch um your choice between zero you. know 180 phase and then obviously your line in and once again. It does a great job at labeling things that usually you have to read in the instructions. You can see if you’re going to run a single cable.

It Even Tells You Right Here

Lfe so this is cool really really nicely labeled now. This is the sub that can show you guys on the length of it. So I’m gonna go ahead and switch over to the demo for you guys can hear how I sound alright guys . This is part of video where I’ll go ahead and do the demo of the sub and go ahead and play copyright free music or beat . If you guys are wondering.

The Receiver Is Okyos Tx And

686. The floor speakers are clips KF 28 and the center channel I just picked that up recently . Good ass deal Brand new is the eclipse R52c um so yeah if you guys want to be on that you got to let me know down below and I’ll go ahead and review how that center channel is anyways over here. This is where I haven’t had this up at um yes you do see two reason why you see two is this is the newest one you can get which I did a review already on um the s. This is the 120sw so check check the channel if you haven’t watched it already the video is there um but yeah this is the baby right here.

This Is The 12 Sw That

we’re going to run right now it’s the only one on as you see this one’s off comparison video coming soon okay stay tuned and subscribe for that that’s coming up next week Hmm sub. hits my so wow um go ahead and stop that I think that’s long enough for you guys to kind of get a feel for how it sounds um Yeah Definitely it’s loud as you’ve seen I walked over to the sub. It’s not even it’s not even working hard it’s it’s chilling um it’s definitely getting played a lot louder um as you see already off the bat. It has enough power to go ahead and shake a window um so um Yeah. I mean it’s overall a really good sub.

I Recommend It Especially Right Now That It

is um on sale. You can get it from Costco like I did I got this from Costco Lee was I got a day how to sell in the store where it was 189 but online. I think it’s like 249 right now um there’s other a couple other places. That for some reason have a large inventory of them so definitely pick it up why not it’s definitely a great deal. Even though it’s the last generation of the Eclipse reference 12 line .

In My Opinion, It Sounds Damn Just

as good just as good it’s just the look is completely different , but yeah guys definitely stay tuned subscribe to the channel comparison is coming soon between this 12 sw I just opened up well I have had for like a month now versus my baby over there that I have for some few months now the 120sw . If you guys liked what you guys seen go ahead please hit the like button go ahead. Let me know you enjoying it and subscribe and stay tuned drop a comment down below. I’ll get to it guys drum Jr out you.


Jerome junior reviews his newest addition to his home theater setup which is the eclipse R12SW . This is a 12-inch front firing subwoofer . The frequency response will dip down to as far as 29 Hertz and respond all the way up to 120 Hertz, but you should cross off your saw work your speakers from your floor standing speakers if you have some at like 80 hertz, which you guys should know power handling on this thing this is 200 RMs and 400 max on wattage so yeah it definitely get loud. This thing weighs about 33 pounds and height wise. It sits 16 inches high and the depth is 18.5 inches . Jerome junior: “This is a big boy so don’t be mistaken. This one was produced from like new from like . 2014 and up but the finish on it it is black but the finishes on it is a black, but it’s considered it’s called a breast black, But it is a breast Black polymer…. Click here to read more and watch the full video