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Hey, What Is Up Guys A Little

bit different start to the videos It’s actually my birthday, so I’m cooking some steaks raining out so put the umbrella up over the grill got some steaks cooking pretty cool all right so you got a pretty big box Oh kind of taking out the whole entire workbench but I ended up getting I don’t know if you guys saw my review of the Edifier speakers that I got for the garage just to kind of get some better sound in here. You know I listen to music a lot and everything and you know. I just wanted some peace in Bluetooth speakers so I’m leaking on the top right corner about you know the review I did on speakers over here but the one thing that I guess I wanted to antim it was the sub user. They actually had an editor. I’m sorry identifier sub woofer.

You Know Of The Same Brand But I

did a lot of research and supposedly. This Polk Audio UK 10 is is superior and people seem to enjoy it more. So I decided to go with it and just kind of answer the whole entire system and kind of complete it and I’m not looking for anything crazy. This was about a hundred bucks. You know I’ll link it below if anybody’s interested but it’s a pretty straightforward no installer or whatever you want to.

Call It But But Basically, I Just

wanted to add a little bit more sound to the garage, just kind of fill in what the you know the speakers on the toolbox was kind of lacking and we need sound really really good now that I got in time to break them in a little bit. But I feel like adding the sub woofer will just kind of fill it out even better so it wasn’t that expensive it was a nightmare. I think it was 99 bucks or hundred bucks and ever so it’s pretty you know reasonably affordable so you know I just wanted something to go on the ground and just kind of fill it out. So I don’t even know how I’m gonna be able to get this out of the box on the tool bench so let me get this out first and kind of. go over with you but yeah! This is what you get real quick but yeah! Let me let me get this off the toolbox and give it out of here.

So You Guys Get A Better Look.

All right got around the box like I said This is the Polk audioNK] 10 subwoofer looking at a 100 watt subwoofer. It’s nothing crazy powerful really didn’t want anything overpowering the speakers alone. The Edifier speakers provide the really really good sound in here. It fills that out the Grouch pretty well, but like I said I just wanted something you know just to fill in the lows a little bit more and I didn’t want anything when you know 400 watts we’re gonna watch anything crazy like that so this is like I said.

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This Is A 10-Inch Subwoofer.

It’s around 100 watts, so I feel like it’s gonna. Gonna complaining yeah! This is way what you’re looking at and get the sub-loo three got three hole right here for you know they’re good to keep and everything like that really nice finish. You know they do have like a cherry Boyd finish as well, but I decided to go for black because you know I don’t want I’m not a big fan of cherry wood on the back you got some nice connections everything you can do the normal speaker wires or you can do UK haze which I’m going to do cuz right in the back of the Edifier speakers. It actually has a normal audio jack that runs to RCa’s and if I came with the different types of wires.

They Can Actually Hook Up Different Applications And

everything, but they actually included a set that has RCa’s to like a normal audio jack so. I’ll be using those you know just basically right here that goes right into the back of the speaker’s. I’m gonna put it right down in the corner. Right here. I have a twenty-two point twenty garage, so it’s nothing massive or crazy big or anything like that but you know like I said it just wants something small that will fill out.

The Speakers A Little Bit More

kind of just give me a little bit more lows and just make it sound a little bit better. You know. I should kind of mention that I’m not a really big audio nut. I’m not I’m not after the best of the best. I do like good sound but I’m not you know.

Im Not Too Picky So You

know going with something like this. I think is gonna be more than enough that I need and you know. Like I said this was just for my garage, it’s nothing no I’m not gonna go crazy home audio or anything like that. This is simply just to listen to music while working on my car and I think a lot of you can relate to that I used to use just a normal Bose portable. You know Bluetooth speaker which I still use around the house.

You Know Outside And Stuff Like That

but I wanted like a more permanent solution for in the garage simply because I’m out here a lot I like to listen to music and something that’s you know I don’t have to make sure it’s charged and and you know it has a more fuller sound. So like I said I had the link for the Edifier speakers that I have up here which are awesome. I really really love them now that I have the polk audio key that UK tends so boofer. I think it’s gonna really fill things out really nicely. I’m not gonna be able to really get a good audio sound through the video.

But Ill Do My Best To Kind Of

show you. What it is what it sounds like you know without the sub and also with the sub c and kind of gauge. You know what I’m talking about and get an idea what this actually does. But I’m really happy with overall look of it and everything like that like I said I’m gonna put it on the ground right next to the toolbox and I think it’s really gonna be a good addition to to the garage, so let me get to. I guess you know plugging everything in and then kind of running through it and making sure you know all the settings are right and then I’ll get you guys a good sound click.

Ill At Least Try To Get

you guys a decent sound clips again. Idea obviously it’s gonna depend on what you’re listening to this video on with his headphones or you know your monitor speakers or whatever you know UK or something like that it’s obviously gonna bury but I’ll try to my best to give you a good representation of you know the full sound of all this. Obviously, I’m gonna be using royalty-free music nothing that I’m going to copyright it against so bear with me on the type of music that I’m gonna be using you know. I don’t want to get copyrighted on it and have the video D monetize but so yeah bear with me on that again. Let me get this kind of hooked up and kind of tuned in and see what it sounds like and then I’ll check back with you guys in a second that’s off and this is on alright guys so that’s it for this video.

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I Know It Was Kind Of Short And

sweet. Probably wasn’t you know the best sound quality or the best representation of what this sounded like but I figured. I would just kind of give you a little bit of a sound clip because you know obviously. I’m talking about speakers and. And everything so kind of be pretty terrible If I didn’t include somewhat of a sound clip out but overall really really really extremely happy with this for 99 bucks honestly.

I Dont Think You Can Go Wrong Just

to complement the Edifier speakers just truly fills out the whole entire garage and fills all the lows that the speakers are missing. The Edifier speakers alone sound really good but now that I have the Polk ten-inch sub woofer down here you know turning it on and off and toggling back and forth and just hearing the difference in person. I could really really you know understand that there is a need for the sub, but honestly if you’re really just looking for speakers. This is plenty but adding the sub woofer. Obviously Just adds that extra extra sound extra extra depth to it and I’m you know for a garage setup.

This Is Pretty Awesome Speakers Alone Or

$1.99 so basically $200. This is 99. So we’re looking at $300 set up for a really really good overall sound. You know again I’m not a crazy audio nut.

Im Not Doing A Home Surround Sound

or you know home theater or anything crazy like that simply just to listen to music you know on podcasts and stuff while cleaning or working on the car while I’m in the garage so you know I didn’t need anything spectacular or top-of-the-line I’ve linked to Amazon from the speaker’s of the sub all below so if you’re interested in picking either one of these up you can do so you know just click on the links below and they’ll you know you’ll bring you right. need you know? This is something that you can use in your house and your Jr wherever you want outside you know it’s very versatile. You can hook it up to your UK. You can hook it up to. Obviously just Bluetooth and use it for music and whatever you want you can hook it up to your computer.

Its Very Versatile.

You don’t have to slowly just you know keep it for something that you just listen to music-it’s you knows a lot of options and everything you could do anything with it but for me just doing you know upgraded a better sound for the garage was worth it to me. So like I said for $300. It’s really really worth it so that’s it for this video Guys I appreciate you checking in appreciate you watching the channel and like in the video, but if.

If You Havent Be Sure To

like it, it really does help if you haven’t subscribed. I would love if you subscribe they got a lot of stuff coming for the car, the garage and everything else. So yeah guys that’s it for this video thanks for checking in and I’ll check you guys in the next one.


Polk Audio UK 10 is is superior and people seem to enjoy it more than Polk Audio 10 . The sub woofer will just kind of fill in what the you know the speakers on the toolbox was kind of lacking and we need sound really really good now that I got in time to break them in a little bit of the speakers in the garage . I’ll link it below if anybody’s interested but it’s a pretty straightforward no installer or whatever you want to to call it but but basically, I just wanted something to go on the ground and fill it out. I think it was 99 bucks or hundred bucks and ever so it’s pretty you know reasonably affordable so it wasn’t that expensive it was a nightmare.& But I feel like adding the sub woiner will just sort of filling it out even better. This was about a hundred bucks. I just want to add the subwoofer. I’m sorry for the lack of sound to the garage. It was a terrible experience….. Click here to read more and watch the full video